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Benefits of Floor Coating Neo Paints offers premier industrial grade concrete coatings for your home in a variety of colors and finishes for both the interior and exterior of your home. Epoxy floor coatings for example offer many benefits when compared to other applications when applied over concrete. Aside from the shiny high gloss surface achieved with an epoxy floor coating it provides a durable surface able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Additional benefits are:  Protects against oil stains and water  Easy to clean  Lasts for years  Anti-slip surface  Heat and fire resistant  Customizable  Environmentally friendly  Requires little maintenance Epoxy floors are fast durable and easy to install. Neo is happy to use only the highest quality products and our expert installers are professionally trained to give you the best floor coating application for your home. Because every surface is unique we work with different vendors to pick the best coating for your home improvement project. For your free estimate and to discover which choice is best for your floors contact us today NEOGUARD Epoxy Paints are Epoxy based top coat offering good resistance to water and humidity. These products are designed to offer superior corrosion protection to mild steel substrates. The product has got excellent adhesion strength and also offers a balanced aesthetic and corrosion protection. NEOGUARD epoxy Paints also show good Chemical Salt Resistance. Neo Guard Epoxy Paints are available in High Glossy / Semi Glossy varieties. Special products with accelerated curing speed are also available. SURFACE PREPARATION: Abrasive blasting to Sa 2 ½ Swedish standards is the best method of surface preparation. In case blasting is not possible then the surface of steel should be cleaned to St-2/St-3. The surface should be absolutely dry moisture and oil free before primer application. And for Application on Primer scuff with 100 no type’s emery paper for proper bonding and performance. APPLICATION METHOD: Stir the Base part thoroughly. Mix base and Hardener as per our recommended ratio by volume Allow the mixture to stand still maturation for about 10-15 minutes to initiate the reaction. Add suggested Thinner into mix if required depending on application method and stir gently for few minutes. Stain the paint through nylon filter cloth of 100 mesh size and apply uniformly over the surface. All equipment used for above should be properly cleaned. Apply By Brush/By Conventional spray. APPLICATION AREAS: General purpose coating for steel which resists water mild chemical abrasion. It is recommended as Topcoat on epoxy primer/Trucoat on M.S Surface for OEM’s as well as for process industries like fertilizers

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refineries chemical and other plants. It can also be applied in diverse areas of tank exteriors equipment’s pipelines structural steel etc. Not to be used for immersion application. visit for more paint products details and Paint Manufacturers Alkyd Resin Manufacturers Epoxy Paint Manufacturers Heat Resistant Paint Manufacturers Phenolic Resin Manufacturers Pu Paint Manufacturers Resin Manufacturers Industrial Paint Manufacturers epoxy Acrylics Coating Manufacturer building materials manufacturers.

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