What to expect during Everest Base Camp Trek


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With more than 30k+ trekkers, Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trekking region in Nepal. If you are dreaming for Everest Base Camp trek,


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What to expect during Everest Base Camp Trek With more than 30k+ trekkers Everest Base Camp Trek is the most popular trekking region in Nepal. If you are dreaming for Everest Base Camp trek then get ready for the feast of incredible hospitality magnificent mountain scenery lush valleys food culture myriad wild-lives and remarkable culture climate diversity. Here are the lists of things that you can expect during Everest Base Camp Trek: It is going to be tough and physical Everest Base Camp is going to be really tough and physical. You will be walking for 8 – 9 days on a tough terrain with countless ups and downs. The walking hours per day will be anywhere between 5 – 9 hours it depends on the destination you are travelling to. Though the trails are arduous with little physical and mental preparation you can easily conquer the base camp. We have seen many overweight underweight and elderly people completing the trek and the best thing is they all loved the trek. Engaging on cardiovascular exercise and going for long hikes on nearby hills would be a great preparation for the trek. Don’t expect luxury With no transportation access the only way to reach the Everest Base Camp is via foot unless you can afford helicopter. All the stuffs are transported on the back of Yaks or porter. So the region finds very hard to offer the luxurious touristic stuffs to their visitors.

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Therefore the food and accommodation along the EBC trek are usually basic but trust us you will be well pandered. Teahouse menus all offer up a similar variety of food menus – momo dumplings noodle soup and dal bhat tarkari the authentic Nepali food. While the menus are repetitive these foods are full of healthy calories which fuels you up to push more. The rooms will be usually on twin-sharing basis with comfortable bedding and warm blanket. For quality sleeping packing a sleeping bag would be great idea. Bathrooms are common for rooms and toilets are a squat type. Altitude Sickness The most common sickness that the trekkers face during Everest Base Camp Trek is altitude sickness. From the altitude above 2500m you may be the victim of altitude sickness and the first few symptoms are headache nausea loss of appetite and trouble in sleeping. To avoid altitude sickness the best advice is to walk slowly. Also stay one extra night for proper acclimatization after every gain in altitude of 1500m – 2000m. Also carry anti altitude sickness medicines like Diamox. The medicines like Paracetamol and ibuprofen can also help alleviate symptoms. The Khumbu Cough Khumbu region is located in extreme location of the planet. The unhealthy combination of physical tiredness cold temperature and low atmospheric pressure results to breathe cold air rapidly which in the end victimizes you with severe cough. Drinking plenty of warm fluids is the healthy hack to the cough. Wearing warm cloths like buff bandana down jacket also helps. Traffic Jams In the peak season don’t get surprise seeing the flocks of travelers joining you along the trail. Be cautious on a narrow path and allow faster hikers to go ahead. Also remember to allow way to the animal like cows donkey and yaks. Place yourself on the safe-side of hill while allowing the way to pass animals. Four Season in one day Mountains weather are unpredictable it can change in no time. You day may start with clear blue skies but can quickly change to rain fog or snow. Pack for four seasons and drees in a layer so it would be easy to add/remove clothing as the weather dictates. Memories of a lifetime Everest Base Camp is the journey of lifetime. After braving the harsh climate and geography you will be blessed with incredible sceneries of mountains valleys rivers lakes and forest. The intriguing Sherpa culture has its own charm. We assure you that you will recall the experience for lifetime.

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