Tips to Stay Connected During the Hurricane Attacks


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With the recent Hurricanes It is important to follow certain steps that will help you stay connected even in this critical situation.


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1 | Harry Bhatia Tips to Stay Connected During the Hurricane Attacks By Harry Bhatia

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2 | Harry Bhatia With the recent Hurricane Irma striking the Florida and Harvey striking Texas there was and still is a crisis as friends family and co-workers panicked as they were not and still are not able to connect to each other along with little to no communication to first responders for assistance. There was an is no power and offices weren’t and still aren’t able to function to their fullest capabilities. Read More Here - the-hurricane-attacks/

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3 | Harry Bhatia In today’s internet dependent world the effects of such powerful hurricanes are really devastating as cell phone apps wouldn’t work that could otherwise update users on the weather conditions. You cannot rely solely on your phones for news. Some reports also stated that storms from of Irma would drift towards northeast Ohio from Wednesday night into Thursday. It is important to follow certain steps that will help you stay connected even in this critical situation.

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4 | Harry Bhatia Net Activity’s security officials have enlisted the below tips that would ensure your safety and enable you stay connected during hurricanes. ENSURE THAT YOUR MOBILE PHONES ARE CHARGED ENOUGH AT ALL TIMES At this time you would require you cell phone the most. Hurricanes will strike at any hour and your power might get disconnected. So it’s very important to have your cell phone fully charged at all times. It would be great if you can arrange additional power banks for backup if the power doesn’t regain for a couple of more days. LIMIT TELEPHONE USAGE DURING THE DISASTER TIME Although you want to use your phone to get safety updates from your loved ones during hurricanes prefer text messages over calls to save battery. Avoid using social media except for weather updates. Every citizen in the affected area should try and minimize network usage as it leads to congestion. RESET YOUR PHONE’S EMERGENCY CONTACTS Reset your phone’s contacts to include the police department fire department hospital and a primary contact. This step will help people get instant help if they need immediate assistance due the storm. PRACTICE DISASTER MANAGEMENT PLANS Businesses should mark it in their calendars. Annual or bi-annual disaster management sessions with enacting mock situations are sure to be of great help during actual disasters.

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5 | Harry Bhatia Stay Connected

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