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Our Tour packages as Sunrise Tour, Pilgrimage Tour, Excursion Tour, Bird watching Tour and Wildlife Tour, Nepal Special Package Tour, Village Tour and Other tour programmes are designed differently and uniquely. Seniors can enjoy our Kathmandu Watch Tour with maximum care and love, Students can enjoy our Special Circle Tour and those who are seeking for long Tour around these Himalayan countries can enjoy Cross Country Tour ( Nepal , India and Tibet ) in one holiday time.


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Kathmandu Valley Tour The c it y ’ s rich history is nearly 2000 years old as inferred from an inscription in the valley. Its religious affiliations are dominantly Hindu followed by Buddhism. People of other religious beliefs also live in Kathmandu giving it a cosmopolitan culture. Nepali is the common language of the city though many speak the Nepal Bhasa as it is the center of the Newar meaning: citizens of Nepal people and culture. English is understood by the educatedpopulationofthecity.Besidesasignificantnumberofthepopulationspeaksanyof the foreign languages like: French German Chinese Hebrew Korean etc. The literacy rate is98inthecity. From the point of view of tourism economy and cultural heritage the sister cities of Lalitpur Patan and Bhaktapur are integral to Kathmandu. The cultural heritage recognition under the World Heritage list of the UNESCO has recognized all the monuments in the three cities as one unit under the titleKathmanduValley.

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Dhulikhel Tour Dhulikhel has for many centuries been an important trading centre on the ancient commercial route linking Nepal to Tibet. Since time immemorial people of Nepal travel to Tibet to bring home salt and gold. Likewise the Tibetans every year with their flocks of sheep enter into Nepal during Dashain the greatest Hindu festival. They purchased chilies and other daily necessities in Nepal and return to their homeland. In those days a whole day walk from Kathmandu to Dhulikhel was comfortable for Tibet trippers with easily available of food and wateratDhulikhelattheevening forovernightstay. Dhulikhel is popular view point from where you can see the great landscapes of the Midhill and the Himalayan Range. TheDrivingoffer you the grandeur experience in the rim of the valley. We start in the morning at around 09 AM to the Dhulikhel. The driving will pass the Historical old city of Bhaktapur Banepa and arrive Dhulikhel. Enjoy theviewlunchintherestaurantsand Drive back to Kathmandu in the evening.

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Daman Tour Daman Touraman is very popular tourist site to view amazing Himalayan range and landscapes. The drive to Daman is exciting with the snake shaped highway. Daman is Situated at a height of 2100 m./7500 ft. above sea level and a distance of 80 km/50 miles from Kathmandu. One Can be view Mt. Everest the top of the World Annapurna Range Manaslu Range Ganesh Himal Range Langtang Range Dorje Lakpa Gauri - Shanker Cho Oyu etc. There is a view tower from where one can have a panoramic view of 300 miles of theHimalayan ranges.

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Nepal Honeymoon Tour Honeymoon in the modern sense i.e. a pure holiday voyage undertaken by the married couple became widespread during the as one of the first instances of modern mass tourism. This came about in spite of initial disapproval by contemporary medical opinion which worried about womens frail health and by guidebooks which deplored the public attention drawntowhat was assumed tobethewifes sexual initiation. Thisrouteincludesfamous destination of Nepal. You will be given the chance to explore around the colorful cultures and ancient history the most romantic breathtaking sceneries unforgettable moments with Nepal wildlife and floral forests razing rivers and the breathtaking view of the majestic Himalayas.

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Godavari Bird Watching Tour The most popular bird watching on the Valley rim situated 20 km South East of Kathmandu with some265 species recorded to date. Thebirds seen here included babblers warblers tits thrushes minivets woodpeckers eagles and many migrant birds. Godavari at the foot of Phulchoki hill where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated records over 100 species of birdsincludingthelesser racket-tailed drongoTibetan siskinandthespottedforktail. Babblers warblers tits thrushes minivets woodpeckers eagles and many migrant birds. Godavari at the foot of Phulchoki hill where the Royal Botanical Garden is situated records over 100 species of birds including the lesser racket-tailed drongo Tibetan siskin and the spottedforktail.

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Nepal Himalaya Tour Nepal is a landlocked country with India in the southern eastern western sides and China in northern sides. Nepal has a great variation in languages 70 spoken religions ethnic groups more than 61 geographic structures occupation culture and traditions - but a strongunityamongthesevariations.Hence wecanfindunityindiversityinNepal. The country has many ever flowing rivers thick tropical jungles greatest mountain ranges and different climatic conditions. Owing to its diversity we find a special eco- system here. Various species of animals rare in the world such as the one horned rhino are also found here. Nepal has an astonishing collection of sightseeing and adventurous opportunities. The country is home to different kinds of butterfliesofbirdsalso.

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Nagarkot Dhulikhel Trekz Nagarkot situated in the approximate height of 2170 m. is the most popular destination to relax and enjoy the mountain range near by Kathmandu Valley and Dhulikhel is equally magnificent. The great Himalayan Range including Everest Top of the World - visible far enough Langtang and its range Ganesh Himal Gaurishankar Dorjelakpa and the sunrise over the mountains from both towns are amazing to enjoy. The Trekking is easy for both daysandyou willenjoytheTrekking experienceofNepalintheshorttimeperiod.

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Nepal Sunrise View Tour Nagarkot located 32 kilometers east of Kathmandu is one of the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is renowned for its spectacular sunrise view of the Himalaya when the weather is clear. Visitorsoften travel to Nagarkot fromKathmandu to spend the night so thattheycanbetherefor thebreathtakingsunrise. Nagarkot has become famous as one of the best spots to view Mount Everest as well as other snow-topped peaks of the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. It also offers an excellent view of the Indrawati river valleyto the east. With an elevationof 2195 meters Nagarkot also offers a panoramic view of the Valley and is described by visitors as a place whose beauty endures year round. Many visitors prefer to visit Nagarkot in the spring when surrounding valleys break out in a rich kaleidoscope of differentcolouredflowers.

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