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Neosoft presents…

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The Version 1.0

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What is the Matrix?

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No one can be told what the Matrix really is... you have to see it for yourself...

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On the first day of a transfer month... The manager enters data such as monthly targets , etc...

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$12,000 20 $11,000 21

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READY!! The Matrix is now...

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Consultants are immediately aware of their daily target every morning...

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The phones are ringing… RING! RING!

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Emails are flooding...

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Customers are walking in…

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Enter each & every enquiry into the Enquiry Log... 14/06/2011 Mark Jackson w LON $100 b Daily target drops once you update projected Global target drops Auto Date w = walk-in p = phone e = email r = repeat/referral Turns blue if on the ‘Map’ feature Color coded outcome $530 $430

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Z Z Z Z Time goes really slow during those quiet spells...

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Click for follow-up report So lets print a Follow-Up report...

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Easily print reports...

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Easily follow-up enquiry... Easily follow-up enquiry that has already been followed-up ... Try to convert declined bookings...

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So far... The Matrix helps you reach targets by breaking it down and staying on track in real-time. The Matrix motivates you to reach targets. It makes sure no enquiry is wasted. The Matrix increases conversion by following-up more frequently and sooner than later.

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From now on... one-on-one’s & will never business meetings be the same again...

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The Summary Sheet: a business snapshot of the whole month on a single A4 sheet of paper!

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...and see what they’ve been up to. W : walk-in E : email R : repeat / referral P : phone T : total enquiry taken for the day B : bookings F : followed-up I : insurance Pick any consultant... Pick any day of the month...

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Monitor consultant’s conversion strengths & weaknesses Total enquiry taken for the month so far.

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The Map: destination distribution of bookings & enquiry Select a consultant or the entire shop Size of circle is proportional to number of bookings Hover mouse over circle for number of bookings e.g. THAILAND : 22 Tick this box to show ratio of UNCONVERTED destinations vs. BOOKED Red means booked & yellow means unconverted

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The Map feature... Identifies strengths & weaknesses in destination May help the store strategize marketing for their specific market. knowledge. Consultants can then seek product destination training if required.

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The Shop Sheet: KPI’s

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Consultant updates daily Turns green when on-track with target based on how much of the month has already elapsed. 60% 45% 48%

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Adds-up total enquiry potential from individual consultant sheets Its how much the consultant could’ve made if they converted every single enquiry they took for the month so far Total enquiry potential that has walked-in, emailed or phoned the store for the month so far. Here’s where it gets cool... ...and this is the amount of UN-CONVERTED enquiry! This is how much of the enquiry the shop has BOOKED

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Consultant’s can print a follow-up report on JUST THESE ENQUIRIES! No more struggling to stretch individual or shop monthly targets As the end of the month approaches & you’re running short of the monthly target... ...simply follow-up on THIS enquiry because you’ve already done half the work!

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To conclude... The Matrix allows you to have much more productive business meetings & one-on-one’s with the aid of easy to interpret visual reports. It gives you a very accurate snapshot of the business at any given time. And finally, it is an accountability tool that can be used by management to ensure consultants are performing to their fullest potential.

Slide 33: is the new oil. Visual information is the language of the eye. Let the dataset change your mindset...and see the world with new eyes. Thank you.

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