Expedition to Everest Base Camp

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Expedition to Everest Base Camp There is no better vacation than Nepal in summer and it is a heaven for the mountaineers as it is a combination of adventure adrenaline rush experiences that set against breathtaking mountain scenery. Every mountaineer wants to climb Mount Everest one day. It is the dream destination of every trekker around the world to climb the Everest summit. But this is not easy to reach to the top unless there is rigorous practice goes in along with proper training mechanisms instruments and most importantly courage. Everest Base Camp trekking is the starting point for any mountaineers because this is the place where they will be getting used to high altitude conditions managing their body health so that this training reduces the chances of altitude sickness.

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TheMakalu adventure camp comes with very basic row of tent and toilet facilities with minimal amenities. Everest Base Camp trek is situated around 17500 feet high and it itself is a challenge and it Is not possible by everybody to go through it. This article has been written with the intention that all the first time climbers should become familiar withthe foundation Everest Base Camp Trekking Training: • Location: the location of Everest base Camp is very interesting as is surrounded by Sagarmatha National Park Sagarmatha is the other name of Mount Everest in Nepalese in the Khumbu Valley in Nepal. Once you reach Kathmandu with help of Makalu Adventure take a flight to Lukla Airport you will get the feeling the starting of adventure once you entered Khumbu region because there is no proper road by car. You would be literally on your feet. • Duration: Staying in the Base Camp of Everest will be 10 days to 18 days depending on what kind of climbers you are. If you are a pro then 10 days of training mentoring and acclimatization will be enough for you but if you are first timer then your stay in base camp will be longer your training will be different and it will be decided by Makalu adventure. • Sherpas the Saviors: People of the Khumbu region are usually called Sherpas who are miraculously adapted to living in high altitude conditions for generations. They are simply god gifted for Everest Base Camp Trekking and you can’t do a thing without them.Sherpas are your key resourcefor climbing the mountain. The advice and help they will offer you will be the best and always listen to them because they are better than Google as they have stayed there lived there gathered experience through generations . You can hire Sherpas along with porters and guides through Makalu Adventure to help you in climbing and carrying your load. • Climatic Condition: You have to be mentally prepared about the climatic condition in Everest Base Camp Trekking which is extreme and can change in mere minutes. You have to wear proper clothes for extreme weather and have to keep other essential equipment’s intact for your safety. • Alarming dangers: Most common dangers of the Khumbu area is thehigh altitude sickness that is caused by low oxygen levels in blood and should be

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taken very seriously. Be very careful if you are riding a Yak please avoid the cliff edge. Keep handy your first aid box high quality climbing gear etc. • Favorable Timing: March to Mid-May is the most favorite and favorable timing for the mountaineers to climb to Everest Base Camp Trekking. Also early fall September through mid-November can be chosen for climbing. • How to Climb: While climbing up though Everest Base Camp Trekkingtry drinking purified water at least 3 litres daily and walk slowly to allow your body for proper acclimatization. Keep a good supply of iodine tablets that are very effective for water sanitizing. • Preliminary Preparation: Don’t rush to reach to the top at once prepare yourself well in advance before you do the actual trekking adventure. You have to be in a great health with fit body and mind and absolute abstinence from alcohol. Makalu Adventure will always help you in your expedition toEverest Base Camp Trekking.

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