Moerdon 11000 mAh power bank

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Grab this superb looking, high class and so extraordinary feature rich, Moerdon 11000 mAh Dual USB output power bank. With a very attractive sky blue shell cover that is beautifully textured in a stylish design, this power bank is really amazing in looks. It can charge your two devices with a power output of 2.1amp simultaneously. You'll be happy to know that this power bank consumes half the time compared to other models to recharge itself as invented with advanced 2amp input technology. Moreover, it comes with very powerful and moveable LED flashlight strap to provide rich light when needed. It also comes along with superb and exclusive pattern of 4 LED bars in green color to show the left-up power. Just tuck it in your pockets and carry easily on the move as comes in sleek and compact shape. This worthy buying power bank is also equipped with 7 layers of protection unit to safeguard your devices from any risks. 24*7hs Customer Support : Email:, Call: +91- 7024134886


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MOERDON POWER BANK 11000mAh Power Bank Every day we all have a constant use of our smartphones and along with them many other handheld gadgets. With the thorough and convenient use of smartphones that’s growing day by day with many loaded applications and games these mobiles tend to loose their battery charge more frequently. Think what if we are entangled in any condition where these useful gadgets are drawing close to a nightmare of a drained battery and no where we find any plug point to refill them Then that troublesome situation worsens our endurance more and obviously no one including us wants to be trapped there. Thus to save you from any such type of worries we have brought you with Moerdon 11000 mAh Dual USB output power bank. Having this incredible power bank is like having a full victory in hands for your devices. You will never face such downfall ever in your life when your devices are low on battery with this Coolnut power bank. The very auspicious feature this power bank comes along is its two USB output charging feature. By this potential you have the advantage to charge your two devices at a single time. You also have the superb quality of recharging the power bank itself in less time by its advanced and updated 2 Amp input technology. With this feature now you don’t have to stand tied up for long recharging the power bank. Such an auspicious feature is very rare to find among other brand power banks.

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With the most attractive and durable shell casing that comes in a sky blue color shade your temptation gets further more excited by it’s textured surface. The size of the power bank is also convenient that you can easily carry it anywhere on the go. It comes with amazing 4-LED power indicators that flash in a brilliant green beam.

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The best feature of this highly functional power bank is that it comes along with a unique and excellent style moveable LED lamp. This beneficial feature is very rare to be seen in any other brand model. The dazzling light it throws on a single press of the power bank will certainly leave you speechless when on use.

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All amazing safety standard elements are infused in this quality power bank as in 7 layers of multi-protection features for charging-discharging malfunction. All complete safety is ensured in this portable battery charger for your charging devices as well as for the power bank. It turns itself off automatically when you remove your device from the charging procedure. Thus with so many advanced high-tech and so phenomenal features always have the best with this so splendid power bank.

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