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MAG 322 Review Mag 322 is a predecessor to infomir’s Mag 254 and the 256. Looking at the three boxes you won’t see any particular difference but Infomir has made some significant changes to MAG 322. Mag 322 also comes with a version known as MAG 322 W1. ‘WI’ points out to the fact that it comes in-built with WIFI and the standard 2.4 Ghz channels. The first thing you notice about MAG 322 is its ease of use. Setting up MAG 322 is very easy. Connecting it with the internet and finding the channel you want is never difficult. Unlike Android boxes out there in the market Infomir has differentiated its products by developing IPTV where only television is delivered. Since everyone owns a smartphone nowadays on which you can probably get to see almost anything that you desire but the MAG 322 is for those who just want the TV aspect of it. Technical Specifications Since MAG 322 is an upgraded model as already mentioned it is faster and more powerful. It is a mini-beast composed inside a small box with weight less than its previous model. The RAM however is the same counting at 512 Mb. Sufficient enough for fast loading and speedy menu. The MAG 322 has a different processor. A dual-core 750 MHz CPU is installed with in-built multicores. The MAG 322 is bound to perform better as compared to single cores installed. It even comes with a better flash memory. So basically a combination of better flash memory plus CPU is actually the ingredient behind its speedy menus and smooth channel surfing. Build Quality The MAG 322 has a better build quality as compared to its previous models. The remote control is better made with softer buttons. The remote feels good in hand and also gives you the feeling of premium quality.

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Speed On first starting the MAG 322 you get to see an update which doesn’t take long at all. Afterwards you can dive straight into the settings and start with which ever setting you want. The initial startup of the box is very impressive thanks to its dual-core processor as mentioned above and scrolling through the menus with the remote control is quite smooth. The Lag which is defined as the wait between pressing the button and the channel changing is comparatively less as compared to previous models. Internet and Streaming Capabilities Since the MAG 322 comes with in-built Wi-Fi system unlike the conventional antenna system one feels sceptical about its performance. But with MAG 322 the internet and streaming capabilities are nothing less than promising. It keeps a strong signal detection at all times while you are watching TV so that the quality of the channel you are watching is not compromised. It can pose a bit of a problem however for those who are used to subtitles because the MAG 322 doesn’t have the subtitle capability. All in all the MAG 322 is a reasonable upgrade. It is reasonably priced with smooth channel surfing and reliable Wi-Fi system. Newtech Store Limited Unit A B Station Yard Coombe Road Kingston Upon Thames Kt2 7az +44 0 8006890873 |InfoNewtech.Co.Uk Website:

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