Neil Varma - Nurturing Leadership in the Workplace

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Neil Varma - Nurturing Leadership in the Workplace


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Neil Varma: Nurturing Leadership in the Workplace Neil Varma a military veteran based in New York with a long career history in financial management knows that successful businesses are dedicated to investing time and energy into building strong leaders in the workplace through techniques such as the following:  Focus on networking at all times. Excellent leaders fully understand the importance of creating powerful connections both in and out of the workplace that can ultimately lead to new partnerships knowledge sharing and mentorship. Previous post: Neil Varma: Federal Government Experience  Provide new opportunities for employees to grow including further education and training professional development and mentorship programs.  Give ongoing feedback that takes an in-depth approach to evaluation. Offering regular opportunities to check-in also ensures that employees understand that they have a strong support system when they need it. Neil Varma served as a budget officer with the Federal Government managing a multi- million-dollar IT support contract.

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