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Get More Knowledge About Fortinet-0 NSE6_FML- 6.0 Exam Know What actually it is.

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Slide Title 01 Exam information Note Some knowledge about exam questions and examination purpose 02 How to pass your exam Briefly note How you can pass your Fortinet-0 NSE6_FML-6.0 Exam 03 Exam Demo Question Answer Demo QA helps you to understand your exam. 04 Site View and Contact information Your see there how the website look like and how you can contact with us.

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Exam Information and Note.

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Exam Demo Question Answer

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QUESTION 1 FortiMail is configured with the protected domain "". Identify which of thefollowing envelope addresses will require an access receive rule to relay for unauthenticated senders Choose two. A. MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: B. MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: C. MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: D. MAIL FROM: RCPT TO: Answer: CD

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QUESTION 2 Examine the message column of a log cross search result of an inbound email shown in the exhibit then answer the question below Based on logs which of the following statements are true Choose two. A. The logs weregenerated by a server mode FortiMail B. The logs were generated by a gateway or transparent mode FortiMail C. The FortiMail is experiencing issues delivering the email to the back-end mail server D. The FortiMail is experiencing issues accepting the connection from the remote sender Answer: AD

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QUESTION 3 Examine the FortiMail user webmail interface shown in the exhibit then answer the question below. Which one of the following statements is true regarding this server mode FortiMails configuration A. The protected domain-level service settings havebeen modified to allow access to the domain address book B. This users account has a customized access profile applied that allows access to the personal address book C. The administrator has configured an inbound recipient policy with a customized resource profile D. The administrator has not made any changes to the default address book access privileges Answer: A

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QUESTION 4 Examine the FortiMail IBE service configuration shown in the exhibit then answer the question below. Which of the following statements describes the User inactivity expiry time of 90 days A. IBE user accounts will expire after 90 days of inactivity and must register again to access new IBE email message B. Registered IBE users have 90 days from the time they receive a notification email message to access their IBE email C. First time IBE users must register to access their email within 90 days of receiving the notification email message D. After initial registration IBE users can access the secure portal without authenticating again for 90 days Answer: A

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