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Living Longer: Blessing or a Curse From fresh organic breakfasts to fat-free lunches the millennials are moving towards a healthier lifestyle. In addition to the precautionary measures taken by the general population advancement in science and technology in the field of healthcare has led to an increase in the life expectancy.As per WHO “Today for the first time in history most people can expect to live into their 60s and beyond”. However good physical health cannot be considered the only determinant for making long life a blessing. In our golden years incomes are uncertain but expenses are certain. We are more susceptible to ailments like Arthritis Heart diseases or Osteoporosis and hence being able to pay for the same ensures that the golden years are indeed golden. With Governments scraping off or decreasing the pension funds retirement planning is no longer optional but necessary. Retirement Planning Helps You to Be Prepared While we are advancing in health care artificial intelligence is no far in the race. With a single machine replacing a chunk of manual labor the possibility of us turning to the chapter of retirement a little earlier than expected is high. Interestingly most people do not invest sufficiently for retirement with a hope that governments or children will pay for the same. However planning should be done keeping the worst-case scenario in mind while hoping for the best. While imagining retirement most of us dream of sitting in a comfortable lawn chair with a beautiful view whilst sipping tea with our loved ones. And to aid this dream we save a portion of our income in a savings account and hope to live off of it in the years to come. However with the ever-increasing standards of living and inflation rates these savings might not last as long as one had hoped. Growing old in a lonely setting accompanied by poor health is not attractive. Tips and Tricks for Retirement Planning: Start saving early: Planning for retirement is mostly about a good start. The best-case scenario is early planning and saving because the earlier you invest the better you will be down the line. So start now. Not tomorrow or on your next birthday but now. The retirement phase may seem distant but saving for it now saves you from the bumpy ride. Every penny counts: Take out a proportion of your monthly profit or salary separately to be saved for your retirement. This amount can end up in significant numbers once you reach your golden years. Health is wealth: Health is wealth and one should never take it for granted. Maintain good health and take care of your physical and mental fitness. Improved health will save you some hefty medical bills in future and allow you to enjoy your retirement years

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Expert help matters: While you are still earning consult a financial advisor for an easy financial audit to ensure that you are ready for the expenses for crucial and mandatory events ahead in life. This may include planning about heavy expenses for marriage or the child education. So living longer is a blessing provided you have planned your life accordingly. Invest in retirement planning while you are young and enjoy old age with a peace of mind

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