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BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY Case Study of Automobile industry

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The Automobile Industry : 

The Automobile Industry United States20-9-1893 Duryea brothers ( Charles and Frank Duryea) invented one cylinder auto. Model named as Duryea Charles established Duryea Motor Wagon company in 1896 Manufactured 13 cars And its operation continued till 1920's.

Model -T : 

Model -T Henry ford invented Model – T in 1908 500 cars have been manufactured in black colour In 1908 it priced at$850, in 1909: $609 and in 1924: $290 which is cheaper than Horse-driven carriage $400. Fords revolutionary assembly a car in 21 days to 4 days by its skilled craftmens. Advertisement of ford in Sales brochre proclaimed “watch the ford go by high price quality in a low priced car” Henry Ford

General Motors (GM)‏ : 

General Motors (GM)‏ In 1924 car became an essential house hold item GM factory pumed out models with new colours and style, updated every year From 1926 to 1950 the total number of cars sold in U.S increased from 2 million to 7 millions. GM market share increased to 50% from 20% and ford vice versa.


JAPANSES MODEL CARS During 1970 oil crisis, Japanese invented cars with fuel efficient. Companies like Honda, Toyota, Nissan have made fuel efficient cars By the 1980 Ford,GM,Chrysler had $4 billion loss

Chrysler -Minivan : 

Chrysler -Minivan In 1984 Chrysler invented K-car(minivan)‏ With in three years it gained a profit of $1.5 biilion from minivan In 1990 it has released sports utility vechicle In1998 new light truck, Chrysler car sales increased from 7.5 million to 8.2 million cars in 1998


SOURCE BLUE OCEAN STRATEGY - By W.Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne And Wikipedia

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