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Tibet Everest Base Camp Trek including Lhasa is 8 days tour begins from Lhasa and end at Kathmandu Nepal. This Everest Base Camp Trek is more beneficiary for those who are not used to trekking in the high altitude. It is opportunity to be at front of Mount Everest including other stunning Himalayas with entire driving tour. Exploration of popular monasteries in Lhasa including Potala Palace, Jokhang, Drepung, Sera, Jokhang and walking at modern but preserving Tibetan styled streets make you feel real Tibetan life and activities. Driving through farming villages, pristine lakes and breathtaking mountains view. Visit another Tibetan city Shigatse and famous Tashilampo monastery. Through Everest Base Camp Trek ,you can drive than enter at remote site of Tingri and Ronbuk .


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What are the things we need to consider while doing Everest base camp trek The Everest Base Camp Trek is a spectacular high altitude trek in the mountains of Nepal. You can experience jaw dropping scenery and a unique cultural experience exploring the challenging trekking routes around the highest mountain in the world. Everest Base Camp is situated on the Khumbu Glacier at the foot of Everest at an altitude of 5600 metres .It can be reached over a period of nine days with two complete rest days enroute. Before doing Everest Base Camp Trek we need to make a checklist which includes the budget number of days to be spent there and the things that we need in trek . Here are a lot of things mentioned below: 1 As we have limited days remaining and are financially feasible then we can have flight but climate and time for doing camp should be choosen carefully as there might be risk in unfavourable situation. Best time is taken between mid February to the end of the March and the other months include April September and October 2 We have to make clear to the agencies upon charge they take for Everest Base Camp Trek. Those cost related budget should be made clear earlier . 3 People can suffer from altitiude sickess so prepare yourself by carrying Diamox along with first aid kit. Also consult with agencies about types of clothes the may recommend including gloves extra pair of warm shockshat /handbandreusuable water bottle light jacket as it can help us feel ease in trekking. Other small but important things include wives sunglasses raincoats chocolates etc. Always remember that take more that the agencies suggest you regarding dry food items and light clothes wives and extra medicines. 4 Buying for drinking water is found to be much expensive so prepare for it by taking chlorine pills so that you can use it on the way by mixing it on tap water. 5 One goes there to make some experience which is remembered throughout the life so keep in mind about taking camera capturing moments writing names on the stone at Everst Base Camp enjoying at the restaurants and museum is the most important thing for making this experience living .

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6 The most appropriate platform for the preparation in doing Everest Base Camp Trek is through knowing the experiences of other people trekking. So you can read articles of other people experiences.

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