Power Sector Analysis Of Indian Economy

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Power Sector Analysis Of Indian Economy : 

Power Sector Analysis Of Indian Economy 1

Introduction : 

Introduced in the 1880s Basic human need Produced by vertically integrated utilities Economic Growth 2 Introduction

Growth of Indian Power Sector : 

Fifth largest electricity generation capacity in the world & world's third largest transmission and distribution network Measured in terms of GDP Installed Capacity of Power Plants increased from 1713 MW to 147965 MW Per capita consumption increase from 15 KWh to 704 KWh 3 Growth of Indian Power Sector

Slide 4: 

India's total installed capacity as on Oct 31, 2010 is 1,67,278.36mega watt (MW) Thermal power plants account for 1,08,602.98 MW. Hydro power plants with a capacity of 37,328.40 MW. Renewable energy sources provide 1,67878 MW Remaining 4,560 MW comes from nuclear energy www.powermin.nic.in 4

Evolution Of The Indian Sector And Reforms : 

5 Evolution Of The Indian Sector And Reforms

Slide 6: 


Organisational Structure : 

7 Organisational Structure

Functions of Regulatory Authority : 

CEA Central Electricity Authority Formulation of the National Electricity Plan in accordance with the National Electricity Policy; Main technical advisor of the government and regulatory commission; and Specifics the technical standards and safety requirements for construction, operation and maintenance of electrical standards and electrical lines. CERC Central Electricity Regulatory Commission Regulates tariff of generating companies owned or controlled by the central government; To regulate the inter-state transmission of energy including tariff of the central utilities; To grant licences for the inter-state transmission and trading; and To advise the Central government in formulation of National Electricity Policy and Tariff policy. 8 Functions of Regulatory Authority

Slide 9: 

SERC State Electricity Regulatory Commission Determine tariffs for generation, supply, transmission and wheeling of electricity, wholesale, bulk or retail sale within the state; and To issue licences for intra-state transmission, distribution and trading; to promote co-generation and generation of electricity from renewal sources of energy etc. CTU Central Transmission Utility Undertakes the transmission of energy through inter-state transmission system; and Planning and coordination of inter-state transmission systems. STU Undertakes transmission of energy through intra-state transmission system; and Planning and coordination of intra-state transmission systems. 9

Slide 10: 

National Load Despatch Centre (NLDC) NLDC has been set up as an apex body to ensure integrated power system in each region; It is responsible for the despatch of electricity within the regions, monitoring grid operations etc; Regional Load Despatch Centre (RLDC) RLDC has been set up to ensure integrated power system in each region; It s responsible for the despatch of electricity within the regions, monitoring grid operations etc; and It provides directions for ensuring grid stability. State Load Despatch Centre (SLDC) SLDC have been formed to ensure integrated power system in inter-state; and It has the responsibility for the despatch of electricity within the state, monitoring intra-grid operations etc. 10



Supply : 

12 Supply

Transmission : 

It is process for the proper and efficient transfer of power from generating stations to load centers It plays a key role in transmitting power to various distribution entities across the country. It comprises of transmission lines, substations, switching stations, transformers & distribution lines Total length of transmission lines in the country has increased from 2.50 million circuit km (ckm) in 1980-81 to 7.28 million ckm in 2007-08. 13 Transmission

Distribution : 

It is a last and critical leg in the supply of electricity. Components such as pricing to various customers , cross subsidization etc It is lucrative business, it has been held by the respective state entities, with private participation being marginal (only 5-7 per cent of the total) At the end of 2008-09, a total of 488,926 villages were electrified 14 Distribution

SWOT analysis of Power Sector : 

Strengths and Opportunities of Power Sector Well established and vast transmission and distribution network. Highly qualified engineering and technical personnel. Emergence of strong and globally comparable central utilities (NTPC, POWERGRID) India has substantial non-conventional energy resource base and technologies to meet growing power requirements by tapping this energy 15 SWOT analysis of Power Sector

Weakness & Threats to Power Sector : 

Poor infrastructure Lack of proper metering and theft has led to large scale losses Moreover, Government provides power to agricultural sector at subsidized rates and also free of cost in some states. All these factors have resulted in financial disorder of the State Electricity Boards Poor return to utilities, which affect their profitability and capacity to make further investments Non-availability of quality coal may hamper thermal plants’ efficiency in power Generation 16 Weakness & Threats to Power Sector

Major Players in Power Sector : 

NTPC Tata Power Co Ltd Adani Power Reliance Power Ltd 17 Major Players in Power Sector


Incorporated in year 1975 as thermal power generating company. Objective of planning and promoting the integrated development of power generation in the country. Installed capacity of 31,704 MW major of coal based & minor of gas based (20%) of country’s overall generating capacity. Also engaged in the engineering, construction and operation of power generating plants, and provides consultancy to power utilities in India and abroad 18 NTPC

Future plans of NTPC : 

Playing a significant role in the government’s capacity addition programme for the Eleventh Plan (2007-2012). Original plan envisaged a total capacity addition of around 78,577 MW, out of which, NTPC planned to add 22,430 MW. It plans to become a 75,000 MW company by the end of Twelfth Plan (2017). Recently signed a fuel-supply agreement (FSA) for 20 years with Coal India. 19 Future plans of NTPC

NTPC Projects Under Construction : 

20 NTPC Projects Under Construction


Total generation capacity of about 3,000 MW It holds a license in Mumbai to supply power to bulk consumers & some residential pockets. It has a JV with the state government of Delhi for the distribution of power Current installed capacity to 2975 MW. It is setting up a 2,400 MW mega power project in Shahpur, coastal Maharashtra based on imported coal to meet the long term power requirements of Mumbai City, Maharashtra and neighbouring states 21 TATA POWER CO LTD

Future Plans : 

Seven major projects under implementation aggregating to 5,421 MW of generation capacities. Planning to buy a fleet of ships to transport coal from the coal mines in Indonesia, in which it has 30 per cent equity stake. Won the bid for the ultra mega power project at Mundra Set up two power plants in Bangladesh - a 480 MW gas-based plant for meeting the power requirements of the steel plant and a 250–300 MW coal-based plant to supply power to the Bangladesh Power Development Board. 22 Future Plans


Adani Power together with its subsidiaries currently has eight power projects in various stages of execution with a combined installed capacity of 13,200 MW, out of which 660 MW has been commissioned, 9900 MW is under implementation and 2640 MW is at the planning stage. 23 ADANI POWER

Future Plans of Adani power : 

Received the approval from the GoI to act as a co-developer for the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) at Mundra with Mundra Port & Special Economic Zone (MPSEZ). Adani Shipping, a wholly-owned subsidiary, entered into a contract for the purchase of two newly-built capsize vessels for transportation of coal. 24 Future Plans of Adani power

Reliance Power Ltd : 

Associate company of Reliance Infra. Setting up 13 power generation projects. Engaged in the development & construction of power generation projects with a combined planned capacity of about 35,000 MW, which is the largest portfolio of private power generation assets under development in India. Planning to set up a 4,000 MW power plant at Shahapur, Maharashtra. However, the project has been stalled due to land acquisition issues. 25 Reliance Power Ltd

RPL - Projects under construction : 

Note This list is indicative and not exhaustive. Source: Company reports, CRISIL Research 26 RPL - Projects under construction

Financial Evaluation : 

27 Financial Evaluation

Conclusion : 

28 Conclusion

References and Bibliography : 

CRISIL Research Report November 2010 Bloomberg database Prowess database Company Reports   www.powermin.nic.in www.cea.nic.in www.ntpc.co.in www.tatapower.com www.adanipower.com www.reliancepower.com www.moneycontrol.com 29 References and Bibliography

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