The Master of Clash of Clans - From Hell to Titan League Secret Guide


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Learn how to be a master at Clash of Clans. Easy ways, tips & tricks. You will be a master in few days. It's free to use & share.


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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Clash of Clans Secrets Warning Before we get into the nuts and bolts of the very best secrets for CoC I want to provide a bit of a warning about some of the other sites out there. You may notice that some sites will offer gems elixir etc. to you if you just fill out a survey or that you need to download something in order for the offer to work. Beware of scammers: Third parties claiming to sell Clash of Clans accounts or Gems Weve now seen and promptly deleted a few threads about selling or buying accounts and certain third parties offering to sell Gems in Clash of Clans. Selling accounts is prohibited in coc’s Terms of Service. But even more importantly the risk of fraud is too great for any of our players to be exposed to these potential scams. A newly bought Game Center account can very easily be reclaimed by the seller and in such situation neither Supercell nor Apple can help the victim - there are no rules or laws to protect a customer on the black market. If you get scammed while breaking the rules youre out of luck and your money. Its safe to assume that people peddling Gems for Clash of Clans are also frauds. The only way to get gems in Clash of Clans is to buy them with in-app purchases or doing certain tasks in-game. If you attempt to buy gems from disreputable sellers they will ask for your Apple Account or Game Center login information. They will then link your account to a stolen credit card or use other illegal means to purchase Gems for your account. These criminals acquire new accounts to abuse through online auctions or they may decide to use your account for this purpose after you give them your login credentials. For the safety of coc players we have strictly prohibited any discussion about these topics on the forums. Any infringing messages or threads will be deleted without prior notice. Play safe and smart coc clash of clans

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Do’s Don’ts List for new Players You should Prepare meticulously before upgrading your Town Hall We all love the feeling when pressing the Upgrade Town Hall button. But that is not a good idea at all if you just care about the Town Hall level. Upgrading your defensive buildings and troops gives you a good preparation before facing stronger enemies at the next Town Hall level and decent experiences about units in game. You don’t want to defend against Town Hall 7 troops with just Town Hall 6 buildings trust me Focus on offense more than defense Of course defense matters but Offense is always the best way to defense. This is absolutely correct in both farming and Clan Wars:  Farming: You can always attack several times before logging off and getting attacked. If you place your Town Hall outside you even will lose nothing except 1000 + 1000 and get the free 12-hour shield. You always can earn more than losing.  Clan Wars: If your Clan have decent attack strategies and can take 3 stars from all of the enemy bases there is no reason for losing any Clan War. Upgrade your Collectors and Mines Especially at low Town Hall levels TH2-TH6 because you don’t have many buildings to work on as higher Town Hall levels. Collectors and Mines always give you a juicy amount of loot when you are not playing after sleeping after working…. Think clearly before attacking Supercell gives us 30 seconds for planning strategies before attacking a base. Look for the best way to enter the attack trap placements this is a long-term experience. You can draw experience from failures and after a decent playing time.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Join a Clan Of course not an inactive Clan. Joining a Clan helps you meet other players learn tips tricks from them and receive high level troops that can help you much in farming. Centralize your Clan Castle I can see that lots of players at low Town Hall levels don’t care much about the defensive Clan troops. They are extremely important and effective for defending. You can see that when you attack a base without checking the Clan Castle right You should centralize your Clan castle to prevent the enemies from luring your troops out with ease. Some lazy players even don’t care about the Clan Castles If they are not lurable. You shouldn’t leave empty spaces in your base When editing your base don’t forget to check it clearly before saving. A small empty space inside your base can always be the dead point which can help the attackers pervade and get your loot easily. Traps and Hidden Teslas can’t fill the empty spaces you need to remember this. Of course you can do that if you are working on a troll base and you know exactly what are you doing. Place your Storages outside and in just one compartment The reason of defense is protecting your loot. There is no sense at all If you place your Storages outside and let the attackers get them without doing anything. You should also put your Storages in different compartments so the enemy troops need to spend time on breaking the Walls your defenses will have time to deal with them then. If you put all of them in just one compartment once the enemy troops enter that box they can get your loot easily. Deploy your troops at a single spot Because the enemy Wizard Towers and Mortars can wipe them out quickly. The Giant Bombs and Spring Traps can also hurt your army badly if you do that. Drag your troops to minimize all risks. Attack a base if you aren’t sure about it Just press the Next button if you face a juicy majestic base and you don’t know how to attack it with the current army composition. Waste your Gems Don’t waste your Gems. Don’t use them for boosting your Collectors Mines or even when doing the Tutorial at starting. Building new builders is always the top priority IMO. If you have 2-3 hours for playing each season you can spend your Gems on boosting your Barracks. That will help you farm much faster.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Clash of Clans Secrets You Need To Know Now let’s get into the real reason why you came to this page to get the very best Clash of Clans secrets right at your finger tips. I hope you enjoy this guide please share it with your friends if it’s useful and comment below with more tips and tricks. Supercell is constantly updating the game— adding new units towers and spells as well as new enemies and challenges to throw at you. If they’re updating then we players as a community should be doing what we can to keep up. So post your tips share this article and we can stay ahead of the curve. 1. Take your Time The first secret that many people even the best Clashers have trouble with is to take their time when upgrading. You want to make sure your defenses are maxed out and your buildings. You absolutely don’t want to upgrade while you are undeveloped and aren’t fully ready. From my experience upgrading too quickly will eventually slow you down in the game and sometimes can leave your village too weak to oncoming attacks. 2. Try to save as many gems as possible: For the first time you start playing the game you will have 500 gems with you. There will be a tutorial in the starting. It helps you to start building the structures. In this you will spend 250 gems for a builder. If you do as the person instructed in the tutorial you will end up losing 50 gems. You can save those 50 gems and add some extra builder to build your structures at a quick rate. For the user convenience I also added the cost of each builder below. Builder 3 500 Gems Builder 4 1000 Gems Builder 5 2000 Gems From the above builders you can get Builder 3 in quick time as the other two takes time to buy. So you can construct some extra structures in less time if you save the gems and buy Builder 3.You can unlock the Builder 4 by purchasing it or winning some trophies. But you need to win a major trophy in order to unlock Builder 5.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : 3. Upgrade your Town Hall Slowly Upgrading the town hall is very important in Clash of Clans game. But upgrading it rapidly may cost you penalty. Do you know what is it named It is “Loot Penalty”. It is one of the important tricks and always keeps in your mind. What is Loot Penalty and when does it happen Loot penalty is nothing but reducing the resources that you can loot or steal from your opponent. This happens when your Town Hall level is more than your opponent. 10 will be reduced in looting if you are 1 level higher than your opponent’s Town Hall. So What I suggest you is when you reach the Level 4 I mean Town Hall level 4 sit back and destroy your maximum enemies you can do in level 4 and then go to level 5 upgrade. 4. Save your elixir from attacks There is a sneaky way to save all of your elixir even if someone plunders your village and leaves you vulnerable. Basically if you queue more troops in your barracks and remember to maintain the queue as full as possible. Now even if you don’t want all of the troops that are in the queue then you can always just cancel the troops and you will get the elixir back in your bank immediately. This is a great option if you’re being attacked and want to protect your resources but make sure you’re quick enough on the draw before you get attacked and they take your elixirs. 5. Seek out inactive players It is a good idea to try to find other players that have been inactive for a while. It can be difficult to find them depending on whether other player’s have looted them already as this is somewhat a commonly known secret. Seek out other players that have gold mines or even elixir collectors that way you will know they have something worth your time when you loot them. Look around and try to find villages with no League Assignment associated with them. That will make them easy to raid and sometimes extremely lucrative in the end. 6. Use Your Shield When you’re in the midst of being attacked if your town is 40 destroyed you will automatically get a 12 hour long shield for you to recoup. You also get a shorter 4 hour shield if your base winds up being attacked so much you get down to 90 destroyed. This is a great opportunity for you to make sure you build up resources. Make sure you take this time to not attack but to build up your army and defense towers so you can be ready after the shield goes down. If it looks inevitable that you’re going down you could always spend resources like mad and that way stick it to the attacker. 7. Get Your Revenge A lot of players won’t always take revenge and make use of this awesome Clash of Clans secret that allows you to inspect someone’s village. The reason this is such a great secret is that you can use someone’s attack against them. Revenge is after all sweet.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Basically you can view and analyze your attacker’s village whenever you want. You just wait for the person to load up on a bunch of resources and then you can attack them with everything. This gives you the option to surprise attack them when they are most vulnerable i.e. have the most open resources for looting. 8. Drop Your Trophies This may be counter intuitive but it may be beneficial at times to drop your trophies so that you can be matched against easier opponents. This is especially true if you find yourself loosing a significant percentage of games to your opponents. It’s all about trading out a small short-term bonus for bigger gains in the long haul. The basic concept is to start a match with someone and make sure you drop your hero in so that you can drop trophies but not sacrifice your troops and elixir. Once you do that and before your hero gets hurt make sure you quickly quit the match so that you loose. Afterward you will loose some of your trophies and now you can play against some easier foes. 9. Defend With Tons of Walls A good defense strategy is to make sure you create multiple sets of walls and make sure you upgrade them as fast as possible. If you have wooden walls it’s important to keep on upgrading them especially if you have higher level foes attack your walls. The more sets of walls there are the more likely it is to stop your enemy when they are attacking. 10. Dark Elixir The dark elixir is a resource that you can get when you drill for dark elixir. You can also get dark elixir from raiding but you first need to unlock it at the town hall level 7 and again at town hall level 8. After you get a bunch of dark elixirs you can use them to upgrade your hero class troops or your dark elixir troops. The key is that you will likely max out on your gold and elixirs but not dark elixirs so you should focus on them. Now you will have hero that can cause a ton of damage and help you when raiding. In fact heroes are immortal but when they get injured enough they will have to regenerate. You can get the Barbarian King Hero or the Archer Queen hero. 11. Try to Use Very Cheap Units You all know that you can use Barbarians Giants Archers Wizards and dragons in the battle. If you consider the cost of them Giants cost more than Barbarians to us. Dragons are powerful than giants but also cost a lot. Time factor is also important here. This is the biggest mistake every starter do while playing Clash of Clans or COC game. Let me tell you one example when you reach higher levels you need to buy Wizards to defend the enemies. Instead of that you can build 4 archers. Of course Wizards are stronger than Archers but you should also consider the time factor and cost. You can build 4 archers in the time of building one wizard. You need to save as many resources as possible. What I am telling here is Use Cheap units in the early stages. 12. Put your Clan’s Castle at the Center of the base Clan’s castle plays a vital role in defending the enemies. Placing the castle at the right place can affect your game. Which place is better Yes center of the base is the best place to put the clan’s castle. This is the place where your clans stay. When the enemies reach in a range around the castle the clans come out and fight the enemies.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : It has long range of defending. So keep it at center of the base and change the situation of the game. Try to keep Archers in your Town halls because Archer shoots the Barbarians and the giants from behind the walls. This does not cost any damage to the archers but killing your enemies. In higher levels you can also use dragons and wizards. This is extremely helpful for the player playing level 7 or above. 13. Send Your Attackers a Surprise If you ask players for Clash of Clans tips and tricks most of them would most probably recommend you to surprise your attackers. The unpredictability of your action will most probably give you the ability to destroy their armies quickly. You can make use of traps and hidden bombs to do this. 14. Use the Cannon This is one of the most important Clash of Clans tips and tricks for building better defenses. The cannon is known for being affordable and for not requiring too much time for an upgrade as against spells. With sufficient amount in your fort it will increase your defense. 15. Protect your Mortar Mortar also plays an important role in defending your village. But many players don’t know how to use the motor correctly. If you use it properly it helps you a lot. Placing the mortar in the right place is the thing you have to do. If you do it so it defends as much village as possible. Use as many different turrets you know. This is the key to get success. 16. Obtain Experience Easily Another popular suggestion for Clash of Clans tips and tricks is to keep brushes and trees off your village or simply donate troops to the members of your clan. This is going to be an effortless way for you to gain experience which also prevents wasting resources. 17. Choose Your Target It is also important to be cautious in choosing which one to attack. Make sure that they are in an appropriate level wherein you will be able to earn more resources than what you will be wasting with the attack. Rather than executing a full-blown assault you might want to use some goblins instead to earn a profit. 18. Use the Matchmaking Function Clash of Clans has a matchmaking figure which will be useful for beginners. Another recommendation for Clash of Clans tips and tricks is to use this function to figure out the best opponent to target. It is better to attack unstarred villages first. 19. Learn How To Use Goblins Goblins are known in Clash of Clans for their speed. Therefore they are ideally used in the discovery of hidden traps among others. Because they move swiftly they will be at a distance from the bomb as it explodes. 20. Save Your Spells As you likely know spells can be very expensive and they also are slow to produce. That means its better to make sure you save your spells for the future and not be so hasty in using them. As you continue to play Clash of Clans you will continue to fight against harder and harder enemies and it will be more necessary for you to use spells to defeat them.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Therefore it’s important to make sure you save your spells for when they’re absolutely necessary. It’s often a good idea to determine whether using a spell will actually give you the same amount of resources back or potentially more. For instance if a spell costs 20k resources you will want to get a good idea of if you’ll get 20k resources from your enemy or else it likely isn’t worth using. People often times are too quick to draw out their spell but if you’re smart you will save them for the real big battles. 21. Joining a Clan Once you start understanding the game pretty well you can start rebuilding your Clan Castle and search for a Clan. After you join a Clan you will be able to fight with other Clans in the Clan Wars. If you win you and your Clan mates will get a good amount of resources. Of course in order to succeed you will need to communicate regularly with your clan mates. At the same time you will be able to contribute with troops in your clan mates to fill up the Clan Castle of a member from your Clan. Once that clan member is attacked all the troops inside the Clan Castle will get out and fight to protect the village. 22. Play A TON The last thing I’ll leave you with isn’t necessarily a secret but is definitely the best way to get ahead at this game. That is to play absolutely as much as possible. You will notice that the very best Clashers around the world play the game non stop. I’m not recommending playing it that much but the logic in it makes sense that the more you practice the better you will become at Clash of Clans. Play when you have a quick 10 minute break or for hours during the evening but ultimately the more you play the better you will become. That wraps up this guide on the very best Clash of Clans secrets and hopefully will help you defeat all your attackers and foes. This is always a work in progress. Also just because we may attack each other’s villages within the game this doesn’t mean that we can’t be friendly outside of the game. That’s one thing I really love about Clash of Clans the great sense of community that builds up as people share the tips that have been working for them—even if that means that those tips will eventually be used against them. 23. Ask for Clans Help Talk with your clans and prepare a perfect plan to kill the enemies and loot the resources. Raising army is very important in doing this. Even though raising the army is important you cannot send the whole army into the clan castle without training. Train your army and send them to castle. If you do it so you can win at higher levels.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : THE BEST CLASH OF CLANS BASE LAYOUT Lots of us Clashers fight to get a place at the highest part of the leaderboards as well as the potential for immortalizing our name declaring ourselves a real winner/winner. Yet not one of this can ever come to be unless we possess a workable defense effective at resisting continuous bombardment from attackers all using the exact same aim of being the greatest. Ourselves all not only require a robust strike strategy but additionally require a solid and long-lasting defense. For those who have defensive strategies that can help individuals ourselves advise that you post them here instead of the You page. It is a page where it is possible to see great layouts which that might be capable resist against hostile strikes. Don’t forget the brand new Wall Breaker isn’t going to be impacted by spikes spiking unless there exists a construction right behind the wall it is the sole exception where the Wall Breaker will choose the spike as an alternative to the key wall. Additionally Wall Breakers possess a bigger blast radius to allow them to penetrate through two layers of walls. Defense from the Upgraded Wall Breaker In the upgrade the Wall Breakers now target walls that enclose Buildings this means they blow off and go around freestanding walls. Upgraded Wall Breakers do not simply visit the closest wall instead they go to the closest compartment. Make use of this to your benefit by directing them into openings where your carefully set Snares will immediately kill them. This approach can additionally help protect against other Troops like mobs of Giants. Moreover the more time the Wall Breakers and other Troops spend going rather than assaulting the more chances your defenses must kill them.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : THINGS TO PLACE INSIDE YOUR WALLS AND WHY Splash Damage Shields. Why Since this manner if you are being raided the attacker’s troops will always be beaten by your Mortars and Wizard Towers. Splash damage shields have an edge over than other defenses like Cannons because those can just target one troop at a time where as Mortars and Wizard Towers can deal damage to multiple troops in a specific place. Air Defenses. Why In case your Air Defense is unguarded it enables attackers to readily ruin it using a only several Giants and then your primary airborne defenses are gone. This enables the attacker to put down hordes of Balloons Dragons Minions and Healers without stressing too much about attackers being destroyed as the Air Defense is actually the sole defense that functions exceptionally well against air units. Golden Elixir and Dark Elixir Storages. Why This really is reasonably arguable. If you’re truly prize shoving then don’t hesitate to place your storages outside in the open to obtain some fast prizes from a farmer who needs your loot. In addition it may develop you a few prizes should you not actually want that particular resource as much. ex: Elixir But because these storages hold all or nearly all of your resources you will most likely need to maintain them nicely shielded. Without your resources you can not train troops update buildings or do just about anything else in the match. Town Hall. Why This one is arguable whether to keep it protected. Essentially constantly keep your Town Hall as part of your walls and shielded unless you’re a farmer. Other Shields. Why Should you not keep at least a handful of your other defenses inside your walls you’re going to be conquered comparatively readily. It’s clear that one may not have as many walls as are required to achieve this but it’s a good idea to keep your greatest degree shields within walls whenever you can. Dark Elixir Practices. Why Since they keep your Dark Elixir when you’re not online also it will be miserable if it were to be lost 75 of Dark Elixir may be stolen from it Family Fortress. Why troops in your family fortress will have the ability to protect distinct places gives archers and magicians walls to hide behind and makes it more difficult for competitors to entice your troops outside to the open.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : WHAT NOT TO SET INSIDE YOUR WALLS AND WHY Military Camps Barracks Charm Factory and Lab. Why Because these buildings don’t have any actual intention when you are being raided other than the usual percent to obtain Decorations/3 stars to keep them within your precious wall space. Gold Mines Elixir Collectors and possibly Dark Elixir Practices. Why In the event you usually play daily there should not be all that many resources in your collectors. So there is not actually a must maintain your collectors inside your walls even should you not play quite frequently. If you’re a hardcore farmer you might need to think about keeping these within your walls but it’s strongly advised to make use of your walls for more significant buildings like Cannons or alternative defenses. Probably the sole time you should think about keeping collectors inside your walls is in the event you’re using a boost to them. Place your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors in a little distance from your wall and have either a Mortar or Archer Tower in the wall. Place a little Blast in a little distance from where you place your Gold Minea and Elixir Collectors. This can distract any opponent that normally deploys an Archer to be able to entice your Clan Castle troops towards assaulting troops as a way to kill them. The key will be to have as small places as you possibly can in your foundation where the adversary can entice your Clan Castle troops far enough from your defenses. Experienced attackers will deploy their troops slowly in particular elements of your foundation. Contractor’s Huts. Why Contractor’s Huts are essentially only a hut your Contractor sleeps in when he is not working on something. It’s no defensive capacity whatsoever so there is not a reason to put it inside your walls. One exception could be to put one briefly inside your walls to take space of at least 3×3 that you are saving for another building. Another exception would be to protect these buildings making a 1 star 50 win more problematic for the competitors. Decorations. Why Because your opponents simply waste space you may have used for something significant and may really produce a back door for enemies to put troops behind your defenses in the event the region they’re in is at least 3×3.

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Where do you place stronger walls Excepting using Gems we can’t upgrade all Walls in game at a time. Before maxing out there are always stronger and weaker walls at a time. So how do you use the stronger ones Placing them outside or inside Which is more important IMO Inner walls are much more important than outer ones. Because of the Wall Breakers the outer walls can’t do much at the beginning of the attack. Beside Wall Breakers there are also plenty of other troops trying to break the walls. Those outer walls will be taken down within seconds. After taking a lot of damage a large number of troops get taken down the remaining troops always find it’s hard to break the inner walls without Wall Breakers. The more time they spend on breaking inner walls the more damage they will take. You can take a look at the table below to see the big difference between 2 consecutive wall levels: Level HP Town Hall 1 300 2 2 500 2 3 700 3 4 900 4 5 1400 5 6 2000 6 7 2500 7 8 3000 8 9 4000 9 10 5500 9 11 7000 10

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Get Stockpile Gems Complementary Gift Card – Brought to you by : Also the table below shows you how many Wall Breakers can be used to take down walls: For example if I am at Town Hall 7 with 30 level 7 walls and 70 level 6 walls I’d like to place all those level 6 walls outside because level 7 walls also can be destroyed by 2 Wall Breakers just like level 6 walls. OTHER WALL INFORMATION Obstructions trees bushes rocks etc. cannot be used as walls or obstacles Troops may be set right on top of these in front of these or behind them Exactly the same goes for Decorations flags torches etc. and Snares Bombs Spring Snares etc. and even Hidden Teslas. Not one of these together with the exclusion of Hidden Teslas which are concealed buildings really have hit points like your buildings do either. Neither do they count as building space when you are under attack even the Hidden Teslas until they have been disclosed. As an example for those who are in possession of a big region of at least 3×3 with only decorations or snares within that region enemy troops may be put right to the location where those Decorations Hazards or Obstructions are during an assault in your village.

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