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Welcome to Shop Houston Electricity. Due to the deregulation of electricity in Houston, we have the power to freely choose for our own electricity provider to fit our electricity needs.


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Lower that Electricity bill:

Electricity saving tips for everyone; even those who rent. Lower that Electricity bill

Tip #1: Check that Thermostat:

Cut back the ac during summer to a comfortable temperature. Maybe 75? Program the thermostat if you can. Tip #1: Check that Thermostat

Tip #2: Check light switches/wall outlets:

Cover up power outlets with cover plates in the lighting department of the store. Stop cool air from escaping; Especially during summer. This is also ideal for babyproofing the power outlets in your home. Tip #2: Check light switches/wall outlets

Tip #3: Use a Power Strip for Gadgets/Electronics:

Got a bunch of cords tangled up for that xbox / Desktop computer? If you aren’t already using a power strip; you should! Turn off all gadgets at once by simply turning off the power strip. Tip #3: Use a Power Strip for Gadgets/Electronics

Tip #4: Check for Air Leaks in Windows:

At your local hardware store like home depot/ lowe’s ask for caulking glues for the corner of your windows. Caulking windows seals up any air leaks especially if you have window air units, to stop cold air from escaping. During winter, caulking windows also keeps warm air in. Tip #4: Check for Air Leaks in Windows

Tip #5: Replace/Check A/C Air Filter:

When filters become clogged, the electricity costs boom! Clean or replace air filters every 3 months. This also increases the lifespan of your air unit. Tip #5: Replace/Check A/C Air Filter

Tip #5: Low Electricity Rate:

Having an affordable electricity rate cuts down on energy costs in your home. Compare and shop your current electricity rate by simply entering your zip code on our website. Choose from over a dozen electricity companies today! Tip #5: Low Electricity Rate

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