Need Of Precision Agriculture

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You used to have to spend more on labor, land and other agricultural inputs to grow higher and better yields, and to put your trust in unpredictable climates. Precision irrigation changes all that.


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The global leader in smart irrigation solutions and sustainable productivity DRIP IRRIGATION Netafim Irrigation India Pvt Ltd


We offer a wide range of products and services such as micro-irrigation, greenhouse, irrigation systems and digital farming solutions to farmers across the entire length and width of India. Netafim India the global leader in smart irrigation solutions and sustainable productivity


Precision A griculture Precision farming or precision agriculture is commonly defined as an information and technology management system for farms to identify, analyze and manage spatial and temporal variability in areas for optimal productivity and profitability, sustainability and protection of land resources by minimizing production costs. Raising the environmental awareness of the general public requires changing farming management practices for sustainable conservation of natural resources such as water, air, and soil quality while remaining economically viable.


Need Of Precision Agriculture Reduced total productivity Decreased and worsened natural resources. Farm household income stagnation. lack of access to eco-regions Declining and fragmented land holdings limited employment opportunities in non-farm sectors global climate change


Tools And Equipment Global positioning system (GPS) Sensor technologies Geographic information system Grid soil sampling and variable-rate fertilizer application Samples are tested in a modern soil testing laboratory


Find the exact position of field information such as soil type, pests, weed invasion, water holes, boundaries and obstacles. Global Positioning S ystem (GPS)


Sensor Technologies This is used to measure humidity, vegetation, temperature, structure, physical nature, humidity, nutrient level, vapor, air, etc.


Geographic Information S ystem (GIS) GIS is a type of computerized map. provide information on the topography of the terrain, soil types, surface drainage, underground drainage, soil tests, irrigation, chemical application rate, and yield


Grid Soil S ampling A nd V ariable-Rate F ertilizer A pplication This involves splitting the field into several small and equal parts. For this purpose, the tractor is equipped with an antenna for receiving signals from the satellite. Soil samples are taken mechanically from each subdivision.


Samples Are Tested In A Modern Soil Testing Laboratory Samples are tested and recorded in the latest soil testing laboratories, including physical and chemical properties of the soil. This helps to balance the fertility of the field. The fertilizer is then automatically applied in various proportions only where necessary, as indicated by the color grams. This results in soil fertility and uniformity of maximum economic yield that could not otherwise be achieved.


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