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TOPS Technologies provides .Net training in Ahmedabad, for MCA Students .net live project training as per GTU project guidelines. Get more info @, 903 Samedh Complex, Next to Associated Petrol Pump, CG Road, Ahmedabad 380009.


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GTU Live Project Training Guidelines.:

GTU Live Project Training Guidelines. By TOPS Technologies TOPS Technologies course


Introduction First of all I would like to thank  TOPS Technologies  for This article, which gives me a great opportunity to write an article for beginners on ASP.NET web development here at Tops technologies. After creating PPT on caching and view state for beginners, I have decided to Create an PPT for beginners on the ASP.NET Application Folders. However, I will be back with another PPT on rest of state management. Like my other PPT, I believe this will also give you very good idea on the Application Folders. Please give your valuable suggestions and ideas for improvement that I can incorporate into this article, as well as my future PPT. TOPS Technologies course

Overview - ASP.NET Application Folders :

Overview - ASP.NET Application Folders ASP.NET 2.0 uses a file-based approach. That means, all class files, resource files, data files and folders are maintained in a hierarchical structure. If we are working with ASP.NET 2.0, we can add files and folders using the  Add Items option. If we look at a sample application hierarchy, it will look like the following figure. We can add as many as files and folders as we like (according to our requirements) within our solutions,and it won't be necessary to recompile them each and every time they are added. It is ASP.NET'stask to dynamically compile them when required. So, what ASP.NET 2.0 does is, it uses a predefined folder structure containing the files (classes, images, resources, etc.), to compile them dynamically and we can access those files throughout the application. ASP.NET also provides special folders to maintain files and resources. Let's see the advantages of using these folders. TOPS Technologies course

Advantages of ASP.NET Application Folders:

Advantages of ASP.NET Application Folders Following are the main advantages of use of ASP.NET's Application Folders We can maintain resources (classes, images, code, databases, themes) in an organized manner, which allows us to develop and maintain sites easily All files and folders are accessible through the application We can add as many files as required Files are compiled dynamically when required TOPS Technologies course

Different Types of Application Folder:

Different Types of Application Folder ASP.NET treats the following folders in a special manner. They are: App_Code Bin App_Data App_Theme App_Browser App_WebReference App_LocalResource App_GlobalResource TOPS Technologies course

Details of the Application Folders:

Details of the Application Folders Now, to look at the use of these folders, I am going to start from  App_Code . App_Code  Folder As its name suggests, the  App_Code  Folder stores classes, typed data sets, etc. All the items that are stored in App_Code  are automatically accessible throughout the application. If we store any class files (like  .cs  or  .vb ) it compiles them automatically. It automatically creates type data sets from  .xsd  (XML schema) files, and creates XML web service proxy classes from WSDL.Let's have a look at how we can use the  App_Code  folder. We can add an  App_Code  folder, by  Solution File  → right click →  Add ASP.NET Folder  →  App_Code . The  App_Code folder is now added to your application. TOPS Technologies course

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TOPS Technologies course Note: Try to add one more  App_Code  folder by using the same steps. Oops... the  App_Code  folder is no longer available there. So, ASP.NET allows you to add an  App_Code  folder only once.

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Now we can add new items like classes, text and xml files into the  App_Code  folder and we can also add existing files there. TOPS Technologies course

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Let's have a look at one example that shows how it works. Into the  App_Code  folder, I have added a class MyCSharpClass.cs . TOPS Technologies course

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In that class I have written a small spice of code for adding two numbers. TOPS Technologies course

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Now, Try to access this class, from any where in your application. You will see that MyCSharpClass is accessiblethroughout the application. If we want to store different classes like  .cs  or  .vb , then what will happen? If we kept both  .cs  and  .vb  classes in the same folder, it will give following compilation error: TOPS Technologies course

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We have a solution to overcome this problem. We have to create separate folders for C# and for VB or other classes. TOPS Technologies course

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Store class files separately in those folders and an configure the folder hierarchy in the  web.config  file. TOPS Technologies course

Bin Folder:

Bin  Folder The  Bin  folder is used for keeping assemblies inside it. We can access those as a reference from anywhere of our web application. Use of  Bin  folder comes into the picture if we use any class library within our web application. Suppose we are creating a class library called TestLib. After building the library, we will get  TestLib.dll . Now, right click on solution file →  Add References  →  Project , select the TestLib Project, click on OK. Check the  Bin  folder, it will contain TestLib.dll  and  TestLib.pdb  files. TOPS Technologies course

App_LocalResource Folder :

App_LocalResource  Folder Local resources are specific to a single web page, and should be used for providing multilingual functionalityon a web page. Local resources must be stored in the  App_LocalResource  subfolder of the folder containing the web page. Because you might have local resources for every page in your web application, you might have  App_LocalResource  subfolders in every folder. Resource file names should be like  <pageName>[.langauge].resx . Some examples of local resource files are, Mypage.aspx.ex.resx  and .  Default.aspx.resx  is the base resource file to use if no other resource file matches with the user's current culture. If you want to create local resources for a page, open the design view of the page and then from  Tool Menu  select Generate Local Resource . You will then see that a resource file is automatically created in the corresponding App_LocalResource  folder. TOPS Technologies course

App_GlobalResource Folder :

App_GlobalResource  Folder The  App_GlobalResource  folder can be read from any page or code that is anywhere in the web site. Global resources must be stored in the  App_GlobalResource  folder at the root of the application. We should use the App_GlobalResource  folder when we need a single resource for multiple web pages. We candefine ASP.NET control properties by manually associating them with resources in global resource files.You can add a global resource file by right clicking on the  App_GlobalResource  folder and clicking on  Add Items . Add  .resx  files as resources. TOPS Technologies course

Summary :

Summary We have explained in this PPt all about the use of application folders that are available in ASP.NET. We hope we have described them well enough for you to understand. There is lots more to learn, like how to design themes and skins, and working with resource files. We are giving some reference links at the end, that can help you in further study. Please read these links, at least the one on resources, which are a very important part of ASP.NET 2.0. In future we plan to create an PPT for beginners on ASP.NET Resources. But not now. Thanks for reading, and please don't forget to give your suggestions! TOPS Technologies course


Bio In detailed knowledge and guidelines kindly visit us at your nearest center. You can visit us at We also Do live project training, free workshop and seminar hosted by our former students and faculties every Saturday to share their knowledge and experience with newbie's. TOPS Technologies course

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