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ADOLESCENCE Dr.Nelson Psychiatrist Kerala India

Definition : 

Definition Adolescence - adolescere meaning "to grow up“ a transitional stage of physical and mental human development Erik Erikson's stages of human development, An adolescent is a person between the ages of 13 and 19

Emotional needs: 

Emotional needs Constant, continuous love Feeling of security Time, space,oppurtunities for play,entertainments,friendship Someone to model-ideal figure sexual


Development Hereditary versus enviornment Triangular fusion Modelling Peer group

Problem with parenting: 

Problem with parenting Overprotection Critical comments Hostility Neglect Sibling comparison Expressed Parental disharmony


overprotection Age inappropriate care (eg. treating the adolescent as a small child) Continuing to use infantile pet names Allowing to sleep with parents Trying to satisfy all their demands/desires No guidance

Critical comments: 

Critical comments Using abusive words to correct the adolescent Nonverbal negative expressions Labelling negatively-traumatic nick names Stigmatising/faulty categorization


hostility Direct &indirect Severe punishment inappropriate to the crime/fault Verbal, nonverbal hostile behaviour


Neglect Induced -Emotional and physical deprievement Ignoring child’s emotional and physical needs Lack of concern/carelessness

Faulty comparison: 

Faulty comparison Sibling comparison in terms of their ability,attachment,ideas,beliefs Comparison with their own friends or neighbours of same age

Faulty family environment: 

Faulty family environment Obvious parental disharmony as frequent quarrels Passive –aggressive relations High expressed emotion Pseudo mutual Scapegoating

What is your role in family?: 

What is your role in family? Understand your parents Their mood Their struggle Their expectation How can you help them? Your relationship with them

period of adolescence: 

period of adolescence Most important most enjoyable most stressful and turbulent Period in life

classification of adolescence: 

classification of adolescence Early 12 - 14 yrs Mid 14 - 17 yrs Late 17 - 20 yrs

Rapid Biolo. & Psycho. change: 

Rapid Biolo. & Psycho. change Intense re-adjustments in family & friends It is stressful.

Puberty Physical – sexual Develp.: 

Puberty Physical – sexual Develp. Primary sex. Cha. - Coitus, Reproduction, reproductive organs. Secondary Sex. Cha - Breast, Hair, fat, facial hair, voice change. Girls - 12 Years Boys - 14 Years

Hypothalamo Pitutary Adrenal gonadal Axis.: 

Hypothalamo Pitutary Adrenal gonadal Axis. Sex Hormones Testosterone male Estrogen&progestrone female Menarche 12 to 13 years Repro. Cycle FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone Sex drive max: 18 yrs.

Sexual crisis: 

Sexual crisis Libido & aggression Masturbation - Vent. Of Libido Male - easily aroused. Struggle to control Libido Sexual Fantasies

Sexual experiences.: 

Sexual experiences. Masturbation - Homo sexual experiments. Hetero sexual experiments ……..Decide sexual identity

Sex urge/fantasy leads to……: 

Sex urge/fantasy leads to…… Wrong relationship with opposite sex/same sex/wrong company Internet /mobile addiction Excessive TV watching/pornography/blue film Excessive masturbation Sexual perversion (even verbal) Child abuse

Sexual problems: 

Sexual problems Guilt about masturbation and sexual experiences p ain during menstruation premenstrual tension dhat syndrome Excessive anxiety Opposite sex shyness

Cognitive Development: 

Cognitive Development Thought Development Abstract thinking Future oriented Creativity Sense of self

Life skill: 

Life skill Decision making Problem solving Creative thinking Critical thinking Effective communication Inter personal skill, ,empathy Self awarness,coping with emotion,stress

Identity Crisis: 

Identity Crisis - “Who am I” Identity crisis - Identity – Identity confusion, Role diffusion Eric Erickson(stages of psychosocial development) Peer group - same age, same interest. Peer pressure gener ation gap


Problems Delinquency - Rebelliousness Poor Academic Performances tru ancy Love affair Conduct disorder Low self esteem-neg.self concept ,innercritics,lifeskill,positive thinking (story of frogs) positive visu alisation Acquisition of bad habits (peer group induced) ch angathi nnannayal ………….


Problems Hero worship -modelling Altruism Risk taking behaviour Violence Accident


Problems Homicide Suicide Substance abuse-drug addiction- first for fun Pregnancy Abortion


Illnesses Anxiety disorder,phobia Adolescent stress Adjustment disorder Anorexia nervosa Substance abuse Depression Schizophrenia

related to study……: 

related to study…… ADHD Learning disability- writing,reading,cordin -ation,mathamatical (Film thare sameen per Excessive day dreaming teacher phobia

regarding study…..: 

regarding study….. Time table-time management Effective reading-key points Over learning Memory tips Revision Positive visualization prayer

Purpose of study: 

Purpose of study Good personality social obligation Good family-occupation

Success by Dr. Abdul kalam: 

Success by Dr. Abdul kalam Aim high Dream high Work hard Most important factor…….first,2 nd ,3 rd … Triangle of success- aim, commitment, hard work Success=potentiality * performance

Future in your hands….: 

Future in your hands…. By 2020 India will be number one in the world Young population

How to handle……: 

How to handle…… Proper understanding of normal adolescent period Cross education-through friends Be good models Providing self esteem Good family environment Appropriate secure facilities(internet) counselling, treatment of morbidity

For help: 

For help for parental counselling, premarital counselling,classes…… Contact:- Dr.Nelson,Fortkochi,Kerala,India Phone-+919495045230