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Cold fusion, Tesla, Scalar wave, Torsion field, "Free energy", Zeropoint Energy Extraction..= Really All Pseudo Science? Analysis Of Controversial Energy Related Claims Including Questionable Accusations Against Technology Lobbies. If presentation is not clearly viewable, Try ISSUU: CALAMEO: or SCRIBD: Scientific Investigative Report of Commercialized Examples(continuous updating summary): on conventional low cost energy cleantech, as well as uniquely high efficiency less known technologies with various debatable & difficult to replicate claims. The analysis spans even questionable purported ideas that various technological lobby or special interest groups can influence scientific integrity on peer review system or generate public opinion on reality of energy tech effectiveness. LENR-Cold Fusion technology's effect itself is in virtual acceptance by Mainstream Western Science and the next step is when the various available commercialized "free energy" generators, if such devices work, would become officially endorsed by mainstream outlets.


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2 • LENR-Cold fusion effect itself has been virtually accepted by mainstream science currently in gradual transition of spreading to industrial “fringe” non-western media: Energy produced with basically free “fuel” + equipment operation cost. Though thermonuclear fusion is expected to take decades for practical use it had experimental success for unlimited energy in 2013. While we still forecast LENR to be officially commercialized by 2016 it should be noted even electric car took 100 years to just return. • This could also trigger first full science review of currently ignored ridiculed recurring private micro scale use inventor “free energy” small commercialized installations some in relation to LENR: 1-Extracting ambient-radiant energy as electricity 2-Harvesting reverse voltage power instead of using extra force to cancel itBack EMF motor 3-Resonance catalyzed rapid HHO/Oxyhydrogen gas also as mileage booster of hydrocarbon 4-Electromagnetic or plasma pulse/vortex creation in confined water/gas 5-Compressed air COP1 heat exchanger converted to mechanical power 6-Water Emulsifying processes incorporating far beyond 20 H2O 7-Harvesting underwater air buoyancy force + gravity 8-Cavitation heater etc. They seem to run on mechanics accompanied by side effects current physics cannot explainexplainable by Russian Torsion/Scalar/Terahertz physics or Pre-Heaviside Maxwell equations low cost furthermore are convertible to superior effect new techs that can replace majority of propulsion weather medical nuclear remediation some of mining-industrial-farming processes -IF fully peer reviewed in science • Still interlocked main Western media censored but increasing documents/testimony on various “open-end pseudo science” RD at Gov’t/Aerospace/Military/Intel agency with covert private contractors protected under national security i.e. black budget program which above-stated organization executives themselves often have no access to. This is totally isolated from “dead-end public consumption science” which is monitored restricted by “science law”: e.g. At an advanced nation even official record indicates 1000+ inventions in Enviro-Energy-Propulsion-Medical field many patented are classified by national security law which is applicable to its allies. Despite all this there are subtle but collectively unambiguous signs from majority of establishment to gradually introduce new unlimited “Open System” paradigm. • Though both gas-oil-coal based industrial process alternative energy can remain by innovation ”free energy” mainstream commercialization is inevitable it risks social disruption hence public participation is beneficial to discuss if or at what rate how all related tech/info to be officially released endorsed. • Ben Rusuisiak New Nature Paradigm Tech Analysis Vancouver Canada ABSTRACT

slide 3: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada QUALIFICATION OF INFORMATION • This presentation might not reflect the view of mainstream media academia/science consensus hence attendants/readers are recommended to re-assess the data from own independent perspective • “Free energy” or “Over-unity” in this presentation is defined as seeming: ■ Draw of more energy than exerted to generate ■ Continuous motion without energy input ■ Use of free material generally not considered as fuel • High likelihood about quoted inventors-scientists: 1- Statistical error chance for false effect claims plus undetected intentional fraud some organized-coordinated is a possibility 2- Even greater probability of quality reliability misrepresentations 3- Significant quality gap between inventions yet - 4- At least collective majority repeatedly produces claimed effects • Most effects quoted have accumulative-consistent evidence from unrelated era source but mechanics listed are hypothetical 3

slide 4: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada CONTENTS • p06 History of science legal “Free energy” • p13 Ten categories of “over-unity” claim mechanics • p22 Commercialization attempts • p30 Law of Thermodynamics “Dissident” Scientists • p32 Scalar wave Standing wave resonance Torsion field.. • p41 Terahertz Far Infrared waves “No light required” Photo Catalysis • p46 Reduced suppression while debunking model continues • p55 When LENR/Cold Fusion becomes official mainstream • p58 If inventor tech related “outrageous claims” become mainstream • p70 Summary Macro level recommendations 4

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6 • Main academia/media in mid-late 1800s forecasted commercialized free energy by early 1900sAnthony+ 1- Free Ground Earth Battery regularly demonstrated self charging or inducing electricity capacity with minimum moisture also power generation efficiently of two-points-voltage gap depends on locationSnow Lockwood Wilkins Dieckmann Strong Bain Edard Haworth Bear MellonHicks Cerpaux Garratt Lamont + invention rush for telegraph use Along with strong claims of pre-dated telephony wirelessMeucci Stubblefield Tesla+ 2- Very low cost Vaccumized Air/ Compressed Air engine/residential-industrial system Trompe/Water Pumps also widely used in France etcRix Mekarski Hardie Hoadley C Hodges+ • Non earth battery free energy claims mixed: Data lack/Fraud some can be valid Involved mainstream scientists till early 1900s yet no commercialization p2223 • Science legal 12 disappeared from schooling/research while other types of free energyp13-21 repeated side effects in combination didn’t fit with “science package” then now gradually became irrelevant/pseudo science which matched major business-financial lobby interest then QUEST FOR “FREE ENERGY”: 1 CLAIMS STARTED WELL BEFORE 1800S

slide 7: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Same mechanics side effects repeated by unrelated inventors but linear progress often limited to recent Western mainstream academiaLENR Cavitation also Russia- Soviet had some developmentCavitation Torsion Ion heater Ultrasonic EM pulse • Boiled down to 10 or so base mechanicsp11 p13-21 with similar tendency: ➢ Often energy is ”triggered in” by rapid vortex-pressure-voltage-spin pulse- resonance plasma-magnetic field ionization cavitation ”nuclear type” reaction ➢ They show up as anomalous or “violent” cooling/heating vibration knocking spike surge implosion as “defect” avoided by extra energy/design change ➢ Performance seemingly affected by geophysical/cosmo-physical elements Their side effects are often non-linear contradict existing basic science laws • i.e. not closed system some techs’p13-21 efficiency fluctuates by time- location altitude humidity position direction etc similar to ground-earth batteryp6 Rare cases emotionCarr Keely Ring D DavidsonVogel Seelhofer+ • Occasional rift:1- Mainstream Western scientist vs 2- Inventor sidelined Non- Western scientistRussia China+ Some scholars in West as exceptionAustria Italy+ QUEST FOR “FREE ENERGY”: 2 TOWARDS MODERN ERA 7

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8 SCIENCE-LEGAL INACTIVE “FREE ENERGY” TECHNOLOGY • FREE ENERGY TYPES staying microscale seems voluntarily limiting growth withdrawn etc but increasing commercialized exceptions ■ Nitinol engine “Negative metal fatigue” temperature shapeshift metal US Navy backingBanks Sandoval Ginell McNichols Hochstein A Johnson ■ Ground/tree/plants Electricity harvesterBarbosa Bryan Karavas: Voltree Helder: Plant-e +p6 Properly grounded electricity conductive kite or rod extracts atmospheric electricityG Richmann Beccaria Dalibard De Romas+ easily replicated even by amateursp21: f but completely mainstream ignored ■ ElectroMagneticEM sound wave electricity converter Infrared Rectenna Cummer Vanke Briscoe R Phillips P Cutler+eg RCA Airpower - “forced to” withdraw Negative resistance/self entraining oscillators in high frequency microwave mm-wave etc. essentially any frequency ElectroMagnetic wave ■ Permanent Tourmaline electrode electrolysisstops at 950C Kubo effect Self generating micro-current products: eg Acos Terahertz Face RollerK Sasaki+ • ■ a Water-Oil emulsion Science legal till 30 H2Oillegal: p20 eg Nonox b Coal-Water Slurry 30-45 H2O eg EET CWS Vodougol Ukrheat 12 both discreet fair sized use Strong in Russia Ukraine China cuts emission carefully ignored by major Western environmental NGOs mainstream entities ■ ”Levitron”type or ”Drinking Bird” generator ■ Self running Hydrodynamic heaterp17 G Ivanenko Bespalko+

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9 SCIENCE-LEGAL INACTIVE “FREE ENERGY” TECHNOLOGY • —continued: FREE ENERGY TYPES ■ Atmos clock+ use of self oscillating Torsion pendulum - Electro-mechanical transducer ambience change can combine with Foucalt pendulum element ■ Bacteria generator Self-Charge Electrochemical Bio-capacitorPankratov+ Microbial Fuel CellMFC or its “overunity” electrolysisMicrobial Electrolysis Cell - MEC Magnetotactic Bacteria based types etc. ■ Atomic/Nanogenerators 24hr Infrared SolarHong Liu+ “Overunity” nano solarKlimov: US Gov’t at Center for Advanced Solar Photophysics - CASP ParticulatesYurth+ Atomic Hydrogen WeldingLangmuir Negative electrical resistance carbon fibreD Chung+ • SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: often treated the same way as ”free energy” treatmentp22 23 stopped stay microscale large internal only corporate use etc: But again now emerging exceptions ■ 50-200+ increased efficiency enginesMyers Ogle Covey Pogue Castellini Brandt Hatton La Force Caggiano Belland Holland Ch Brown Fish+ by cam timing spark plug carburetor+ e.g. In1920s mainstream predicted 80mpg with test cars exceeding 100mpg B Wine A Wallace+ but now 95 efficiency Shinsei Electrostatic Motor available ■ Coal based Gas/Oil/Direct power: Natural gas like CENfuelLloyd Turner Low Temp Coal Carbonization: LTC RexcoKarrick Improved Bergius method Micro active at Sasol+Lurgi+ EM wave/Ultrasonic useM Kawabata+ Low fume DCFCDirect Carbon Fuel Cell mechanics avail since 1890sW Jacques+DEHPL+ Some of IGCCIntegrated coal Gasification Combined Cycle with in-situ use: high efficiency data can be hidden ■ Portable ammonia producing device from water air by compression cycle etc for gas enginesJ Fleming

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10 SCIENCE-LEGAL INACTIVE “SUPER LOW COST” TECHNOLOGY • — continued: SIGNIFICANTLY LOWER COST TYPES: ■ Certain customized Geothermal heating: Heat Pump Gradient Energy Harvesting etc: e.g. Discarded oil well-mine EGSSologen Downhole heat exchanger use 300m deep closed loop in high heat area useable even without heat pump cost etc ■ Cooling use OTECOcean Thermal Energy Conversion near some water areas ■ Thorium:US in 70s Uranium took over nuclear plant use far less radiation re- starting India Russia China US Norway Israel+ portableDratch+ ■ Betavoltaics: Tritium Light or Battery Zinc sulfide or Radium Paint + Solar Cell ■ Hydrothermal vent power extraction: large scale indicated by test success ■ Orimulsion: Water emulsified bitumen in Venezuelan state corp • ■ Exotic configurations: Limited to pilot success Mega TidalB Davis+ High Heat RecoverySterlingQnergy Calnetix/ Thermo-electric Bellezza L Johnson+/ Pyro- electricHunter+ SolarBrody B Willis+ WindIppolito: KiteGen Mobasher+ Vortex engineMichaud+ Pneumatic engineNegre+ “illegal” p1718 Advanced Compressed air energy storage by full use of Heat compressed Cold air released Non UV H2 Photolysis from water by Sn3O4H Abe+ Nanoparticle coated H2O electrolysisDopp+ Hydrogen fuel cellFroats Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch Shimada+: “legal back EMF” 90 efficient Nirvana Thermoacoustic 30 extra energy saver Fisonic CavitationFisenko Water-carbon rod electric arc gasW Richardson+ Salt water move MagnetoHydroDynamics - MHDRynne+ or ocean tide LMMHD Koslover+ Deluge EngineHageman runs with 30C difference

slide 11: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada MAINSTREAM “FREE ENERGY” CLAIMS • Senior Western scientists followed academic protocol for peer review 1-LENR-Cold fusion: Low Energy Nuclear Reaction -1989 Heat generates as H2hydrogen in water interacts with catalystNi-nickel Pd-palladium etc when stimulus appliedheat current resonance+Pons Fleischmann 2-Cavitation: Micro bubble fusion / Sonoluminescence - 2002 Extract energy from imploding light emitting bubble in liquid by acoustic wave excitation “Semi science legal” mechanicsTaleyarkan West Cho Lahey+ • Repeated previous mainstream claimsLENR since 1925 Cavitation 1978 • 3-Mainstream fusion: some cost 1billion+/yr highest by far ■ ICF-Inertial ConfinementUS National Ignition Facility+ ■ MCF-Magnetic ConfinementITER- Tokamak 30+ others • LENR Cavitation quickly “proven false” “No results” fusion criticized yet “COP1” Cavitation was already commercialized in Ex-soviet nationsp53 and scientists win national invention awardKazakhstan: V Kuchin+ 11

slide 12: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada ACADEMIAS LENR-CAVITATION -VS- INVENTOR TECH • Similar physics law breaking mechanics “anomalies” both at LENR-Cavitation inventor techs but latter more openly admit • Past main academics explain related mechanicsWebb Kelvin TJJ See Dirac Faraday Whittaker Crookes Poynting Loschmidt Kaluza Maxwell Myshkin+ • Covert compartmentalized inventor type “pseudoscience” including gravity field propulsionBushman Rosin Wood Pawlek J Black McCandlish D Morris+p67-70 • ■ LENR-Cavitation used to be high infrastructure cost excluding inventor types but now changingLeopoldo Pirelli High School J Griggs Church Naudin+ ■ Both have large variations each sub-variation tends to have similarity to specific inventor tech although not openly increasing number of their scientists starting to suspect its link need for investigationJinchuan Shen+ ■ But almost all of following pages’ inventor type techs were investigated in depth or developed a few commercializedeg Potapov Mustafayev+ by Russian/ex- Soviet university/institute academicsignificant diversity allowed unlike West 12

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13 • Micro sized private/commercialized use often multiple mechanics by inventor 1- 11+ 1-Non-moving coil - Radiant energy/Ambient Electricity InducerChernetski Hendershot Tesla BaumannCraig HydeThrappAdamsGritskevitch Moray Hartmann Flynn+ Often transformer like setting of 1+ pair of coils with Magnet/Ferromagnetic core or Bifilar coil in specific position against EM fieldopposing orthogonal+ or Configuration to cause resonance with separate source load batteries in circuit Might involve durations of high voltage with 0 electricityP34-36 Scalar wave Radionics Antigravity link: Godin+ • 2-“Magnetic Motor”- often Back ElectroMotive Force Harnessed Watson Schappelle Kawai Reed Heins Ide Parendev Roshcin KenyonTracy Tewari Reed Christie Brit Steinmetz Ward+ Often DC pulse timed spin of magnet imbedded rotorTorsion field p36-44 similar to monopole magnetFauble Can cause local weather changeD Wells+ • ●Common in 12: Often separate source power charge battery/capacitor used Some need external power Bypass regular “self-cancel dipole power circuit” to keep asymmetry electron flow Energy output exceeds input when reach threshold level ●Often 1: mix of Regular Cold electricity:Obolensky+ Positive Reverse energy: Light bulb in water White light Rapid battery charge Fix some dead batteries Can be single wire wireless connection Voltage with 0 current Invisible force radiates Device transforms or extracts ambient-thermal energy as electricity from environment— Absorbs heat Device can go below 0C Scalar wave linkp32-36 Might include cone- toroid-pyramid shape circuit Often capacitor based high DC voltage pulse trigger Spark gap Intentional spike choking effect also can happens when reg current is switched off starts rapid inflow Transverse wave vs Longitudinal wave - “negative entropy” “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 1 2

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14 • 3-“Overunity” H2-HHO-Brown’s gas productionKleinZigorousLawton F Wells A Blue Rhodes Ryan Raju PantonePacheco S Chambers Kanarev Y BrownVezina Eaton+ Commercialization fully exists mainly as on-board Hydrogen/HHO generator for combustion enhancing to match Faradays laws of electrolysis level: mostly scaled down 10-30 gas savereg Empire Hydrogen HHO HFS Pty WaterToGas Hydrotechnix HodPros CVHHO: 200+ companies Less disruptive 2-10 saving implied by mainstream market targeters with vague tech explanationBluetip Power dynaCERT+:While openly explained ones debunked go out of business in N. America CHEC hydrogen+ they get major support in Europeh2gogo Creoproject+. Massive price gap with same quality exists. Non-western major corp. involvedNorinco+ Rare 30-60 saving claimsShinko-Trans Maru-shin+ Even 2 saving is “impossible” in Mainstream West: “cannot save fuel by making ‘fuel’ from running engine” due to “unbreakable universal law”p29 30 ■ Typical auto “fuel cell": 12V powered 6-7 flat stainless steel plates per “stack” +-unseparated electrolyzer assisted by EFIEelectronic fuel injection enhancer PWMpulse width modulator MAPmanifold absolute pressure sensor Distilled water + KOH electrolyte Gas “bubbler” etc ■ So far “water only run car”ie overt Faraday law violation types never continue operation p2223: some claim to be “told not to”Boyce Rasmussen B Williams S Meyer+ • ■ 100 water run cars aren’t really by electrolysis: Resonate entire set with standing wave Cold electricity by high voltage capacitor spark triggerp13 Resonating cylinder cavityp18 Plate gap 1mm Venturi/vortex air or water mist sucked in at intake0 energy use Magnetizing gas/ water Cavitation Oscillating EM field etc Some even prefer deposits on electrodeS Cramton+ or 0 electricity/0 electrolyte use: radio waves+: water decomposed by information- not energy p38 Hydrogen bond angle alteredJ Ellis+ Ambient energy used to loosen bonds “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 3A

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15 • ■ HHO related water anomalies: High voltage pulsed water can explode: overunity like strange phenomena generating Electron Charge ClusterA Ilyanok+ or similarappears different on surface Electrohydraulic Effectgrossly insufficient mainstream mechanics explanation: Graneau+: Generates EM field double cavitation shockwaves ultrasound ultraviolet x-ray Significantly increase permeability of rock-soil-peat nutrients water to plants Instantly alter metal structure Chemical catalyst+ Yutkin Bekaev+ Its used for precision high end manufacturingeg Bmax+ or industrial rock to kidney stone crushing etc. Other anomalies: LENR-Cavitation linkM King+ Altering radioactivityV Roth+ More energy than available gasA Michrowski+ “Vitalized” water+ • ■ Not really hydrogen Water with extra H2 bond or electrons Burns in vacuum or underwater Burns sprayed liquid water in open air adheres to matter Can pressure back to water Heavier than air - can pourG Wiseman+ Flame is electrical plasma rather than burning High powered laser like effect with much lower input: makes metal rust resistant/glazes concreteeg Best Korea Brown+ Cold flame 130-280C no bond breaks unlike H2 burning: 2000C+ Direct flame doesn’t boil waterB T Lang+ • ■ But Incinerates at 1600C Vaporizes Tungsten3400C Disrupts molecule bondelectron breaks off water molecule at matter reaction causing heat:Eckman+ Implodes in pure formSuartt Knudston+ Mix is Explosive: HHO+H2: can call hydroxy/oxy-hydrogen Much higher quality almost fumeless faster metal cut + alien matter welding surface cleaning ampoule filling etceg Epoch Energy+ “Improved version” of Water Shield/ Injection/Steam Plasma cutting Far more produced than H2 by same energy: low cost “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 3B

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16 • - hho gas cont: ■ Mix well with most conventional liquid gas fuels in industrial boiler- furnaceeg Aquygen++: cut emission50-85+ less effective on NOx Engine exhaust system cleanereg EE HHO+ more power Rare case water only to run carsS Meyer Ahmad Dingle CornishYogev Garret Leaich Estevel Valentin Mohd Ali Abd Shukor Suematsu Khan P Lowrie+ Sub form “acoustic vibe” Ohmasa Gas: clustered HHO” Flame 700C Liquid at -180CO2:-183C H2:-240C Higher fuel cell performance than H2 Little risk of explosion Easy lost cost 10kg/cm2 or 143psi industrial storage Larger molecule ie less leaking same indication from SG Gas • 4-Plasma or “Virtual power” Inducer-Exploder-ImploderPapp Britt Rohner Ray Correa Clem Pantone Schaeffer Neil Rauen Valkinburg+ Vacuum-Ambient energy electromagnetic pulse or some resonating thrust power extracted in a container/ engine/cavity to exert power with or without mechanism Unseen vortex energy Orgone-Joe Cell linkBooker P Stevens+ Often MHD/LMMHDLiquid Metal MagnetoHydroDynamics resemblance Water/Air/Steam/Oil/Noble gas as “energy substrate” in closed container Also “activated Nitrogen” can be usedRJ Strutt+ -a Often rapid compress-expand pulse cycle in sealed or pressured fuel less engine setup ion oscillated triggered plasma energy from 0point field Electron Charge Clusteroxymoron But electrons attract each other at superconductivity state is science legal LENR-Cavitation-HHO linkK Shoulders Jin Fox+ -b Use of extra “non linearity” happens with water hammer-cavitation in steam/water system But usually design is adjusted or extra energy used to eliminate the effect -c Low pressure mutli-layer resonant cylinder collect “power” send to engine “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 3C 4

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17 “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 5 • 5-Some Air Vacuum/Compressed Air or Steam Engine Temperature Gap Amplified HeatEnergy Exchanger/Vortex Tube/Hydrodynamic Cavitation Heater Hydraulic pumps claim occasional “perpetual motion” depended on runL Rogers Frenette Minto Davey Yeter Pope Eskeli CahillR Meyers Truitt Willimczik Tesla Hill Karimov Troyan Von Platen Azarov Alexeiv Obadan Potapov+ a few always overunity Similar to 4 but no plasma Often abrupt change in cavitypressure-vacuum: air flow - some oscillates temperature evaporation reheating released cold air Its propulsion system has less moving parts low maintenance Anomalous “gap” in energy used vs harvested to break LOTD Low Of Thermo Dynamics Can involve steam or venturi Some used in mainstream e.g. ■ • ■ Active full commercialization: Cleverly disguised but practically free either power generation or hot watereg FlowGroup COP1 heaters: Ion HeaterStafor+ Similar results with Vortex Induction BoilerЮрле-К Yurle Vacuum RadiatorОтопление- ГВС.РФ. Cavitation devices: eg Fisonicpump resonated by geometric two flow mix slightly similar to Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube Graviton-M ДЭВА Dewa Pulse + spinning rotor/water to pulsefeature more pressure or heat than injected while pure American originated peers “hide” same abilitieseg Hydro Dynamics+- why ■ But when efficiency is measured based on affected areaeg COP on Flash Evaporation Cooling commonly sold air conditioning-fridge-heat pump efficiency goes COP3300 as “official common sense” some 6 or 7: This area is highly fudged and energy generation link is avoided by mainstream: this category 5 techs seem to include conversion of this overunity into continuos mechanical motion.

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18 • -cont.-5-Air Vacuum/Compressed Air Engine Heat Exchanger etc on overunity element ■ Population InversionThz Ultrafast EM Pulse link E Paspalakis+ is allowed by LOTD in Laser it is even precondition ■ ”Advanced No-leak” Hydraulic RamT G Allen-Hydrautomat Kutienkov+/no incoming water pressure water lifter used in mainstream till 1930s • Core mechanics of category-5 A-“Temperature gap of outside vs thermodynamic pressure vortex cycle inside” “1st 2nd LOTD contradiction” “Perpetual motion of second kind” effects Mainstream Part in Russian physicsKosinov Filippov Tsyolkovskiy Smenkovsky Oparin Yakovlev Lazarev Buynov Veinik+ othersKondepudi+. If it is Thomson Effect why compressed heated air released cooler than pre-inserted temperature COP1 by “Compressed air + heat created” Kinetic energy by ambient heat pressureS Robertson J Scott Lindemann+ At right pressure geometry overunity steam heat/pressure is normSychikov+ B-”Unseen energy” tends to “show up” or flow from low or negative pressure voltage etc to high or at vortex outer to centreSchauberger H Iijima+ Vortex flow or rapid ambience gap sneaks in vacuum energy by “tearing“ space • 6 Some of Reactionless Propellantless Drive tech claims overunity effectShawyer Serrano Menshikov Geometric wave Resonator CavityEM resonator or pulsing against space Inventors + space agencies + private contractor mix Additionally “pseudoscientific” by breaking conservation of momentum “law” Direct Scalar wave relationP32-36 Using “vacuum fluctuations of virtual plasma” Zeropoint Energy Electrokinetic force “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 56

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19 • 7-Gravity or Centrifugal Force + MagnetmotorSimpson Ribero Ewert Campbell Bedini Rutowski Milkovic AlKhooss Ucros+ Practical some large size various modelseg 20x7x10m piston type Requires precision: timing weight balance some by “gravity shielding” also SMOT - Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy modelG Watson Finsrud+ type “perpetual motion” in closed loop displayed but low cost energy is currently impractical • 8-Some Hydrocarbon-Water Emulsion Techs claim 50 to almost 100 of H2O as fueli.e. water burns not mere disperser/atomizer: C+H2O -CO+H2 or HHO Cavitation/HHO tech linkp1415 -3 p11Pillai Dellschau Gunnerman Capra Franch Enricht Globus Cottell Chambrin Kurata Hommoh Baranov+ Often produced on site not pre-madeSome can be used as catalystp63 Active full commercialization limited to low end level 50-60 water mixeg Fukai Soken+ • Discrete large corporate/diesel backingKawasaki NYK Caterpillar+ Combo mechanics: High pressure Water-fuel bonder Plant essenceTannic acid Saponin+ Mineral Magnetization Electrolysis Resonance Lenard Effect Bioceramic process Torsion “information wave” Minerals Nanobubble Sonic Hydrodynamic Cavitation venturi etc abrupt change see-5 Base is established science widely used for non- energy Well witnessed Some direct water co-feeding to engine or seem to ”transmute” water to fuel 30+ emission cut but not as effective as HHO gasP1415 “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 78

slide 20: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • 9-Super Compact Fusion: Dense Plasma Focus/Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Lerner Infra cost 0.1 of mainstream fusion no radiation use Boron no H2 isotope Inventor tech link US Navy backing Almost mainstream Experimental success results since ’09 yet difficulty getting funds 3+ other aneutronic fusion tryingno results Also sustained fusion itself confirmed regardless of overunity Lockheed Martin continues Fairnsworth tech Maglich prior but stopped • 10-Underwater Air Buoyancy Power Generator “Pneumohydraulic” Engine: J Kwok GM Singh Ribero DobrokhotovGrigorievSchrade ElistratovW Travis +Often large sized 5-30m Water tanks in hight Repeat cycles of air container floating- sinkingAir input at the bottom which floats up release air at the top then weight causes container to sink by gravity Current model energy input- output ratio 3 to 20:1 Air heating/cooling or compression-expansion elements Ambient energy sneaked in like compressed air engines • Non western mainstream endorsed Virtual science legal but far less claims made compared to other “utterly illegal” techs Often left out by “free energy” groups Active full commercialization pilot projectseg Rosch Innovations+ 20 “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 910

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21 • Other mechanics don’t fit to 1 to 10 category some of below mainstream approved 11- Less replicated some science legalalso p8 9: Ambience type: a-Crystal-geometry electro inducerTrawoeger Grandics+ b-Graphene Carbon nanotubeCNT generator c-Alpha Voltaics: α-particle emitter isotope cellM Meyer Mace+ d-Negative Resistance Self OscillatorSweet D Smith+ e-EM wave to power converter battery often Barium Titanate useDeGeus Hutchison M Reid+ f- Aerial static-ground current flow extractor Lea Matchett Plauson Britten+ “illegal” version of tree/earth only battery or atmospheric electricity extraction p6 8 g-Self heating resonating ceramic material h-Thermionic generator Hardcastle Edelson LG Johnson Levert+ i-Given of “free energy” claims by hydrodynamic cavitation cavity resonance pulse flow dynamics plasma too few MagnetohydrodynamicsMHD based claimsGritskevitch+: classified • Water type: j-Instant H2 Non-oxidizing Aluminium-Gallium based ChemalloyFreedman + Ceramic membraneBakhir Monopole magnetEhrenhaft Nano Geometric shape AluminiumS Khanna+ + k-Urine NH22CO or Saltwater Na++Cl-+ H2O “overunity" gasGamgee Adebola+ l-Galvanic-corrosion-overunity water cellCater+ “self charge- separation” water effect unlike most Water Powered Clocks m-Rapid water spiral or air mix spin centripetal powerGrander+ n-200volt Lenard Effect generatorKelvin+ o-Resonance water pumpBentley Bellocq Dickinson+ gauges more water lifting than energy applied p-Magnetic-vacuum water freezer/boiler at room temp.I Siegel+ “INVENTORS’ PSEUDO SCIENCE” FREE ENERGY MECHANICS- 11 +

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22 WORLD TREND WHEN INVENTOR STARTS ESTABLISHING NEW TECH.. 1 • ■ Free energy demo usually witnessed some thoroughly tested by mainstream scientists on personal or military/aerospace/intel capacity not academic using high- bandwidth digital oscilloscope+ Pulse triggered or cold electricity is difficult to measure Most of volt amp meter only claims quickly found to be errorsBailey+ but a few turn out “unexplainable” ■ They avoid public comment or say “It appears claim is true”. Local media covers positively: “This will change the world Surely Nobel prize if real ” ■ Inventor tech blanket debunker lab duplication failure quoted even in alternative energy field ■ No follow up by mainstream science at tenured level that allows peer review ”free energy is against physics law” “if it’s real we would’ve known it hence such claims cannot exist” • Free energy researchersVesperman Bearden C Walter Frazier Loder AftergoodTutt R Nelson D Kenyon Manning L Pea Bird Germano Decker O’Leary Elswick+ finds typical scenario when inventors attract investor funds for mass production in the past: ■ Suddenly investigated as tax/deception/investor Fraud due to “complaints” All accounts assets seized Fined millions plus etc. ■ Valid legal process if define “pseudo science” as hoax-scam or fake charges as “real” ■ Entire western mainstream some “grass roots” coordinated frequent made up charges against “pseudoscience” energy/medical when succeedK Trudeau Mercola W Kehr P Binzel W Travis+

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23 • - cont free energy commercialization prosecuted: For more prominent ones ■ National media debunks it as “pseudoscience” investors/local media cancel ■ Inventor helpers start fighting funds/equipments/documents start missing ■ Backers also warned as financial-industrial security threat by unidentified groups • ■ Suddenly classified as national security risk Tech confiscationby Govn’t division Intelligence agency Private security company Unidentified armed group or SWAT team with or without warrant told to go to jail etc if discuss this event/technology Police media usually ignore intervention requestin some way justifiable but process criteria decision maker responsibility involved party unclear p72 this occurs world wide not just in West but happening less and less recently • ■ With/without patent large energy users not producers tend to buy inventions ■ Their own free type tech invention disappearsHamburgFord G LowNASA + ■ Some inventors continue without commercialization micro private based use ■ Litigation No Order/supply cancels patent bought military-intel hire etc+ ■ But now changing: Although mainstream ridiculed or ignored recently non electromagneticnon scalable type or partial free energy device are increasingly allowed to fully commercialize with no prosecution WORLD TREND WHEN INVENTOR STARTS ESTABLISHING NEW TECH.. 2

slide 24: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Rare cases of prominent politicians scientists personnel magicians vow to testify for validity of inventionTesla Moray Gray DePalma Newman T G Allen Trombly H Coler+ • Actual fraud case seems more likely with no tech details/independent auditing no inventor face photo/name/address/video interview Alleged cases: • a-Web sales fraud b-Valid inventor stretching claims / mismanagement c-“Grass roots” or fake invention to discredit/divert free energy movementignored by usual replicators d-High profile group in “free energy” community collect to purchase/ develop new tech yet end up postponing/shelving it ”infiltrated” • Yet rare small of emerging high profile groups seem to function coherently not only for “tech disclosure” but for whole geo-econo-social open system movement with little influence by interlocked Western mainstreamThrive + 24 WORLD TREND WHEN INVENTOR STARTS ESTABLISHING NEW TECH.. 3

slide 25: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada FREE ENERGY CHALLENGE: QUEST TO MEET ACADEMIC PROTOCOL 1 • Similarly scientists assure en masse non-existence of gravity field tech ignoring several 100s of official military/engineer testimony evidence without investigation citing indication never existsWeygandt Haines Keyhoe Pope De Brouwer F Bell J Callahan Lovekin B Cooper Guerra Hillenkoetter W Smith L Warren K Wolfe+ • Callers for investigation labeled “fringe theorist” or “pseudo scientist” losing or compromising academic career McDonald O’Leary Friedman Hynek Baker • “Reputed” labs/schools/publications have strong tie with “reputed large” scientist group-NGO-corporate often disallow to test/publish “certain kind of” new science or out of box experiment data as “it would break the law”PollackSchmidtHunter+ • Alleged tenured dismissal faculty/university warned of funding cut if member studies any “non-std-science”B Martin J Mack CDF-Galtieri Delborne MW Ho+ • Reduced chance for grant/promotion if contradicts above root assumptions even though unrelated to research theme in west Differs in non-western nationsRussia Brazil+ eg China’s Montagnier funding or military even in westusually classified 25

slide 26:

26 FREE ENERGY CHALLENGE: QUEST TO MEET ACADEMIC PROTOCOL 2 • • Self-endorsed circular logic underfunded experimental research success theory is blocked from peer review without Western corporate-NGO/media/gov’ back up but mainstream rejects it reasoning “it lacks peer review” • This combines with occasional fraudulent peer reviews when claims are “proven false” claimers lose funding/job by only based on replication failures ignored all successesM Schiff+. This stops most researches but even failure process itself is dubious eg. Firmly alleged data change to block LENR fundingMallove+ • Free energy inventor has never been investigated officially by modern Western full scientific protocol. In turn declared to media: “In our entire history free energy validity has never been found“ ”It’s a proven scientific consensus” • Influencers can use system to create scientific reality by solely selected convenient evidence:Gold Huyghe McClenon + Paradigm by non-scientific/non-empirical factorsKuhn Schwinger+ Unprecedented pseudoscience suddenly valid at geo- political events even if all experimental evidence disprovesJ Rappoport K Ryan+ • This is commonly observed not exception across scienceWater Monetary Gene Consciousness Human origin Biotic only hydrocarbonp65 Peak oil Biophoton Big bang TopQuark Climate Ancient edifice/civilization Medical Mars/Moon +

slide 27: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada SHIFTING DYNAMICS OF ACADEMIA MEDIA VS “FREE ENERGY” PROMOTER • Financial groups’ affiliated NGOs’ academic control till 1920s Now diversified funders influence But asked to cooperate via various means structuresGlattfelder Quigley Bauer A Sutton Dale Scott Chossudovsky Sm Butler J Perkins+ • ■ Large funds inter-funnelling Secure next power job Know each’s needs goals undisclosed liabilities including shared activities Some in same “club in a club”eg xx network in CFR Interlocked directorates exec-board swap: Western based majors: NGO Thinktank Gov’t Corporate Research institute Top management consulting co Senior academic Investor Financial group Science media etc ■ IMF/WB advanced nations set condition of loan/aid to use Western science accepted academia/corporate help for Engineering RD Tech use for their various developments in nations with financial difficulty • But now public maverick funded full scale mainstream academia “free energy” projects on LENRmultiple in US France Italy Japan Russia Also research fundraise is allowed quietlyIndiegogo Fringe NGOs+ • New “raid-seizure proof” strategy- now some of mostly small “Pseudo-science tech” companies are making affiliated entities diversifying operations exec member clients backers to multiple nations eg combo of Western Allies not so friendlies neutrals 27

slide 28: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Mainstream ignored whistleblowing statementsi.e: S Bennett W Colby W Casey J Alsop C Brandon Agee Ulfkotte - not Snowden Assange released own US etc intel/gov’t documents indicatevery active till 1980s then went classified : ■ • ■ Their dominant factions’ control of Western allies’ media activity in “key areas” some 3rd world. Gov’t/Intel/space/military backed by co-operative network of prv contractors financial group etc at “certain level” to co-manage ”critical” affairsD Gibson Inouye Stockwell M Glennon E Griffin+ or “junk science” RD science info control as major issue pre-informed of major accidents or terrorismM Chesney Wing-Keung Wong Wes Clarke+gov’t not in charge non-nationhood interest-seeking cross-border loose alliance running it Austin Fitts Schratt Casbolt G Cameron A Russo Hellyer J Marrs+ ■ Top executives turned down from briefing including tech program as classified info under national/NATO security or Special Access ProgramGreer Hill-Norton Cl Stone+ ■ Through non-straight forward manner these previously rare types of claims are quietly yet increasingly allowed to come out via some of Western alternative media or non- western mainstream in various forms They often seem to connect to different group strains-agenda partial disinfo that complicates data identification but data base is large enough still usually inter-referenceable by bulk of testimonyW Stevens D Liszt To Todd Se Stone D Whitehead B Ryan+ More difficult to validate versions: p67-70 28 SHIFTING DYNAMICS OF ACADEMIA MEDIA VS “FREE ENERGY” PROMOTER 2

slide 29:

29 • Occasional science gap tendency of A-Western media academia some 3rd world prv media vs B-Non Western Gov’t academia some media eg reporting LENR validity • A- Almost uniform in mainstream US UK Cda Aust’lia Germany Japan All of Nordics Most of W Euro a few in E EuroCzech+: ie Western NGO ranked “least corrupt nations” Wikipedia in ALL languages large NGOs Quack Watch etc Between A B: a few sci mediaWired + Industrial journal Rare gap bet. North America/Japan vs Euroeg: science info validating decentralized higher efficiency energy system or emphasizing negativity test of GMO etc B- SOME media/Gov’t articles in: certain W South Euro nationsAustria Ireland Italy France Portugal Greece+ Some of E Euro 20-30 of 3rd World nations Alternative news in West Gizmo+ Prv media often proWest but not state Venezuela Argentina S Africa Equador+ MAJORITY: in ME including Saudi 70-80 of 3rd worldMalaysia Philippines Thailand+ some E. EuroSerbia Hungary Slovenia Moldova Ukraine+ OthersS Korea Turkey+ Brazil India Non Western NGOs MOST in Russia/China/Belarus/Kazakstan/Iran/Cuba/Mongolia+ unique as science / media’s weak tie to multinational corporate/NGO Russia has Pro West debunkers is divided in “destructive tech” like Torsion or Low cost Petrik Carbon Nanotube+ eg Academy of Science РАН vs split off Academy of Natural Science РАЕН “Committee to Combat Pseudoscience”Kruglyakov+ accused of its use to “steal” РАЕН type new tech fundingVA Zhigalov+ yet even prv media and more so of current ruling party United Russia- Еди́ная Росси́я gov’t state media tend to support unconventional tech SHIFTING DYNAMICS OF ACADEMIA MEDIA VS “FREE ENERGY” PROMOTER 3

slide 30: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada LAWS OF THERMO-DYNAMICS: LOTD VS INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS • ■ 1ST LAW: Energy cannot be created or destroyed- only change forms ■ 2ND LAW: Energy always evens out to create a neutral entropy state ■ 1+2: Mainstream interpretation: Must not appear to generate more energy than it is used Even some of LENR/Cavitation scientists subscribe to ■ Taboo of questioning even interpretation itself of the law in main academia in turn media in rare cases scientists group up to appeal for law reformulation sometimes they are described as “delusional crackpots” • Many inventors small of persistent scientists point out fundamental flaw/lack in law of ThermodynamicsLOTDSheehan Sachs Keefe X Fu Nikulov Graeff Godin Capek Gordon Coffey Molnar D’Abramo + 1st law is ok but 2nd law only covers Closed System there is no real “overunity”- energy is everywhere • Closed System: “0 outside” energy no “perpetual” motion VS Open System: unlimited ambient vacuum energy earth is permanent mega capacitor constant sea-air move earth-moon-star orbit lightning Law selectively applied Michelson-Morley vs far more extensive Miller + results differDeMeo Allais+: Existence of “dynamic” aether radiant energy self organzing 0pt vacuum higgs field with force+ —continue 30

slide 31:

31 THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 2 • -continuing closed System: Based on unprovendisproven assumption only current physical reality exists or TOTALLY ISOLATED from other realities/vacuum either case it self-contradicts own closed system idea Vacuum is fluxing Inverted Population Brownian motion Particle angular momentum Stars curving-torsion all perpetual • OR need “Reverse LOTD” Original Maxwell Equations altered by Heaviside Hertz etc: kept transverse wave dropped “unmeasurable” longitudinal electrical wave 0 vector vacuum EM potential+Reed M EvansTrupp Barrett Grimes Crowell Cohen Bok Morris Jeffers Jefimenko Flower Labounsky Meszaros Vigier Ciubotarju Lehnert S Marinov+ EM wave could be created from this potential hense it could be the base of physical realityOlariu+ involves “twist” or toroid etcBetrami F Peat+. Indications financial-industrial group might have staged Heaviside to do soDonovan • This ignored wave seems to link zeropoint/free energy extraction: TORSION-Field/ SCALAR-Potential unlimited “information energy info” carrier that manifests physical effects BOTH are inter-related: Torsion theory appeared in 1910sCartan formal experiments application started in 1960s SovietKozyrev+ yet 1900s notably in France similar non-locality biofield/spinfield mind effect created-observed Baraduc Tesla Luys Radiguet Ch Ross+ 1950s in UK/US by remote non-local radionics existed. Historically most Torsion-Scalar inventions happened to be made via their mechanics by “try success” result not pursued based on theoryexcept in Soviet/Russia after 1980s

slide 32:

32 THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 3 -“FAR-OUT” TORSION / SCALAR • TORSION-SCALAR BOTH Characteristic examples: 1-Co-exist with EM field but quality differs 2-Non-local/linear TimelessLavrentiev+ 3-Cause template effect:D Roth+eg “water memory”Peschka+ 4-Bio enhancement Bergstresser+ 5-Mind effect Golod+ 6-Improve Hi-Fi sound quality standing wave musical instrumentsJ Suehiro+ 7-CD disc with “a sticker” or touching by the device has altered sound quality when played by stereo 8-Higher electrical/engine etc efficiency “repair effect” via electrical supplyF Neubauer+ or via device contacting air/fluid intake/ engine oil 9-Or car engine/braking/balance improvement as device placed at driver seat areaM Wakabayashi+ 10-Blade cuts betterDrbal M Kawakami+ 11-Very fast ceramic processing 12-Can halt electronic device function without damagingR Roy+ also 1000s of such anecdotal claims when approached by antigravity craftT Good LM Howe+ 13-Overunity like or EM wave unaffected various anomalous qualities by Circularly Polarized Wave Light: coil Shang Chi Jiang Marletta W Kaminsky J Reisert+ 14-Propagate thru matter without affecting Information flow field or transmit information only doesn’t transfer energy 15-Vacuum as their carrying medium All objects in physicality also “exist” in vacuum as Torsion-field/Scalar-potential Gravitational-Nutrino wave linkPerebeynos Fujii Zubow- Zubow-Zubow+ 16-Used with Quantum Mechanics for unconventional effects I Caesar V Sims+ p35 17-Measured by: Magnetic sensor inside Faraday cage Barkhausen Effect Radionic equipment Torsion field generatorKravchenko+ Kirlian photo Indirectly via dozens of water test methodsKrasnobryzhev+eg mainstream spectroscopy or Drop Picture Method+ etc MRAWeinstock+ Biofield meterB Payne+ “Psychics”Akimov+

slide 33: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 4 -“FAR-OUT” TORSION / SCALAR • Torsion/Scalar self-oscillation tech device are often marketed with “New Age” connotation: Magic stick Cosmic pendant etc. But discreet industrial-commercial success worldwide Openly endorsed/studied by main corporate/gov’t/academic in Russia/India/China etc Ignored or called fraud in West yet “Substantial fringe” use in DACHmajors backing: Stuttgart Univ Schott AG Austrian med assoc+ fair amount of use in US Canada UK+ Isolated fringe market but unique strong effect product inventors in Japan etc. Usually web or MLM sales. Most Actively Commercialized from Russia/DACH/US. Valid tech use in product is indistinguishable on surface from many less or no effect device • SCALAR Wave generated by electromagneticEM field that is “simultaneously created cancelled in the same circuit” Occurs in 1-6 conditions: 1.Phase conjugate pairs 2.Identical EM waves “out of phase symmetry” to each other or polarized 3.Mutually opposed direction equal waves 4.Certain shape geometry matter or its pair 5.Directed polarized multimode EM radiation via cavityCornwall+ • 6.”Zero EM field” inbetween buffer zoneeg between opposed magnets or current coil circuit pairs gravity anomaly: eg Oregon Vortex+ or Coiled toroid even without electricity Mainstream calls this zero energy as only scalar potential existsmagnitude “voltage” zero vectordirection“current” But energy do existsor violates 1st law AB-Effect and remains - propagates as POTENTIAL waveM Evans Ehrenberg Vlaenderen Eckardt Bischof Leus Siday Monstein+ Also macroscopically measuredCaprez Varma+ Vector potential itself measured as biologically activeTrukhan T Kawaguchi Rampl I Lyons+ -continue 33

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34 • —cont. SCALAR wave from phase conjugation ● These Pairs of EM waves occur at matter/medium/cavity can create spontaneous oscillations at multiple specific “scalar” frequenciesi.e. medium’s Characteristic Vibration/Normal Mode/Phonon/Natural Resonance Frequencies: usually same for Mechanical Resonanceie Acoustic Orbital+ or EM Resonanceie Optical NMR Schumann+ they seem to relate directly to “free energy”possibly by extraction of vacuum energyP13 occur in integer multiples. This oscillation/vibration wave bounces back forth within medium to form Standing Wave or Quasiparticle or Phonon. Also seem to linked to Science legal sonication effectsp62 ● This standing wave vibration is Scalar Resonance a clear example when Scalar field/wave is operating/created eg: pulsing Cavity resonator/Bifilar-flat coil/Mobius- Caduceus strip+ Doesn’t “travel in line but creates field” Time reversible 5th field also same pattern as DNA • This wave coupling linked anomaly eg: related to “overunity” vacuum etc. 1-4A-D 1. Cold Electricity linkStiffler+ 2. Can send or extract energy/electricity wirelessly to the target if co-resonatesTesla S Jackson Palladino+ 3. Ultra distance non-linear time traverse communication Zubow3 Tesla+ 4. Radionics mechanics i.e. following ●A-D ●A- Mechanically enhanced “voodoo” dowsing instant pre-diagnosis or ●Bi- ”Non local” version of Time-Domain Electromagnetic MethodTDEM or Advanced level of already science illegal tech commercialization eg Leaf and Stone Resonance Microlepton Georesonance etc -continue to next page THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 5 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” SCALAR

slide 35:

35 • -cont. non-local Radionics Bi: Can conduct from ANY distance via wire/wireless Holography/Quantum entanglement Every object or point/cell reflects “whole universe” yet it has own unique scalar wave frequencies EM field freq. also each specie/type has group frequencies they are included in every part of entityhair saliva photo etc. So able to sample this holograph wave manipulate it by wave matrixEM fieldP Tomkins Pe Kelly H Lovel WJ Hale BA Rockwell J Gallimore+ • Bii-Once identify correct Frequency electromagnetically record it in wave form physical effect is replicatable by -a re-emitting this copied computer software oscillationeg- Mind-bio integrity coherence boosting J Fridenstine+ or Bio conditioning sensing or mining exploration by -b scanning themde la Warr D Paris+ Biii-eg-c Broadcast specific nutrients-minerals needed for crop as info wave to increase agri yield Y Kronn von Reichenbach+ eg-d farm removes pests by placing pesticides on area photo then modulate into wave form transmit mainstream use in 1940s by US State Gov Farm Bureau PA AZ CA+ Dow Chemical UKACO+ Knuth+ Slightly differently done but state backed small use in Russia+Lomonosov Bobrov+ Biv-All same mechanics used for cell phone/TV/radionic broadcasting by modulating info-voice into wave send it on a set frequency then it is resonated by phone-TV dial/ person insects etc on that frequency to receive info no need to be wired no magic Bv-What happens if perfectly run location frequency on matter resonate it teleport human freq over machinesymbio specie embryo over otherPL Ighina KG Dzang+ ●C- Works depended on operator: Electric radionic machine works even unplugged ●D- Radionic scalar diagram on paper only mind workingHieronymus J Campbell+ THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 6 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” SCALAR

slide 36:

36 • SCALAR: OTHER QUALITIES: Vortex connects EM Scalar waveMayl Tomilin+ Elementary particles interact with both Scalar/EM wavesJ Dea Pulver Wolff Imlauer + commonalities with DNA -Helix Commercialized SCALAR techeg: Aquapol 90.10. Q-Link GeoWave EESystem Wave Genome Quantec Plate Koltsov КФС Dessert Greening α-Genius Neurophone MEDEA 7 Terafight Water Energizers Sev-Sports+ • TORSION field/wave/effect generated by: 1-Spin Positioning/PolarizationTam- Happer Effect of particle-electron: any matter 2-Emotion boosted clear thoughts i.e. “subjective in nature with objective physical basis”Chernetsky Thorns+ as weak field but some exceptions: Trivedi Effect Bronnikov Method+ on molecular structural change enhance plant growth reduce pests holographic perception alter DNA etcChulin Sun Reshetnikova Kulagina K Nishino Yan Xin Kuleshova Zhang Baosheng M Manning+ THEN ADDITIONALLY:3-13 3-Clear Photographp33 34 4-Spin/angular momentum of rotating matter or vortex motion itselfV Kotelnikov+ 5-Antioxidant producing microbe mix in sealed container generates anomalous field: extra bio-growth repel pest-mold-rust improved combustion-electrical+Higa+ 6- Fine Particle Bombardment FPBSupersonic Very Fine Particle Shot Peening that “fuses” with surface of UV photocatalyst TiO2 on metal or ceramic enables various combustion or bio enhancement field effect directly or via waterdecomposes water to Hydroxyl yet antioxidant 7-Some geometry shapes Pyramid Parr Krasnoholovets + Flat triangleS Iwasaki+ Hexagon or cylinder tubeGrebennikov S Nomura+ ConeFrings RingK Wagner+ Golden ratio Fibonacci sequenceShaktparonov+ 8-Spin ordering oscillation stateY Medvedev+ — cont to next page THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 7 -“FAR-OUT” TORSION / SCALAR

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37 • 9-Semantically composed written wordsSperansky+ 10-Shaking vibrating hitting etc 11-Geophysical objects: earth etc 12-EM fieldreverse Barnett Effecteg Radio equipments Electric white noise via coil/Benveniste Wittmann+ Spiral/circular EM process structure itself Tesla Haitao Zhang+ Alternating magnetic fieldK Komatsu Y Tkachenko+: i.e. Spinning magnets/pyramid have particularly strong effect: eg Aspden effect Yurovitzky+ 13-Water involved nano-geometry phenomena is related to torsion effectatom mutual positioning spin-spin interaction also causing electric activity: eg1 Automatic H2 generating non-sacrificial “nano aluminium alloy” from H2O AW Castleman + eg2 Hydrophobic graphene turns hydrophilic at Single layer vs thicker by UV-FIR wave irradiation Extended Capillary action: Self-pumps/sucks up water or molten metal with 130° extra angle entryS Hendy+into cylinder carbon nanotube also Speed of water flow is 1000times+ violation of Hagen–Poiseuille equation/Fluid Dynamics “law”Majumder+ eg3 Affects water molecule structure or “suck up ions” eg4 Water saturated soccer ball shape Fullerene-C60 makes surrounding water molecules to be structured permanently function as “convenient” strong antioxidanti.e. neutralize radicals decompose toxins when excessive to organism even after 100C treatmentGV Andrievsky VN Khvorostinka+ • TORSION field-wave qualityavailable documents in West often limited to works of Akimov or Shipov but large of academic researchers experimenters papers 10000+ in Russia some in Ukraine+ recent in China eg 1-15: 1-Axial symmetry 2-Create/ influence: from spin-spin interaction upto gravity fieldH Wallace Torr Li R Uchiyama+ 3-Like EM wave each matter/living thing has its “favourite unfavorite” torsion wave frequencies - continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 8 -“FAR-OUT” TORSION

slide 38:

38 • —cont TORSION wave quality: 4-“Spintronics of all solids fluids” i.e. change- affect spins states: -i Change crystallization: ■ Increase matter density Kurikom Furseya+ ■ Link to Spin Wave Continuous Symmetry Magnonicsie properties decided by geometry structure rather than composition/band matrix etc ■ Strengthen-alter steel surface/structureShpilman+ similar effect by FPB/WPC Treatment of metalsY Miyasaka+ ■ Alter quartz crystal frequencyAkimov+ ■ Increase copper corrosion resistance ductility Maksimova+ ■ Change magnetizability or thermal electro-conductivitySokolov+ • 4-ii Super low energy use metamaterial making 10-50milli watt: Effect caused by “information” rather than by energyTrefilova Tarasenko S Chernov+ -iii Mainstream industrial process of Rotational stirring Rotating Magnetic Fieldalso used for “free energy motor” P13 for ■ Metal semiconductor manufacturingwith grain alloy effect etc or ■ Magnetic refrigerationwith magnetocaloric effect both ■ are not conventionally fully explainable Significant change of crystal quality depended on different magnet rotating frequencyB Fragoso+ Data match with surface change of matter by torsion fieldKuznetsov+ Very effective in nanotechnology/polymer manufacturingJ Xingliu+ Significant opportunity for cost reduction and production quality improvement Mayboroda+ Most powerful non-classified Torsion generatorL Sprink Ravatin —continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 9 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION

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39 • —cont TORSION field-wave quality: 5-Travels to “past future” Fifth force Myshkin+ 6-Biofield-spinfield equivalent F Brown Hruby+ 7-Detected by: MetatronNesterov Thermometer mercury Quartz piezoelectric oscillation Kozyrev Mirror for falling motion objectsfalling speed is slower: eg1 counter clock spin gyroscope in North hemisphere/ Hayasaka + eg2. repulsing magnets/Alek+ 8-Solid matters’ weight might be changed do so nonlinearly when torsion vibe offeredLavrentiev+ 9-Clearest effect at polar regions vs equatorD Savage+ 10-Radioactive matter remediation Kinderevich+ 11-Best effect on porous matter wood brick etc Nasonov+ 12-Bio enhancement B Stahovskiy+ 13-Some torsion generator need user calibration like radionic device 14-“Overunity” heat production 15-Link to plasma ball lightning • 16-Torsion field emitting function of specific spin frequencyInfo Carrier of chemistry-physics in its absence can be copied to other matter-space-vacuum like magnetization Use of ”Residual or ghost” effect: Change quality of mass by “info carriers” imprinting medium on molecule spin oscillation- eg: A-Water only: i- ”Alcohol” to get drank with 0 side effectsKleinert+ ii-Tan lotion as a DrinkB Johnson iii-“Water based DNA Polymerase” Chain Reaction- PCRA Tedeschi+ iv-“Medicine“Surochinski+ but also useable as undetectable Sports DopingPalyushev+ v- Replication to “less structured” waterU Holst+ —continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 10 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION

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40 • —cont Torsion copy-imprint ability 16 B-Matter1-Copy medicinal effect to plain powder tabletsDulnevym+ 2-Duplicate surrounding’s spin oscillation of organism thru fluid Aliyev+ 3-Enclosed water in solid container to trigger whole resonanceFillip-Robin+ 4-Copy or alter crystallization of fluid solutes 5-Mineral/ceramic/steel carries “fertilizer info” water to “multiply” it Plocher+ 6-Combustion/electrical efficiency wave emitting ability to another matter • C-Others c1-“Haunted site” or Psychometry imprint c2-Imprint effect can be pre- conditioned/amplified by Schumann resonance in background+-7.8khz as core freq. ELF- Extremely Low Frequency EM wave:Montagnier G Vitiello+ Also triggers “free energy extraction”B Bass N Wootan+ NOTE: is quasi Standing Wave mega scale resonance in a Massive Cavity covering entire Earth surface upto Ionosphere 80km+ above: Considering what small cavity does to rocketp18 etc It should have large influence on earth habitats It is to be influenced by planets in solar system: Russia mainstream level idea also western military/science discussed but media debunks: optional or covert capability of i particularly ii. geo-engineering: p6869 • ■ Influencing Schumann Resonance as huge “geo-engineer“switch”Eastlund Tesla+ i-by EM ELF or Scalar wave projected from ground Effect can amplify by microwave/ laser/satellite/aerosol reflector+Streltsov+ as option if frequency is adjusted at SURA EISCAT SPEAR SuperDARN GWEN etc or unknown compact facilities/ships ii-Directly enhance/alter brain bio-functioning of animals/human Strong phase coherence with cerebral activitiesKoenig Sidrov Persinger Robescu R McCraty+/ also NASA+ hence again “people-influencing” type option exists —continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 11 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION

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41 • Torsion vs Thz Similarity: Although it is EM wave TerahertzThz T-ray resembles Torsion wave in many aspects. Thz0.1 or 0.3 - 3 10 or 30Thz has also been called Millimeter wavemmw/Extremely High Frequency EHF: 0.03 or 0.1 - 0.3Thz prior as established name. Some speculate name fudging-change was used by Western medical group backers to appeal to the mass Thz “hasn’t been used for medical cure but only good for bio industrial scanning”: Usually Thz naming is segregated from Millimeter/EHF • Similarity1 Enhanced electrical/combustion/bio etc as pseudoscientized/ ignored mmw effect: fringe Japanese researcheven with multinational takeover Japan’s tradition continues for their mainstream conglomerates to have some relationships with them as technical sub-contractor to develop “pseudo-scientific” products it is fair scale commercialized but usually only domestically exception: eg Phiten+ mainstream in Russia/China+ wide range of Medical Bio benefitsas EHF therapy etc Tissue regeneration DNA matter altering Mind effectalso p67 anomalous Industrial process at specific mmw frequencyEpov Devyatkov Kirichuk Strelnikova XW Du L Jin KulipanovQ Wu T Sugi+eg Emerson Effect. Western mainstream researches some of itT Globus Gelmont+ but publicly declares minimal bio benefit —continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 12 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION THZ

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42 • —Torsion vs Thz: Similarity2 To mainstream science legal T-ray qualityoften de- emphasized/ignored: a Low subtle energy emitted by all matters b Non-linear resonance c Bio molecule resonance locates in Thz region i.e. effective bio coherence creator indicatorGurel+ d Astronomical distance H2O N C etc detection e Instantly affect H bonds solutes molecule in H2OHavenith+ f Dielectric Relaxation occurs in water with no electric field g Similarly causes Kerr Franz-Keldysh effectsNovelli+ -“virtual” e- field h Metamaterial making i Quantum hall effect relationSarfatti Shimano+ Similarity3 Idea of “imprinting Thz wave” to water or silica type matter+ for re-emission: Surveying or scanning takes large energy but just like catalysis self oscillation takes no external energy • Claimed Thz matter imprinting methods by adjusting imprint frequency to matter’s absorbable resonating level : 1-Spin polarity change 2-Alter lattice structure when resonated by pulse or incoherent Thz wave exposure 3-Cause Thz oscillation in water and soak/coat matter with the water 4-Oscillation template effect cause resonance to other matter even not at its exact unique frequency Vollmers M Tanaka Shin’ou Shima+ Sort of science illegal simpler way of Negative Index Metamaterial making. Enhanced bio effects of “Thz charged” matter on plastic fabric rubber paint feather micro crystals above 2f2g also part of re-emission effect claims by some “free” energy 5-Can get same effect by coating nano particles of certain minerals like titan - without imprintingY Hirata+ THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 13 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION THZ

slide 43:

43 • T-ray EM difference from Torsion imprint- eg 1-6 1-Thz has no “coil around imprint media” method like Torsion 2-Some effect quickly fades or easily loses by x-ray/microwave 3-Wave blocked by metal limited imprinting 4-T-ray treated silica melts snow faster than untreated one 5-Some bio effect by imprinted matter seems much stronger than torsion 6-Increase insulation factor reduce water condensation on glassMuneta+ 7-Matter imprinting from heat- pressure involves oscillating waterK Hatanaka K Masumoto+: process differs but Supercritical/Subcritical water is also reported to have some of similar anomalous effect to Torsion field • ■ Thzvague definition: 0.1 or 0.3 - 310 or 30Thz vs FIR3-30Thz: Although same science illegal “vitalization” medical use or self micro current generation effects are commercialized FIRFar InfraRed wave or its bio-mineral info imprinted Ceramic Fibre or Plastic is categorized separately from Thz or Torsion as its process differseg Akatsuka FFC gaiapower jp+: mixing baking selected mineral nanoparticle coating etc. ■ Lab data backed effect explanation: Bacteria or mineral baked with ceramic at 1000-1300C so living organism is supposedly dead yet its “information” FIR oscillation generated ion is emitted for 1-5yrs or max 20yrs+ongoing Also note “major fringe” of new age type products by use of Thz/FIR in JapanP41 - Continue THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 14 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” THZ FIR

slide 44:

44 • cont. ■ This presentation might misidentify Thz vs FIR etc product mechanics due to effect similarity by sellers explaining evasively to reduce “unbelievability” of claims: A Thz FIR Torsionalso can be multiple processed B Torsion vs Scalar C Frequency crossover bet. Thz FIR wave D Photocatalysis has “anomalous versions” mainstream use but largely confined to Japan mainly Tungsten TrioxideWO3 or Titanium DioxideTiO2 with FPBP36 treated doped-modified FIR+ combo types etc: No-UV-requiredscience legal No-light-requiredpart illegal + Their function area sometimes encompasses Thz FIR Torsion effects even exceedeg Ecoprize jp Seiwa inc Kogyo GAINA insulating paint Platinum Photon Photo+ • Commercialized TORSION tech egWater related Merus ring EOS-2000 System Dry Floor Stick Osmosis Skincare Infoceuticals BioIT Water Lohnert Snowplus Aqvadisk. Others Device IGA-1 MAXiiMUS Эм пластик/EM Plastic Penergetic ShooTag Lifewave Patch Generator series Ehmi Bhado/Bihadou Compensatory Magnetic Oscillator TorsionPia Progress Industrial Systems Terahertz Freshy/SolarSand Santa Mineral Spinor Stella Minimal Catalyst MICA Yav-1/Явь-1 Ecomile Thz Q-seal+ ■ Products often imprinted with specific mineral itself or its frequency copy: Guerite Silica Maifan Tourmaline Shungite Saugin Tenko-seki Limonite Zeolite Magny+ Also many herbs ■ Political leaders/pro athletes known for above medical tech use THOUGHTS OF INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 15 - “FAR-OUT IDEA” TORSION THZ

slide 45:

45 • ■ —cont. Torsion “Magic Cards” Muti-layered ferro/paramagnetic symmetry sheets with bioceramic herbal cotton aluminium silica etc or its vibe processed by phase conjugated waveor EM Thz wave to alter atom spin structure to create a monopole magnet like “vacuum gate”or scalar wave emitterTonomura D Wagner Koltsov+ ■ Linkage to other phenomena Weissenberg Effect hint Naturally seen oscillation- spin-spiral in Low-filled hose water Boundary layer flowD Rapoport+Karman Vortex Street Honey coil effect even spiral Eddy current All could interrelate from atom’s angular momentum to star/planet rotation- Coriolis/Rossby Effect- vortex- implosion • ■ As for “free energy” thoughts by inventors dissident scientists: ● Even mainstream accepts 100volt/meter charge difference at ground ● Indication of Energy induction Shubnikov–de Haas-van Alphen Hall Effect ● Why Aharonov-Bohm Effect ignored in mainstream electrical engineering ● Atom’s electron orbital nucleus are standing waves 0point field entrance ● Severely discounted Planck’s resonance hypothesis ● Repeated “overunity” effect of nuclear explosion tests ●How do new stars get energy for explosion ● Grounded Kite almost always “generate” free electricity etc. • ■ Mainstream skeptics exclusively skeptical about non-mainstreamers ● Why believe in groups who only question those who question authorityMathis+ ●“Pseudo Science” is like “jailbroken iphone" functions: shouldn’t exist to be admitted ● Scientists promoted by proving existing idea not by questioning it from wider view 1-Compartmentalized ignorance 2-Priority on fast profit grants reputation career+ THOUGHTS OF FREE ENERGY INVENTORS “DISSIDENT” SCIENTISTS 16

slide 46: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada BRIGHT UPDATE FORECAST 1: LENR • LENR: “Virtual” acceptance of its effects by mainstream scientists: academically not beneficial to deny 3000+ peer reviewed reports while different hypothetical theories of LENR or LANRLattice Assisted Nuclear Reaction etc exist • Some in core mainstream focus on trivial effects unreliability while others ignore publicized dataHuizengaKooninParkSeaborg Morrison+ • “Official” acceptance might come upon agreement on mechanics • Participated by large co.Toyota Aisin Shell US Navy Vattenfall ENEA NASA Siemens National Instruments STMicroelectronics BoeingChubu Electric+ mainstream linked researchersSRI Elforsk Continuum Energy Tech Technova+ major investorsSunrise Cherokee Vanterra-TEM+ gov’tsUS Italy Sweden Russia + official recognition by world largest financiersBlackRock+ unnamed co.Volvo ABB Gates foundation+ 46

slide 47: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada BRIGHT UPDATE FORECAST 2: LENR • Several companies deemed to run certain type of projects with hold up for open commercializationRossi - Energy Catalyzer+ • E-CatItaly Mitsubishi Hvy Japan Blacklight Power Brillouin Jet all US+ Possibly other labs can do projectIsrael Korea RussiaFrance Defkalion became Phonon Energy in US ■ Many are LENR based variation tech proprietary details • As of Jan 2015: No official news release LENR generator Yet ECat continues a- to claim undisclosed pilot projects b- its web order taking page active also a company in a non G7 nation also still claims to take orders ship in 3monthsRo Green while targeted by discrediting work by energy insiders • ■ Rossi replication claimed Cole Parkhomov+ ■ Web portal updateslenr-coldfusion cold fusion times + 47

slide 48: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada BRIGHT UPDATE FORECAST 3: LENR + • Key is to broadcast success at major industrial name / government client sites • Although there are already minor level debunked small commercializations of “free energy” We forecast FULL MAINSTREAM OPEN commercialization by 2016 technically now but took 100yrs for electric car Thorium 40yrs Maybe fusion or grassroots inventor tech spreads first • Projected 20yrs to replace most of non-renewal electricity generation system after first full open “free energy” marketing • This can trigger large realignment of business financial Geo political structure world wide Losers vs Gainers 48

slide 49: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada 49 “FREE ENERGY” IMPACT BREAKING POWER BALANCE: WHO LOSES • Investment funds Collaterals CDS Tax revenue Science-Media credibility Peer Review “exclusion system” Enviro-Energy NGOs Research funding ■ Oil N-gas Coal Infra Storage Transport Exporters Chemical processeg “free” electrolysis of water cryogenic air for nitrogen to make Nitrogen fertilizer/Ammonia Chemical separation only “by freely compressed air” operated Vortex tube : Need to lower cost develop new industrial process product end-use RDeg HHO+ ■ Green Energy: Need non-monopoly-majors’ unused mechanics concepts eg solar: Klimov Schaflander wind:Sorokodum Schmidt apply exclusive niche • ■ Industries: Environm’t Carbon Gov’t infra Big Energy Storage-Transmission ■ Future business opportunities no lack in water availability/food production+ • Financial-Intel-Military-Industrial alliance leverage: Oil reserve currency international trading finance currency Energy carbon derivatives Less wars debt Spiral loss of resource stock asset world economy influence tool • All industry loosely Interlocked Western geo-econo-political-media-NGO-super wealthy alliance that held world in stability by mutual financial injection benefit intervention Above high wage jobs stakeholders

slide 50: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Countries: Import oil/gas dependent Non 1st tier member of world banking system IMF/WB debt ridden Fresh water shortage regions • Smaller unit communities remote location “independent unaffiliated” private public companies Farming • Hydro-carbon material based manufacturing Transportation: Tourism Mining Commodities Trading • Both slants in energy intensive process industries can benefit lower cost: Coal-Gas-Oil: BF Steel Cement-Lime Petrochemical Glass Food Clay+ Electricity: DRI-EAF Steel Aluminium Chemical Textile Industrial gas+ Both heavy: Pulp-Paper Fertilizer Mining • Fuel Cell if incorporates HHOPEFC test results Small Energy Storage • Financial group Media orchestrated energy stocks shorting 50 “FREE ENERGY” IMPACT ESTABLISHING NEW POWER STRUCTURE: WHO GAINS

slide 51:

51 WHAT ARE MORE HARMONIOUS FREE ENERGY INTRO SCENARIOS • 1- Gradual cost reductioneg: Coal-Thorium— “Free energy” Fusion 2- Gradual INFRA cost reduction tech exclusivity WITHIN Free Energy Expensive exclusiveeg: Fusion-LessLENR-Even lessinventor tech 3- ”Free energy” or “destructive tech” devices already sold at sub-mainstream web siteseg Alibaba+ in the future to allow trading at Amazon 4-“Co-existence tech model α”: Both thrive eg Free Skype vs Charged call -Recent “free energy” treatment is a repeat of “Co-existence tech model β” “Give a small pie” to disruptive tech while securing no further expansion by at least Anglo American data authority orchestration ”As long as western mainstream inter-references as real majority believes anything” over anyone Ignore/discredit “free tech” while allowing commercialization avoids “conversion rush” of mainstream crowd assisting adoption ceiling or gradual transition Public to debate on theoretical level - i.e. no development • Disruptive Tech Co-existence Model β Simplified LENR marketing scenario can be simulated as following A to I based on case studies this is steps forward differs from Pure Suppression Model: A-Western scientists NGO Mythbusters Skeptics society Consumer Reports/group+ tests LENR machine majority claims it doesn’t work with all details given while ignoring/discounting Russian 3rd world positive report as “lacking credibility ethics” or minor option: B-No debunking completely ignore at mainstream level -cont

slide 52:

52 WHAT ARE MORE HARMONIOUS FREE ENERGY INTRO SCENARIOS -2 • 4 cont-LENR scenario Model β C- Mainstream Blog/Media/Celebrity/Utility/NGO/ TED/Wikipedia/Reader’s Digest/Forum/Gov’t quote failure results declare: “■Warning: LENR fraud ■There is no valid technical basis ■Pathological science ■If it really worked it’s already been used” D-Public convinced by absurd failure test since real mechanics unknown to them: i-Test it for unintended purposeeg tow car by mopet ii-Misconfigure deviceeg drive 100km/h at reversed gear use diesel instead of gas plug air intake iii-Repeat till it doesn’t work iv-If details are found out “scientist” says “Results would’ve been the same with requested set up anyway it’s scientifically proven so” E- Ridicule info packed “Cold Fusion fraud” web sites show up early on search engine • F- Regulators mainstream “Consumer Group” “Independent” Advertising Watch BBB get “LENR complaint” science panel hearing concludes false advertisement/fraud New law mandates LENR machine to label a tag “No scientific base that this works” G- Those insist on LENR validity at mainstream stage is called “insane” “unqualified as scientist” expelled from mainstream group/job in ways their colleagues notice why H- Private forums split opinions with science vocal types detailing “how crackpot it is”+ I- End result majority stays with conventional energy for extra 10+yrs Large corporate would install by not executive but floor level Then shift model β to α i.e. co-thriving mode transition stage eg Industrial Power Factor Correction+ But this model might fail Europe rebelseg AIIB+ Russia “getting worse”BRICS Bank GMO ban UGRG Western whistleblowing Space+ Too many mainstream witnesses Too obvious not to notice+

slide 53:

53 DISRUPTIVE TECH CO-EXISTANCE E.G. SOME MAINSTREAM APPROVED • 4 cont Co-existence tech model β: commercial product/company examples ■ Energy Related:Magnetized fuelAlgae-X Multimag Paliwo+ Torsion fieldBE Fuel Saver Ökodrive PowerPlus Superzoil+ GlidArcCzernichowski MagnegasSantilli FULL Catalytic/Thermal Depolymerization of most trashGreenbase Sepadu Green Power Inc Alphakat+ Often self running Cavitation heaterCT Systems TEKMASH+ ■ ”0 light Photocatalyst”: Fuji Kihan Titan Titanystar Selfeel Hitachi platinum fridge+ ■ NonCloud Seeding Weather Modification: i-Hail CannonEggers Inopower+ ii-Pulsed Infrared-EM wave ionizingMeteo Systems Toyer Rainmaker+ added use of SatelliteAquiess iii-Orgone/Scalar “free energy motor” types can be extremely powerfulp70 “clandestine” like serviceseg Etheric Rain Engineering+ ■ Water Related: MagneticPolarint no Mediagon + Electric PulsePlanet Horizons + TorsionAquaKat+ Catalytic metal alloyAgra Tron Aquabion + with Resonating spiralνG7 - NewG7+ Vortex Watreco Grander Water+ Mineral bioceramicDileka Saiseiko+ LaundrypureWash Xeros Wash Biocera+ Hot water herbicideCardley Wave Weedingtech+ Subcritical or Supercritical water waste disposalSCFI General Atomics Eco-Σ+DesalinationSonCav+OzoneEOI SB100+ ■ Agri: BiowashHesser+ Sonic Bloom EMHiga Mebiol TreeTPee Groasis Tal-Ya ■ Oil-Gas Industrial Process: ElectricMPK-VNP Techprom+ Magnetic RFG Petro Scale-X MFC+ TorsionEnercat Wellan2000+ Plasma ResonanceEcoTech EOR+ ■ Others: Alloplant AmosilQ Vapex Hydroxyl Grancrete Nevoton IncreWeld Consumer useable compact Near Infrared SpectrometerSCiO ASD+ Hypnosis etc

slide 54:

54 WHAT ARE MORE HARMONIOUS FREE ENERGY INTRO SCENARIOS -3 • 5- Free energy permanent pilot projects at remote minesmarinemilitary/space 6- Commercialize mainstream approved 24hr Solar Infrared Harvesting 7- Main media to endorse 3-7 power save on Automobile Residential Power Factor Correctioneg MP-R fuel also water emulsion/HHO additive later as fuel 8- Sell disruptive proprietary tech as “slightly efficient”Bloom Enstroj Keppe+ 9- Admit 1-10 fuel save 30+ emission cut by additive torsion wave magnet several patents by car makers e.g. GM large cos use while publicly denounce it • 10- Media to endorse mainstream science perpetual quantum engine approval in quantum thermodynamics imply it’s possible in real lifePaternostro Levy+ 11- Introduce stifled Tesla Scalar tech as far improved versionGuiler Soljacic+ or Cold Electricity as battery fix then gradually both later as unlimited energy 12- “Rossi model”: keep installing many covert pilot projects till becomes norm 13-Train/test public by free energy/flying saucer major Front Page NewsO Wells 14- Stop debunking military plane electrogravitics / overunity electrical-charging Oechsler Gunston+ or spaceship propellantless drive Info already released 15- Allow increase of currently irrelevant capacity of science legal techp6 8-10 Western energy groups are slowly letting go each’s territory but still too slow

slide 55:

55 IF LENR IS ACCEPTED FIRST -1 INVENTOR TECH STATUS • Very small but increasing users for inventor tech p13-21 esp. for “part free energy” on-board HHO emulsified waterFar exceed 0.01 market share in some nations eg Bulgaria+ Ion Cavitation heater yet other “full free energy” techs are mostly in low practicality without major in-house investment: prototype raw tech phase ■ No standardized review association No full mainstream open commercialization inventors isolated tend to claim to be “first” in world when numerous similar claims in pastp22 23 mostly small power 30kw : Foster ground for deception ■ Often Sole inventor is a sales rep tech server might have “out of box” communication manner business style beliefsS Allan ■ No local support due to non-“public consumer physics” nature ■ Some of confirmed working techs are not replicatable by 3rd party ■ Cases of stock traded co/public institution prosecuted by use of “fraud science” • ■ But towards mainstream commercialized “free energy techs”P14171920 experienced buyer concern is gradually shifting • ➢ Previous focus was to tell 1-Fraud 2-Works occasionally vs 3-Works Normally ➢ Now to tell gap in Performance Price Reliability between inventions: i.e. heat vibration durability reliable service operation instruction warranty works ➢ Companies conduct low-cost unofficial pilot projects on back guarantee basis

slide 56: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada IF LENR IS ACCEPTED FIRST -2 INVENTOR TECH OPEN SOURCE • Would it lead to inventor tech academic review: Inventors had long been isolated self taught in development but are finally starting to turn to information exchange open sourcing mechanics disclosure tips • 1-Ambient power inducerKapanadze Lindemann + 2-Magnetic motor back EMFKeppe Hamel Ainslie Bedini Stovbunenko+ 3-Rapid HHO-Brown gas productionH-Cat GEET + 4-Hydrodynamic CavitationPP Fominskiy+ ■ Webfree-energy-info Rexresearch Panacea-Bocaf Peswiki+ ■ Fragmented unprofessional looking/style presentations • ✔ Some inventor tech seem to be backed by mid-sized corporate/3rd world gov’t installed at pilot projects military tests+ e.g. Hidro Rosch+ ✔ LENR acceptance can cause it to surface as official production of multiple “free energy” mechanics it can suddenly become “norm” 56

slide 57: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada IF LENR IS ACCEPTED FIRST -3 MORE FUNDING FOR OTHER TECH • Mainstreamp9: Cavitation progress Nanospire + LENR link ICFusion experimental success 2013more energy produced than consumed to initiate new low cost Magnetized Target Fusion • Inventor techp13-21: • Top 3Ambient Back EMF HHO most un-regulatable disruptive portable lowest cost but HHO econo Fusion Plasma noble gas can be looked first with closer link to LENR 50+ Water emulsification for obvious ease Would Russian-Ukranian type commercialized overunity device continue to be ignored • Similarities on molecule phenomena to Nano Technology • Public might ask LENR’s past obstruction inquiry in relation to all other free energy techs/inventors 57

slide 58: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Energy flux in vacuum even at Zeropoint0K -273C is mainstream consensus But tapping of unlimited energy is still minority theoryPiestrup Turtur Capasso Haisch Rueda Clarke Yilmaz Puthoff Pinto Cole+ Inventor techp13-21 is often obvious link to Zeropoint energy extraction now ■“Dissent idea” is joined by ■ More mainstream groups • ■ Gravity inertia mass is ElectroMagnetic like vibe effect of Self Organizable spin wave energy in vacuum field where basis of matter probabilities information existSchempp Jahn Bohm C Swanson Baud Lazlo Wheeler Rein+ ■ It looks overunity only if ignore vacuum-ambient-static energy: Can be tapped since it’s Not Always Random EM energy-dipole is asymmetrical between pos-neg it can Flow in a DirectionHaken LeeYang Pregogine D Solomon+ ■ Torsion/Scalar connection to vacuum shown by repeated effectsp32-42 ■ Terahertz wave produced by same Ultrashort pulse like “ambient free energy”P1314 ■ Science approved Photon observation in vacuumNori+ photon extraction success from vacuumDelsing Lähteenmäki+ Direct samples of EM field vacuum fluctuationsRiek et al • Inventor tech often links to Scalar/Spin-Torsion wave effects at its energy trigger Also its resonance use for matter’s state changing/new creation/stabilizing takes 1-far less energy 2-much higher energy conservation storage over time compared to conventional methodsShironosov Blekhman Filatov Poincare+ 58 INVENTOR-ZEROPOINT TYPE TECH HAS MORE IMPACT - WHY 1

slide 59: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • ✔ Hence its official approval is more disruptive than LENR for academics but practical physical effects are far more so for Western business/economy large corporate infra • Inventors can “adjust frequency“ to other beneficial effects in personal/micro use Reich-weather Searl-gravity Kanzius-medical Schauberger-water Ebner-gene change Boyce-radiation P Flanagan-geometry P Callahan-farming Gariaev-DNA+ • ✔ Inventor tech acceptance could cause their related low-cost effects to be also officially investigated on tenured level academics widely and.. ✔ This might ultimately lead to Western mainstream acceptance of paradigm shift: Resonance effectCreate nonlinear physical biological systems Can confine matter in nonuniform EM field with no external feedback Laverov+ p67 ●Scalar/●Torsion wave unlimited Energy Inducer Info Carrier/Holder without physicalityat quantum level matter “appears” as energy oscillation haze potential or blinking in out of existence • ●Scalar Its phase conjugation is “0energy” like vacuum sets up for “every point” to reflect whole like in optics i.e. hologram Vacuum energy extraction Gravity DNA link ●Torsion Matter can carry information OF other matters Chemistry effect without IT “Homeopathy of all things” idea Effect by spin resonance of matter in its absence eg: Empower organism Cloaking effect Transmute mass Practical magnetic monopole + 59 INVENTOR-ZEROPOINT TYPE TECH HAS MORE IMPACT - WHY 2

slide 60:

60 • Following1-6 Low cost/effective/unexclusive resonance related technologies tend to compromise existing business structure 1-MedicalPriore Crane Clarke Gurvich Gordon Becker Pawluk Lassek Abrams Ziesenis Matsuura SR Michael Kavouras Morton Burr M Keymer+ eg1 Identify specific oscillating frequency to boost modulate it electrically on tissue penetrating RF carrier wave transmit through eg2 Leading medical institutions’ delegates attended a banquet dedicated to "End of all diseases” by R Raymond Rife tech in 1931 but in 10yrs most prominent med researchers doctors denied they ever knew himMi Johnson+ • 2-Nuclear radiation elimination unreleased virtual mainstream techCERN Purdue Birmingham univ. Mitsubishi Hitachi+ /Frolov R Roy Kervran Keller Resnick P Brown H Renner Barker Hawkings Y Brown+ /methods not just resonance Plasma Bacteria Ozone HHONanobubble MagnetizationCold electricity Alkalized water Torsion field Laser+ Local Fukushima gov/evacuee endorsed radiation decontamination pilot success is barred by national international media-academia-government when technology is directly applicable to nuclear waste elimination/transmutationHiga Takashima Tazaki Fukai C Sano Haneda Ueda PP Fominskiy SugiharaIwata H Iijima+/“violate law” of almost indestructible radioactivity in short term ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES

slide 61: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada 61 • -Cont.2 radiation remediation: ■ Mainstream’s “closed two-polar” pattern one side exaggerates harm other denies while both block fundamental solution data propagate false or overtly one sided information e.g. Radioactive waste reuse remediation low dose benefitHattori W Allison K Otsuka K Sakai Luckey Corrice de Toledo Hamasu T Onishi+ Also in other areas: “Man made exclusive CO2 global warming” “Epidemics only preventable by Vaccine”while in some cases evidence shows it’s a cause: W Kehr Bollinger+ Resource-Water-Food etc “shortage” “War on drugs Security crisis Debt crisis”+ tend to profit interlocked groups • ■ Existing service can be replaced if openly endorsed Held off by media academia enviro-healthcare NGOs public opinion trust in interlocked Western mainstream self-endorsed data ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES 2

slide 62:

62 • 3-Industrial Environment process commercially used some fraud label ■ “Structured” water: MagnetizedKronenberg Kulish+ Geometry Karim Mols + Nanobubble Onari Chiba+ Vortex VenturiWinter+ Electrolyzed Shirahata Vorobjeva+ HHO gas infusedGourley+ Resonance Darragh Tainio + ”Information” treatedGlogg Pejot+ Ceramic activatedJeon+: REDUCED: algae scaling plant watering mortality odour rust fertilizer salt in soil detergent INCREASED: bio yield cement bond cut fluid lasting+ Electric Pulse/ Magnetic Resonance Freezing: defrosted organ transplant fresh saladOwada Godai+ Pulsed De-Icing: Air craft wings Freeze-rained power lines Fast ice makingPetrenko+ • ■ Resonance non-water: Ultrasonic eg: Chemical Sonolysis Material cutting- handling-extraction Kill/locate/enhance/identify specific bio-organism-mineral Nano cleaning Light metal welding Dewatering-desalting: commercialized mainstream approved effects often can enhance existing methodsPeshkovsky Ebara Kernbach+ Audible Sound eg: Agri yield increase Effect often far more than 10-20 increase by likes of enhanced fertilizerJC Bose D Carlson+ EM eg Some electrostatic generator Tree battery or Geometric configuration wiring directly used for improved plant growth Lakhovsky+ ■ Cold electricity p13: underwater/cold temperature lighting high cap. computing/data storage ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES 3

slide 63:

63 • -Cont.3 ■ All EM wave reactant Catalyst: Self disinfecting Condensation or Static proof: filter-clothes-paint-glass-toilet. Self Cleaning: car-solar panel-wall- floor. Toxin/smog decomposing: pavement-container etcMorito Taoda+ ■ “Phase Transfer Catalyst” waterEmulsion+ p19 “Self EM field generation” or “Thz like wave emitting” water Rapid chemical processor Water/Fire proof by coating Cleaner concentrate Dissolve/coagulate toxin+Doyuk SY Lo K Furusaki+ ■ GDV/Kirlian:Bio/product quality check during process Business team relationship 4-Farming process ■ Earth EM Field Funnelled “Fertilizer” used in mainstream till 1950sC Allon Theroux+ eg A- stabilizing ground electricity flow to increase growth of plant-animal-fermentation while reduce pests-germs-mold done by buried solid wood charcoal-biochar copper plough wiringNarasaki + eg B- Above effect + improved electrical efficiency occurs when electric equipment or food processing operated at this locationUno+ eg C- Magnetic Frost GuardDeLand by steel bar magnets to reduce plant freezing eg D-plug-in electricity for same effectWechsler Van Doorne V Blackman+ ■ Radionics-Homeopathic agri: non-local resonance use DNA activation • 5-No cloud seeding no EM/Infrared wave low impact weather control Orgone+: Maglione TJ Constable Polifka DeMeo J Strick+ ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES 4

slide 64:

64 • -cont resonance related technologies 6-Anti-gravity: Counter-rotation MHD Electrogravitics Ion wind differs from pure EHD-ElectroHydroDynamics Ultrasonics Asymmetrical pulse etc: Free energy generation involved in some Mainstream till 1950s then censored became science illegalDean LaViolette Podkletnov T Brown Uhouse Wolf De Aquino L Bell Tajmar Alek N Cook Roschin R Cook Moore Modanese Dimitriou Cox Anastasozki+ • 7-”Alchemy” Low temperature Transmutation Nuclear or various inorganic synthesis : Practically undeniable hence ignored in mainstream West many know validity but stay quiet to keep the job Hypothesized - Effect experimentally validated Part of Russian mainstream ■ Precious metal+ at Cavitationhot temp HHO-LENR/Cold electricitylow simillar status to directly linked Cold FusionMiley Kushi François Jovivitsch Russell LeClair Bazhutov L Larsen F Wilkinson VI Petrik Iwamura/Mitsubishi DARPA Toyota+ eg Mercury bet. high voltage iron electrodes creates Silver +Nagaoka+ also Hg link to superconductivity antigravityMajorana+ ■ Biological transmutationKervran von Herzeele Baranger Komaki Lauwes Vysotskii KornienkoVauquelinSamyolenko ProutZundel MizunoGoldfein+ ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES 5

slide 65:

65 • -cont. 7 Transmutation inorganic synthesis ■ Hydro carbon mainly as Abiotic oil or “transmutatant” KrayushkinKutcherov Simakov Karpov Gorvachev Nefjodov J Kenny Porfir’yev Chekaliuk Dolenko Kudryavtsev Klochko+: ”Can’t have both ways of no-life-hydrocarbon in Titan comets some moons+ yet all oil is biological” • ■ In situ lab creation of Methane- Hydrocarbon by iron salts calcium-magnesium carbonate water in high pressure heat various frequency vibration JY Chen Goncharov Kolesnikov Ancilotto HP Scott+ ■ or from CO2 + H2O by photocatalysis of TiO2 or Bismuth vanadate BiVO4Seng S Tan Piumetti / Toyota Central RD+ ■ Also note electricity/power storage as “Fossil Fuel” Syngas produced also from CO2 + H2O by syntrolysis/mainstream Fischer-Tropsch process/Sabatier reaction since 1925 /1902 is now called “revolutionary” by media planned to be marketed in 2016E-Diesel: Audi Sunfire in Germany while in US UK Israel and geopolitically weak US controlled Japaneg Japan-U.S. Joint Committee US Intel linked govn’t- court-police-religious-media group key members H Segi K Hatoyama Uekusa H Yabe Magosaki Onizuka+ similar or higher efficiency tech is kept being shelvedHitachi Zosen JAXA SNL-INL Air Fuel Synth’s NewCO2Fuels Doty Energy+ • ♛ Transmutation-ORMUS-Vacuum linkedappear- disappear-effect AntiGravity- SuperconductivityElectron-charge-cluster Monoatomic Dimensional shift Torsion fieldB Carter D Hudson Gardner J Milewski Zhen Nance Sewell Ward Pitkanen+ ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE HAS MORE IMPACT - EXAMPLES 6

slide 66: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • LOSERS ■ Pharmaceutical Hospital Medical Equipment Insurance Chemical Industries ■ Nuclear waste handling-storage Large farming corporations GMO Conventional fertilizer herb/insect/fungicide manufacturers ■ Other inter-related academia industry: Chemistry Biotech Manufacturing+ ■ Some precious metal mining Donation public of industry NGOs RD ■ Classified tech defence aerospace co. + their associatesp67-70: loss of gov’t contract exclusivity tech lead from non contractor competitors ■”Black Program” member in Gov’t-Intel-Military-Prv backers will be more difficult to continue using some of “classified" techs without being questioned/prosecutedp69 ■ Above jobs business program stakeholders Investment fund returns • GAINERS ■ Alternative-natural medicine industry Emergency injury surgical ■ Nuclear power generation Manufacturing Small scale agriculture Consumers ■ Independent communities Low income regions ■ Countries: Majors- BRICS Iran Argentina Venezuela+/ Small- Serbia Ecuador Bolivia EritreaBurmaHaiti Sudan+ 66 ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE IMPACT - RAMIFICATION OF LOSERS GAINERS

slide 67:

• More claims related to Zeropoint Energy Resonance/Frequency Vibe Scalar Torsion ■ A-Various tech deployment claims at “Black Projects” at covert underground bases etc often using mind as key elementBurisch R Cramer “Bill Wood” R Dean J Harvey Begich S Parkes M Leslie McCabee C McClelland Bielek P Nichols P Peterson A Neumann S Dayo+ Run by “covert international groups” with unknown of unknown origin”: illegal fund raising tied to Western Central Banks Geopolitical activitiesFarrell D Priest R Dolan Sweetman R Steele Ne Keenan “Tyler Durden”+. Key social reality creationbelief including “valid science” definition also linked to use of social engineering false flag op front terrorist groups public fearJ DeCamp R Roth R Garman K Cassidy T GundersonK Annett Dammegard Greer Craig Roberts W Engdahl W Tarpley C Tatum+ part of missing 10+ trillions in US/EC applied • This type of military-intel-gov’t-prv whistle-blowing has less inter-validation witness’ personality is attacked sometimes but claim details are ignored by mainstream Witnessed deployment of counter-intel mind control/psychotronic tech “ritualistic” methodsK Griggs Drudgaard C O’Brien N Bryant Co Ross Tsygankov Vinokurov A McCollum+ classified in 70s anywhere Hence some of data from p67-70 has higher mis-info mix possibility also heavy compartmentalization causes non-expertise info to distort. Yet those totally unbelievable ridiculous stories if judged by common sense would start showing some level of consistency when review wide range of details • ■ B-Theoretical/physical claims by inventors scientists less often replicatedCzsyz Lyne Puthoff Mayl Tiller HamiltonKasher Del Giudice Rusek Naudin Haramein+ — continues to next page Inventor-Scientist Claim e.g. 67 ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE TYPE IMPACT POTENTIALS “OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS” 1

slide 68:

68 ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE-TORSION-SCALAR POTENTIALS “OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS” 2 • -cont. all officially debunked often deemed classified used by military/intel/prv+ INDUSTRIAL MANUFACTURING 1-”New” Geo Engineering a-Non tectonic nuclear bomb big quake trigger by Scalar MHD ELF resonance+Agnew+ b-Weather control i-Micro size by “subtle” power scalar deviceHellmann AbdellazizMcCullough+ ii-Mid size by EM charging ion from groundPokhmelnykh Fuhrer Protopopov Chizhevsky Haight+ or Satellite relayD Miles iii-High powered Infrared or microwave laser up to exaggerated storm effect trigger with ion stimulation standing wave plasma by pulse might combine reflective aerosol spray for effective air heatingM Mill Tepic Milikh Kasparian M Janitch+ iv-Up to global size by Van Allen belt/ionosphere influence: ionization effect by high power Scalar wave D WellsTesla+ 2-Hutchison Effect: scalar wave coupling for metal/non-metal melting-burning-fusing- pulverizing-rusting transmuting bending-lifting “transparent disappearing effect” water freeze-boil all at room temperatureHathaway K Shoulders Sargoytchev Hull Hutchison+ 3-Wireless energy/sound transfer through groundTesla Dollard+ 4-“Physics illegal” anomalous ceramic magnetic monopoleSeike++ Self Seebeck Effect generating ceramic production by torsion/scalar field useBobyr Krasnobryzheva Bearden Avramenko Tarakhtiy Kanchzhen Shakhparonov+ 5-Creation of metal slurry white powerOrmus or floating ball lightning from distilled water by plasma torch with resonance/mobius- “figure8” stripVachaev Pavlova Egorov+ Similar powder by AC electrolyserH Hayakawa 5th dimension partial manifestation in physical worldeg “spirit”Krenev Stepanov B Smirnov+ • PROPULSION 1-Warp drive/Gravity/Time effectAlcubierre N Li Tolchyn+ 2-Symbiotic tic machineAdair B Rich+ 3-Non matter spin or no high voltage levitationLeedskalnin DD Home Tesla David-Néel+ 4-”Portal gates” thought of as “inner earth”C Goode+

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69 ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE-TORSION-SCALAR POTENTIALS “OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS” 3 • NON-INDUSTRIAL 1-Scalar “Bio communication” unaffected by EM shieldTarg Allgire McMoneagle Sherman E Mitchell Co Brown+/common for savants D Powell+ 2-”Inter-dimensional telephone”Meek Gemilli Marconi Edison Tesla O’Neil+ 3a-Machine assisted bio influence on othersRaphael Persinger Taub Pinneo+ b- by Remote non-locallyvon Buengner Drown Tansley M Rae Upton+ c- Mind activated “torsion field generator”: non EM bio influence on othersPalvita+ 4-Bio only magnetic field controlI Swann Geller R Marcus Ostrander Stubblebine+ 5-Plant interaction with human thought-actionC Backster Vogel A Mikami Maslobrod+ 6-Access to science/mathematic/“ET” info by Bio/Scalar receptorP Flanagan D Anka Zubow3 Romanek Hamel J Roberts+ 7-Thought reading techAkwei R Duncan+ 8-“Frequency tuning+ceremony” to influence environment/peopleeg Agnihotra/ Pranay Puchalski+ by bio organism sacrificialB Taylor S Fecht A Blackwell D Fraser S Arrigo+ where 1000s witness “fear is key factor” at event “people really appear to have lizard skin” 9-Ectoplasm like smoke generation where entities exist dimension gate Seance Poltergeist linkKoontz Hutchison Curie Crooks+ link to Philadelphia experiment 10-Gene control by biophoton/electric/magnetic field+Schürch Solodilov Poponin Popp Rothe C Jimwoo+ 11-DNA-life like Sentient Dusty Plasma creationMorfill Tsytovich Fortov Angelis+ Somatid-ORMUS link DNA by vibe water non-life matterAissa+ 12-Above recurring locations/weather/StormGlass/Kolisko EffectBudden K Voss+ 13-Ancient record of above techC BoulterH Lynn Farrell C Dunn M Cremo L Boutar+ Inventor tech acceptance can trigger “tech suppression” injustice idea possibly much more But it ”seems" easily convertible to very destructive low cost weapons Scalar/Torsion/ Acoustic-longitudinal or Laserany polarized-EM Standing Wave nonlinear coupling with or without high power any inequilibrium medium with even insignificant disturbance can trigger disproportionately exaggerated results Can alter/affect spin lattice “structure” or frequency at molecular level

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70 • --cont. weapon: Exaggerated microwave oven like effect Targeting A- Specific area B- Specific object no matter where in physical universe • Weapon aspect is certainty of classified/debunking target due to its capability ■ “Free energy” easily leads to super destructive “unlimited energy” weapon even with mainstream based magnetic laser acoustic various EM wave effects ■ “Auto-Detect” target project voice/image etc to its brain/organ+: Advanced pseudoscientized “unhidable” version of mainstream microwave Frey Effect ■ Statistically influence mass mood/societal interactions in a region building+ ■ “Holographic”/ physical-mental-time traverse Remote viewing Military psychic ■ Scalar etc resonance-laser coupling machine/bio hindrance-enhancing shielding effectPavlenko+ Global weather affecting Geo engineering planets + ■ High energy materials-effects monopole magnetceramic symbio matter • Above generally explained by Russian physicsP32-41Ratnikov Filimonenko military /SmetaninKaznacheyev Lunev VeinikDevyatkov ShipovIgnatiev+ othersTesla+ effect witnessMallieu+ ●Also other related tech with similar risk exists: Antigravity-Space warp ●LENR-acoustic weapon linkR Richter+-Mini pure-fusion “cold” nuclear bomb- frequent claim witness of effects Dialogue can be started with focus on constructive/benefactor reasons for tech hold up ZEROPOINT-RESONANCE-TORSION-SCALAR POTENTIALS “OUTRAGEOUS CLAIMS” 4

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71 • LENR can trigger limitation exclusivity based profitable “Dead-end Closed System of Reality” into Unlimited ”Open System of Reality” with tech related unofficial info to be officially applied in mainstream that empowers human life Yet stock traded corporation employee to seek not to maximize profit can be “crime” • Also consider the possibility 1-if a type of criteria used by Western mainstream’s to call some disruptive inventions fraud is applied back to itself it could qualify as the largest one in existence with no own recourse mechanism. Furthermore 2-a phrase “anything is possible” might mean one can trick easily achievable all physical effects to appear impossible whole society believes in the idea for more than 100yrs Hence its concurrent release or its indication risks destabilizing economy social order: ■ Serious investment loss by energy-medical-environment industries+ “stake holders” ■ Bankruptcies domino effect social distrust of “deception” by data authority policy private lobby Combination can lead to fundamental social structure change ■“Anti Open System sect” with network+classified tech can do more “Op Northwoods” Then mainstream LENR downplay while allowing commercialization can be a good transitional strategy… But gradually need to shift to new paradigm tech/info Full Disclosure Or grassroots groups will reach critical mass on their own • Though Western main media NGO ignored disclosure continues by “discredited” low- keyed or fragment witness not just in technology Behind the scene world geopolitical events history current influence structure Monetary mechanics Some elite groups’ anomalous faith-ritual systems Off-earth edifice biology Consciousness Human origin+ CONCLUSION

slide 72: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • At this rate grassroots forum can gain similar acceptance as mainstream approved- sponsored ones to review the gap between Official reality vs Actual physical effect • Public viewed video taped Full Open Debate on all “Non-Standard Science” - Western mainstream vs “Fringe” scientists - “Pseudo scientists” led mainstream reviewed full protocol tests • Downside vs benefit: Which tech to allow or gradually introduce Synergy of existing Nanotech + Genome + Robotics vs new tech ” Electron Charge Cluster - Cold electricity - Frequency as Information - Resonance - Schumann frequency - Scalar wave - Transmutation - Zeropoint field interaction - Implosion - ORME - Gravity - Magnetic template - Torsion Field based Spin Engineering - Biophoton - Thz Quantum Coherence - Consciousness induction”: General Relativity reformulation • Why international tradition of 1000+ energy/propulsion/enviro patent classified - even BRICS Need to review Deciders Criteria Content Aftergood Valone Tyler Vaughan Martens Schulz Lee Marks Howells + ■ e.g in 1970s US: target for Secret Order Act when photovoltaics efficiency 20 engine type 70 also “High Energy Batteries” “Fuel Conservation” “Pollution Reduction Technology” etc is listed Recent witness on medical tech inventor is not allowed to say if served with an order itself Unconditional blanket witness amnesty/protectioneg South African change 72 RECOMMENDATION 1 SMALL STEP PUBLIC CONFIRMATIONS

slide 73: - Ben Rusuisiak Vancouver BC Canada • Collaborate with loss-industries backers: Evoke inspiration from individual power group members one by one: Help them preserve some of their private power and interest while participating in true common prosperity Energy Alt. energy Military Intel Medical Pharma Chemical Environmental Nuclear Waste Carbon Finance • Ban or cap max use of new tech with gradual blend in yrs or implement “energy source affirmative action” etc i.e. limit “free energy” share -e.g. : ■ Mandate mainstream use of existing facilities techs - Limit HHO/Water Emulsion as emission reducer of coal-oil-Natural gas+ - Coal-gas intensive users keep old process: BF Steel Kiln+p46 - Limit Radionics/various resonance use only for medical side effect prevention but terminal patients allowed for full cure exemptionBurzynski model - Surveillance-weapon torsion/scalar tech prioritized for military/intel • ■ Use “free energy” to lower extraction cost of oil coal etc generate hydrogen to feed fuel cell “Free” energy from nuclear waste Sir tax on new tech to subsidize loss group ■ Financial group to use it like carbon credit/derivatives Allow “official” private central banks gold re-hypothecation drug trade banking IBOR/CAFR control Intel link to all ■ Declassify all data except exact details on compartmentalization/where/amount/ formula/false flag on condition all projects to continue by public no prosecution ■ Eventually should all tax/debt be abolished How about current financial system itself ■ Media PR of “old trusted tech science” gov’t priority contract given 73 RECOMMENDATION 2 : “UNTHINKABLE” TRANSITION DISCLOSURE POLICY

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