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Welcome to Shop Houston Electricity. Due to the deregulation of electricity in Houston, we have the power to freely choose for our own electricity provider to fit our electricity needs.


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Shopping for electricity in Houston:

Shopping for electricity in Houston

Determine your electricity needs:

Determine your electricity needs Contract/No Contract – Fixed vs. variable For how long do you need electricity service? Understanding different types of plans Make the switch

Contract Vs. No Contract plans :

Contract Vs. No Contract plans When shopping for electricity you will see ‘fixed term’ used a lot. This means that during the length of the plan; your energy charge will remain the same throughout the term. The term of the plan can range for however long you need it to. This can be 3 month, 12 months, or even 3 years; there are plenty of choices.

No Contract plans :

No Contract plans Variable (or month-to-month) plans are contract-free plans. They may require a deposit based on your credit score. However, customers are not held in contract like in fixed term plans. There are also no Early Termination Fees should you choose to switch to a different plan/company down the line. The energy charge fluctuates per month; unlike Fixed Term plans.

Contract Free Plans :

Contract Free Plans Prepay; or ‘Pay As You Go’ Electricity; are contract free plans, and deposit free. No credit check required for prepay plans. Customers receive updates on when their account balance is low, so they should keep an eye on how much to reload on their account. Just like a pay as you go phone, your electricity can be disconnected if customers don’t load a sufficient amount of money to their account.

Monthly Charges:

Monthly Charges TDSP Charges come from the local utility company that manages the poles/wires that actually deliver electricity service to your home. You may see these on your bill; therefore they are standard. Plans that say ‘Minimum Usage of 1,000 kwh) Keep an eye out for plans that will charge customers if you use under a certain amount of Kilowatt hours (kWh) per month. Base Charge- this is a standard charge each month depending on the electricity companies preference.

Choosing the right electricity company:

Choosing the right electricity company If you find yourself overpaying for electricity service; come check out our website. We list over a dozen of electricity companies to choose and compare your current rates against theirs. The customer is always at an advantage of which electricity company they choose. Electricity companies want your business; therefore we are here to help you choose the right one. Simply enter your zip code and compare rates in your area today!

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