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Weight loss surgery has gained popularity among obese people and medical community both, as an effective and enduring option for weight loss in chosen individuals.


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Bariatric Surgery in India


Bariatric Surgery in India Obesity a disease of Unwanted fat storage in body… It is also… Multi-factorial (Many different factors can cause obesity) Life-long challenge Progressive Costly Life Threatening


Obesity is a major problem all over the world, especially in the developed countries. Consumption of rich and junk food and lack of exercise have led to increased prevalence of obesity. One thing is for certain, modern foods, consumed in ever larger quantities as people become richer, is fuelling an obesity epidemic which is threatening the health of millions. Obesity results in more health problems and complications such as diabetes and heart disease. The WHO estimates that 1.5 billion people worldwide are overweight.


Bariatric surgery is expensive in the West and only the rich and famous can afford to have it wherever they want. For the masses, what is the alternative? The definite answer to this is I ndia.


I ndian Medical Hospitals are well equipped with state of the art modern equipments & the services are at par with International Standards. An Affordable & low cost weight loss surgery coupled with an exotic vacation in India – is attracting lot of medical tourists in India. These days, increasing numbers of people are obtaining Bariatric surgery services from Indian surgeons and hospitals with established track records of significant outputs and world- class services. 


Indian hospital and clinic staff is trained to deal efficiently with medical tourists along with r esponding to queries on the variety of cosmetic surgery procedures.  Heading for an Indian getaway is furthermore fulfilling , given that foreigners could get to enjoy the very best sights and sounds of the country that are famous around the world . 


Bariatric Surgery in India Indian tourism, in its entirety, is well- established to provide you with the perfect accommodation and travel services with excellent savings.


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