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Everest Base Camp Trekking Season Everest Base Camp is one of the most popular destination for trekking in Nepal. The trek starts typically in Lukla runs through the Khumbu region of Nepal and ends up at the Everest Base Camp. The Everest region offers you an excellent opportunity to experience the majestic views of Mt Everest ice falls glaciers and stunning landscapes. The region is full of confronting trails massive mountains erratic risks breathtaking scenery and enthralling experience but it will be all folk tale if you visit there in wrong season. So it is important to understand the weather of the region before planning your trek to ensure that you get the most out of your time spent in the area. The upper section of the region is infamous for its adverse weather condition however there are some months throughout the year where the weather stabilizes: Pre-monsoon February March April May and Post-monsoon September October November and December. Furthermore you also need to take into account a few considerations when deciding on the best time to trek like busyness of the routes and the availability of guided tours. February — May February marks the beginning of spring season and end of winter season. Though the days are longer and warm it will be still cold in the morning and at night. As a whole the spring months are most popular in the region since weather is largely stable and dry. However the ideal weather comes at a price as during this time the routes will be at their busiest since most Everest summits occur during these months. September — October Clear days and blue sky are the characteristics of this trekking season making it the best time for experiencing the crystal-clear views of the mountains. September and October are the months of major festivals like Dashain and Tihar in Nepal so you can also experience the culture and tradition along with the green hills and blue sky. Although the weather will start getting a little colder it is a small price to pay for the perfect views of the region peaks. Another advantage of trekking during this time is the

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option to choose other less well-known routes that still offers stunning views but without the busyness of more popular routes. November — December Lower package cost and flights cost are the benefits of trekking during this time. The days are shorter and temperature drops below zero at night in the Everest region also many of the routes are closed because of heavy snow but trekking is still possible on the routes that are open. The weather will be fairly stable and dry so if the cold doesn’t bother you and you want to avoid the crowds then trekking at this time of year might be just right for you. For more information about this subject and on travel in Nepal please visit Nepal Trekking Routes https://www.nepaltrekkingroutes.com . There you will be able to browse different trekking packages and plan your Nepal trip. Find photos videos and tips on travel in Nepal trekking rafting flights outdoor activities read other articles on the subject.

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