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Introduction to Socially : 

Introduction to Socially

What is Socially? : 

What is Socially? Socially is: Neighborhood Social Networking

Why use Socially? : 

Why use Socially? Socially replaces your neighborhood or community list serves, phone trees, and websites in one easy-to-use package It is instantaneous communication It better defines your community or neighborhood online

What is different about Socially? : 

What is different about Socially? Socially is designed for neighborhoods and communities All users and places are tagged with a location that limits interaction by distances So each area has it’s own local instance of Socially This reduces the "social network noise" and creates an automatic, ever-changing, and valuable network for both new & existing users

What are some features of Socially? : 

What are some features of Socially? To be concise, Socially limits buzz to 140 characters Users do not follow each other but create, join, follow and post buzz in communities The buzz of the communities you have joined feed your personalized stream, putting all of the local buzz you want in one place

Features (continued) : 

Features (continued) Local businesses can join Socially and garner reviews from YOUR neighbors, not someone else’s Socially #wordbuzz allows you to reach out beyond your personalized stream of communities and neighborhoods to find #lost_pets or #lost_keys, #buy & #sell items or hunt #jobs and so on. Sort of like Craigslist.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion Please view the other short, desktop videos to quickly learn how to join and use Socially Socially can found at

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