Things You Can Request From Your Credit Card Issuer

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Things You Can Request From Your Credit Card Issuer BY:

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As a credit cardholder many things can trouble your mind. Perhaps you are stuck with a high-interest card a lower credit limit or you can’t seem to pay off your unsecured credit card debt.

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Some people may not be aware but you can ask your credit card issuer to lighten the burden for you. It is like asking them for a favor. Simply all you have to do is give your credit card company a call.

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Here are some of the things you can request from your credit card issuer.

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Waiving a late payment fee Did you delay in paying your monthly balance Worry not. Your credit card issuer may waive the negative entry but only if you ask them. There is a good chance that cardholders are paying fees for late payment without knowing they can avoid the penalties with a simple phone call.

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Lower your interest rate ● If you opted for an unsecured credit cards for bad credit with no deposit you are probably paying high-interest rate. If that is so you may feel like the payments you are making towards your monthly balances have no effect. ● All the same you can ask your credit card issuer to lower your annual percentage rate APR. But you have to take the initiative. With a lower APR you will save more.

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Raising your credit limit ● A higher credit limit can supercharge your spending power. You can go for that trip or shopping spree you have been visualizing. ● Keep in mind that asking for a higher credit line causes a hard inquiry. Your credit score may drop slightly for a temporary period. ● Also the credit inquiry can make it hard for you to obtain a mortgage. ● It is highly likely credit card issuers will turn you down if your recent balance is huge.

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Waiving your annual fee ● If the banks are offering an attractive sign-up bonus you could open a credit line to sign up for it. ● The deal can include waiving of the annual fee for the first year. You could pay between 25 and 450 in the annual fee. ● Making that short phone call can save you a significant amount of money.

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Switching to a different card ● Maybe you had a job that required you to travel the world but now you just have to work at home. ● So those rewards from your airline credit card are not of benefit to you anymore. ● In that case you can request the bank to switch to a different credit card.

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Being placed on the hardship plan ● If making your monthly payments is turning to be a challenge because you are going through a financial difficulty you could talk to your card issuer and ask them to put you on a hardship plan. ● For instance there are assistance programs for cards holders going through a financial struggle.

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