Viraj Profiles Was Founded By Mr Neeraj Raja Kochher


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Viraj Profiles ltd large product basket includes wires, wire rods, flanges, fasteners, bright bars, sections and profiles. All the neeraj raja kochhar latest news & neeraj raja kochhar hindi news is available on our website. For more updates and Neeraj Raja Kochhar click here..


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Viraj Profiles Was Founded By Mr Neeraj Raja Kochher By:- Neeraj Raja Kochhar Email:-

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Neeraj Raja Kochhar - Managing Director • Viraj Profiles was founded by Mr Neeraj Raja Kochher in the year 1992 with an employee strength of 150 people. Mr. Neeraj Raja Kochhar serves as Chairman andManagingDirectoratVirajProfilesLtd.

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Viraj Profiles Ltd • Viraj Profiles are the manufactures and distributesstainlesssteelacrosstheworld.of Mr Neeraj Raja Kochher a Global name is one of the largest producers of Stainless SteelLongProductsintheworld.

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Neeraj Kochhar Is The Managing Director At Viraj • Under the guidance Neeraj Kochhar Viraj Steel commenced operations with a small induction furnace and a bar mill manufacturing utensil grade steelfordomestic.

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