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ADOLESCENCE Dr.Nelson Psychiatrist Kerala India

Definition :

Definition Adolescence - adolescere meaning "to grow up“ a transitional stage of physical and mental human development occurring between puberty and legal adulthood (age of majority) characterized as beginning and ending with the teenage stage According to Erik Erikson's stages of human development, a young adult is generally a person between the ages of 20 and 40, whereas an adolescent is a person between the ages of 13 and 19

Emotional needs:

Emotional needs Constant, continuous love Feeling of security Time, space,oppurtunities for play,entertainments,friendship Someone to model-ideal figure sexual

Problem with parenting:

Problem with parenting Overprotection Critical comments Hostility Neglect Sibling comparison Expressed Parental disharmony


overprotection Age inappropriate care (eg. treating the adolescent as a small child) Continuing to use infantile pet names Allowing to sleep with parents Trying to satisfy all their demands/desires No guidance

Critical comments:

Critical comments Using abusive words to correct the adolescent Nonverbal negative expressions Labelling negatively-traumatic nick names Stigmatising/faulty categorization


hostility Direct &indirect Severe punishment inappropriate to the crime/fault Verbal, nonverbal hostile behaviour


Neglect Induced -Emotional and physical deprievement Ignoring child’s emotional and physical needs Lack of concern/carelessness

Faulty comparison:

Faulty comparison Sibling comparison in terms of their ability,attachment,ideas,beliefs Comparison with their own friends or neighbours of same age

Faulty family environment:

Faulty family environment Obvious parental disharmony as frequent quarrels Passive –aggressive relations High expressed emotion Pseudo mutual Scapegoating

period of adolescence:

period of adolescence Most important most enjoyable most stressful and turbulent Period in life

classification of adolescence:

classification of adolescence Early 12 - 14 yrs Mid 14 - 17 yrs Late 17 - 20 yrs

Rapid Biolo. & Psycho. change:

Rapid Biolo. & Psycho. change Intense re-adjustments in family & friends It is stressful.

Puberty Physical – sexual Develp.:

Puberty Physical – sexual Develp. Primary sex. Cha. - Coitus, Reproduction, reproductive organs. Secondary Sex. Cha - Breast, Hair, fat, facial hair, voice change. Girls - 12 Years Boys - 14 Years

Hypothalamo Pitutary Adrenal gonadal Axis.:

Hypothalamo Pitutary Adrenal gonadal Axis. Sex Hormones Testosterone male Estrogen&progestrone female Menarche 12 to 13 years Repro. Cycle FSH, Estrogen, Progesterone Sex drive max: 18 yrs.

Sexual crisis:

Sexual crisis Libido & aggression Masturbation - Vent. Of Libido Male - easily aroused. Struggle to control Libido Sexual Fantasies

Sexual experiences.:

Sexual experiences. Masturbation - Homo sexual experiments. Hetero sexual experiments ……..Decide sexual identity

Cognitive Development:

Cognitive Development Thought Development Abstract thinking Future oriented Creativity Sense of self

Identity Crisis:

Identity Crisis - “Who am I” Identity crisis - Identity – Identity confusion, Role diffusion Eric Erickson(stages of psychosocial development) Peer group - same age, same interest. Peer pressure Parenting - Generation gap. Modeling


Problems Delinquency - Rebelliousness Poor Academic Performances Love affair Sexual Problems - Guilt about masturbation and sexual experiences Identity confusion Acquisition of bad habits (peer group induced)


Problems Hero worship Altruism Risk taking behaviour Violence Accident


Problems Homicide Suicide Substance abuse Pregnancy Abortion


Illnesses Anxiety disorder Adolescent stress Adjustment disorder Anorexia nervosa Substance abuse Depression Schizophrenia

How to handle……:

How to handle…… Proper understanding of normal adolescent period Cross education-through friends Be good models Providing self esteem Good family environment Appropriate secure facilities(internet) counselling, treatment of morbidity

For help:

For help for parental counselling, premarital counselling,classes…… Contact:- Dr.Nelson,Fortkochi,Kerala,India Phone-+919495045230

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