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MADE IN INDIA Best Selling Power Bank Charger For Android Mobile Phones In India Do you mostly get engulfed in situations when your smartphone or other electronic gadgets’ battery drains up and you have no access to a power outlet When in between an important call or mailing a business letter if suddenly this trouble occurs obviously you tend to lose your calm. Hence to always let your devices powered up we have bought you with Moerdon premium quality high performance power banks. Have a look below on the rich variety of these portable power banks that will solve your flat battery blues and grab the most suitable one as per your need MOERDON 20000 mAh Power Bank

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This Moerdon 20000 mAh Dual USB output power bank is a far superior an exclusive smartphone battery charger that is itself very unique in its looks. This stylish power bank not only looks standard but has an excellent charging performance as well. The power bank has two USB output ports that lets you to charge your two gadgets at a time. The power output of this charger is 2.1amp which is high to ensure fast charging always for your devices and 1.5amp input to recharge the power bank itself in less time. This lovely and classy power bank despite having a huge battery capacity is still unbelievably very easy to be carried around offering an added convenience. Unlike other chargers with the same capacity that turns out to be bulky this superb battery charger has the perfect designer properties. Beautifully made in black-grey color combination on ABS+PC it not only makes the charger look a lot sleeker but also is high-impact resistant durable and less prone to become dirty. Moreover its non-slippery surface helps you hold the charger with greater ease.  DUAL USB CHARGING PORTS  SUPER HIGH CAPACITY  VERY ATTRACTIVE LOOKS  ADVANCED LED DISPLAY FLASHLIGHT

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Original Price : Rs. 4999 Offer Price : Rs. 1999 60 Off AMAZON DEAL MOERDON 10000 mAh Power Bank Is your normal power bank unable to fast charge your devices with complete safety Does your power bank consume more than enough time to recharge itself Then your desire of having a premium quality high- output and an efficient power bank is met only with Moerdon high performance 10000 mAh Triple USB output power bank. This beautiful looking battery charger can actually charge three devices simultaneously which is extremely handy at a maximum output of 2A. And with fast recharging input technology of 1.5A you can easily put life back into the power bank in short time. This chubby curved external battery is very pocket-friendly and finished with a balanced optimum grip on slim design white-blue combination ABS+PC shell case for greater comfort when in hands. Theres a power button on the front that lights up the four blue LEDs which in turn gives an idea of how much charge remains. Moreover press the same button twice to bring the LED flashlight to life. Featuring advanced software system to control or regulate temperature voltage and current makes it certainly a wow product. This excellent power bank is a good solution for travelers with multiple gadgets. If you want something that holds a bundle of features giving more charge with a good capacity in an easy affordable price tag then you should surely not leave this one just go and grab.

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 Capacity : 10000mAh Best Power Bank with 3- USB Port white  Smarter Stylish with Easy Portability  LED Flashlight and 4- LED Power Indicators  Safe and Intelligent Charging Mechanism  Easy To Operate Portable with 1 Year manufacturer warranty Original Price : Rs. 2299 Offer Price : Rs. 999 57 Off AMAZON DEAL MOERDON 10000 mAh Power Bank Power banks are life-saving devices to carry nowadays helping to charge your phone or other electronic devices when there is no provision nearby. Thus to meet all your needs on the go Moerdon 10000 mAh Triple USB output power bank is the best option for your devices. With the potential to charge your devices with a maximum of 2.1A output it also fast recharges itself as comes specially invented with 2A input technology. With the extremely beautiful color combination of black and green on ABS+PC shell case this external battery charger looks really amazing and stylish in respect to aesthetic side.

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The finishing of the product is done in a way where the sleek design and rich feel makes it the perfect addition to your mobile accessories collection. Youll always have the correct idea of the remaining charge by the horizontal row of 4 blue LEDs and can completely enjoy your fun outings and trips even in the dark by the powerful and lovely LED lamp function. Ultra high performance Li-ion cells are used in this battery back-up to deliver the best and secured charge. Safety standards are also kept into consideration and this device has protection against over-charging over voltage or over current.  ULTRA-ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY WITH TRIPLE USB OUTPUT  EXCLUSIVE DESIGN APPEALING LOOKS  INNOVATIVE LED LAMP FUNCTION  SAFE AND INTELLIGENT CHARGING MECHANISM Original Price : Rs. 2999 Offer Price : Rs. 1299 57 Off AMAZON DEAL MOERDON 11000 mAh Power Bank Grab this superb looking high class and so extraordinary feature rich Moerdon 11000 mAh Dual USB output power bank. With a very attractive

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sky blue shell cover that is beautifully textured in a stylish design this power bank is really amazing in looks. It can charge your two devices with a power output of 2.1amp simultaneously. Youll be happy to know that this power bank consumes half the time compared to other models to recharge itself as invented with advanced 2amp input technology. Moreover it comes with very powerful and movable LED flashlight strap to provide rich light when needed. It also comes along with superb and exclusive pattern of 4 LED bars in green color to show the left-up power. Just tuck it in your pockets and carry easily on the move as comes in sleek and compact shape. This worthy buying power bank is also equipped with 7 layers of protection unit to safeguard your devices from any risks.  DUAL USB CHARGING  FASTER SELF CHARGE  AWESOME LOOKS  MOV ABLE LED FLASHLIGHT BEAUTIFUL 4 LED INDICATORS Original Price : Rs. 3299

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Offer Price : Rs. 1299 61 Off AMAZON DEAL  MOERDON 10000 mAh Power Bank This premium quality Moerdon 10000 mAh high-performance Three USB output power bank is an exclusive compact battery charger with a long lasting service. It can charge your three devices at a single time with a power output rating of maximum 2.1A. The good thing about this power bank is that it fast recharges itself as comes with 2A input. This stylish yet professional take portable battery charger holds the potential to charge any 5V USB-enabled gadgets regardless of model or brand much more efficiently. This is a highly functional mobile accessory made that slips into your pocket or bag easily and allows you to move around conveniently thanks to its portable and compact design. Specially carved with textured surface on the best quality ABS+PC that delivers beauty with elegance this innovative external battery charger has an attractive black-red combination.

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