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COOLNUT Power Bank NEW LAUNCH : Super Fast Charging Technology in Hands: Portable Coolnut 10000mAh Power Bank COOLNUT POWER BANK INDIA Our smartphone or tablet stays with us all the times. At home in the office on vacation we always keep it with us. It is in our pocket when we are on a long tour. It is also there with us when we are out of town and a place for a family vacation. So at one place the smartphone tablet or our any USB enabled gadget’s battery is used continuously where it draw close to a battery low concern. Thus to rescue you from such difficult situations Coolnut has come up with its ultra fast charging 10000 mAh power bank.

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This center of attraction portable battery charger is very specially invented with advanced 2.4 Amp fast charging technology. This Coolnut 10000 mAh power bank promises to refill your smartphone and other under 5V device’s battery in a short time. You also get an added benefit with this battery charger that is lacking in other brand power banks is faster recharging of the power bank. This Coolnut power bank also comes with fast 2 Amp input recharging port that recharges the power bank consuming less time.

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Now if we talk about its looks in fact superior and phenomenal looks the red-black combination gives a perfect glossy attractive and unique appearance. The premium quality shell case is made with the best quality ABS+PC that features UV coating. Its texture is very smooth and elegant when in the hands. So every time you carry this power bank we promise you’ll get eyes turn towards you.

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The size and shape is also compact allowing you to lug it around easily in your pockets or handbags. Moreover this power bank has a stylish zig-zag row of 4 blue LED indicator unit to show the remaining power. This ultimate feature will be useful to check the power status when you are outdoors. Another added facets with this portable battery charger is the powerful LED flashlight that comes handy when you are in the dark or in emergency conditions.

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Keeping complete safety concern for your devices the power bank embodies 7 layers of safety precaution mechanism. It gives a high level of safety to your loveable devices managing the proper output current supply. It turns itself off automatically when experiences any charging-discharging malfunctioning.

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Thus with the package of so many advanced features in this single power unit that is also rare to find in other company models. Don’t waste your time in thinking much and go for this Coolnut 10000 mAh power bank without any delay. It assures you to have a perfect charging experience with your devices.

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