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IOT Syllabus  What is IOT  Importance of IOT Understand the basics of the Linux OS used on the Pi  Login and browsing file system  Running basic Linux command and getting help about commands  Documentation and manual pages  File editing using cat vi gedit etc  Linux File System  User management  Process management  Package Management  Software installation by aptitude  Linux Networking Raspberry Pi  Setup and operate the Raspberry Pi  Types of Raspberry Pi  Raspberry PI models comparison  Understand what is BCM and BOARD  Raspberry Pi Overview and GPIO programming Using Python  Using Raspberry pi ONOFF led light  Building smart Led using.  Raspberry Pi 3 as UDP and TCP Server  MySQL Database installation and configuration

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 Shell Scripting C language Perl and Python Programming examples.  Program the Pi to get the temperature from a sensor connected to the GPIO pins  Program the Pi to detect room light from a photocell sensor connected to the GPIO pins  Program the Pi to detect water using moisture sensor connected to the GPIO pins Arduino Board  Setup and operate Arduino Board  Deep dive on Arduino Board  Learning Arduino Programming  Writing program and deploying in Arduino Board  Building smart Led using Arduino board  Using various sensors with Arduino board  Arduino Board temperature from a sensor  Arduino Board detect room light Live Projects  Server-client project using sensor5-days sessions  Collect data from sensor and store in csv file and perfume visualization process.using python or R 203 Ratnamani Bldg Near Platform No. 1 Opp. Rajdarshan Society Thane-West Web: Phone : 9870803004/ 5

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