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Our positive reinforcement approach empowers students to take small steps leading to big changes and overall wellness.


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New Focus Academy believes all teens deserve the chance to lead productive, independent lives. Our  therapeutic residential program  and autism school gives adolescent boys (ages 12-18) struggling with  developmental delays  a chance to gain the necessary skills to live independently. 

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EACH STUDENT HAS A PLAN & A PURPOSE At New Focus Academy, we know each student comes to us with a unique mind, background, skill set, and personal experience. Our team works with your family and child to find the specific evidence-based approaches that will help to build confidence, social growth, and motivation to become productive and self-sufficient.

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AUTONOMY DEVELOPMENT MODEL Autonomy—the ability to make an informed decision. Many of our students’ parents worry about their child’s ability to make healthy decisions and lead independent lives. Helping students reach their highest level of autonomy motivated John Webb and Dr. Brandon Park to develop the Autonomy Development Model. 

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Treatment Team Approach The Treatment Team Approach side represents how the Autonomy Development Model changes and morphs as the student gains more autonomy. Our team’s role in the student’s autonomy lessens as the autonomy of the student grows and develops.

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Stages of Autonomy This side represents the student’s autonomy as he progresses through his treatment at New Focus. When he first arrives, he has very little autonomy but as he progresses through these stages, his autonomy increases and he’s able to make more independent informed decisions.

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WHAT MAKES NEW FOCUS UNIQUE? Our evidence-based program paired with our passionate staff create an environment built to inspire growth and independence in teens.

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LEARNING & POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT No child wants to feel like a failure. Programs based on compliance for the sake of following rules often don’t create a permanent shift in mindset. Our students learn the principles behind rules so they aren’t just blindly following a program’s expectations.

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USING A STUDENT’S UNIQUE STRENGTHS Too often a child’s diagnoses & limitations are the defining factor of identity. We base our treatment on the groundbreaking concepts of Positive Psychology. We highlight each student’s strengths and use them to create a plan based on building confidence and motivation for personal growth.

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