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Advertising Media Strategy Strategic Planning to Develop Advertising 1

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don’t think like a consumer …think like an advertising manager how to think… don’t think like a student

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so what’s the module about… why this style What came first… media choice or message/idea What is the strategy Who is the audience Why run on TV VoD and Cinema

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what this module is about… Critical analysis of theories and concepts about how advertising is produced and how it works at a strategic level Evaluation of how strategic and creative decisions contribute to the development of effective advertising Explanation and application of the process of media planning and selection Critical evaluation of individual media as part of advertising strategy

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Reading and research based on concepts covered in lecture and use of material and worksheets on X-Stream Group discussion of results of reading and research and comparison of worksheet content see Module Handbook for recommended texts how this module is taught… Weekly lecture

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How this module is assessed 3 components to the assessment… Advertising Strategy Analysis – 40 Advertising Strategy and Media Plan – 50 Advertising Storyboard – 10 Submission – Monday 11 th January at 12noon

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response to advertising Consumer is exposed to the message - via media Consumer has a response that is a communication effect - via awareness attitude need and intention via creative + media Consumer processes the message - via words pictures sound creative content Consumer takes action - via purchase or … Percy and Elliott 2012 4 stage process

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advertising usually used repeatedly… to encourage trial… target is potential new users objectives and repetition… to encourage repeat purchase… target is existing users Percy and Elliott 2012

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other elements of the marketing mix… product price place promotion people process physical evidence other elements of the marketing communications mix… sales promotion direct marketing public relations packaging and point of sale personal selling advertising rarely solely responsible for purchase…

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Leave advert… OoH… Vote Leave bus other media and vehicles… other marketing communications…

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planning is necessary… part of a strategic planning process and hierarchy Marketing plan sets out how marketing can help the company achieve those objectives Marketing communications plan sets out the how why when and where of communicating to target markets Company plan sets overall objectives - usually sales or market share based and linked to profit advertising plan developed by marketer and advertising agency Percy and Elliott 2012

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communications response sequence versus the planning sequence… When planning… Percy and Elliott 2012 exposure communications effects target audience action processing target audience action communications effects processing exposure

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exposure… Where can we reach the target cost effectively About media selection and scheduling where when and how often On the way in to Leeds… - OoH - who reads it - when was it scheduled - how many - any other media used

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processing… What creative approach might work best Words images sounds… others tone style

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effects… How is the brand positioned What effect do we want to achieve

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target audience… Who’s most likely to use the brand/products Are there existing users or potential users… or both Not easy to define and identify Needs to be detailed - demographics - psychographics - lifestyle and behaviour

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Advertising strategy Document called the Advertising Strategy Defines the objectives of the advertising campaign Fletcher 2010 pp 6 – 7 Ensures everyone involved knows the objectives

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contents… Campaign ’s objectives Facts about the brand to be advertised Message the advertising must communicate Tone in which it must be communicated Media channels and vehicles likely to be used Budgets available for production and media Competitors and their marketing and advertising The target audience at which the campaign will be aimed Timescale for production and media Market research into target market and audience consumers Any other important details Fletcher 2010 pp 6 – 7

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who writes this document One -The advertiser - marketer brand owner… marketing department marketing manager brand manager advertising manager Two - The advertiser ’s advertising agency… account service department account planning account director account manager account planner

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Simplistic clichéd conclusions and objectives are useless Must be much sharper and go much deeper The strategy must be inspiring and exciting to those who have to put it into effect sharp deep inspiring… Saying nothing more than that the brand is better than its competitors produces advertising that is bland to the point of tedium Fletcher 2010 pp 6 – 7

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for next week’s seminar Do the reading please… Head to sites such as Campaign MediaWeek AdAge ASA WARC… what’s going on in the world of advertising and media

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references and reading Fletcher W. 2010 Advertising: a very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Percy L. and Elliott R. 2012 Strategic Advertising Management. Oxford Oxford University Press. Yeshin T . 2006. Advertising. London: Thomson Go to Library Online and look for recent articles in academic journals via EBSCO and Emerald and on WARC using “advertising strategy ” as your search words.

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