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TRAINING &DEVELOPMENT Training is expensive. Without training it is more expensive Nehru


TRAINING A learning experience in that it seeks a relatively permanent change in an individual that will improve his/ her ability to perform on the job. It involves changing of Skills Attitude Knowledge


DEVELOPMENT More future oriented and more concerned with education than is training. Management Development activities attempt to instill sound reasoning processes to enhance one’s ability to understand and interpret knowledge. It focuses on the personal growth & on Analytical Conceptual Human Skills

T & D : 

T & D Increases job skills- specific skills Short term perspective Job centered The role of a trainer is very important It shapes attitude – overall growth Long term perspective Career Centered Internally motivated for self development


TYPES OF TRAINING On the job: Apprentice Job rotation Committee assign Off the job: Vestibule Role playing Lecture Case discussion Programmed inst


DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS Decision making: In basket Business games Case studies Interpersonal: TA Role play Sensitivity Behaviour Organisational: Position rotation Multiple mgmt

WHY T & D : 

WHY T & D No one is a perfect fit at the time of hiring and some training & development must take place. Planned development programs will return values to the organization in terms of : increased productivity reduced costs Morale Flexibility to adapt to changing requirements

Slide 8: 

Moulds employees’ attitude Helps them achieve better co-operation Creates greater loyalty to the orgn Reduces wastage and spoilage Reduces constant supervision Improves quality

Training Paradox : 

Training Paradox Train people to the point where you may lose them, and then you won’t lose them.

Responsible for Training : 

Responsible for Training Top Mgmt – Frames the Trg policy HT Dept – plans, establishes and evaluates Supervisors – implement and apply development procedure Employees – provide feedback, revision and suggestions

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