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Homophones blue-blew meat-meet flour-floor maid-made hair-hare 12/9/2015


Homophones By Vicky Walkup 3 rd grade L.A. Goal 5.05 The learner will apply grammar and language conventions to communicate effectively, using a number of strategies for spelling. 12/9/2015

Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings.:

Homophones are words that sound alike but have different spellings and meanings. For example, there is a pear that is good to eat. I use a pair of gloves because I have two hands. Pay attention to see how the following homophones are spelled. 12/9/2015

week weak:

week weak There are 7 days in a week . She has been sick and is still weak . Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 12/9/2015

they’re there their:

they’re there their They’re going to be last if they don’t hurry. The books are right there . Halloween is their favorite holiday. 12/9/2015

tale tail:

tale tail I love the fairy tale , “Cinderella.” The fox has a bushy tail . 12/9/2015

hole whole:

hole whole The golf ball went in the hole . I ate the whole pizza! 12/9/2015

hour our:

hour our There are 60 minutes in an hour . Our class is going to the museum. 12/9/2015

fore four:

fore four Our fore president was Dr. Abul Kalam . I see four apples. 12/9/2015

ate eight:

ate eight I can’t believe I ate the whole thing! There are eight cars in the parking lot. 12/9/2015

so sow:

so sow He runs so fast! I sow seeds . 12/9/2015

see sea:

see sea Do you see the teacher? The ship travels on the sea . 12/9/2015

flour floor:

flour floor I use flour to make cookies. I cleaned the floor . 12/9/2015

two too to:

two too to The baby has two new teeth. I have too much homework! Astronauts went to the moon. 12/9/2015


Homophones are words that sound the same, are spelled differently, and have different meanings blew blue ex. 12/9/2015


Foul A violation of the rules of a sports game. 12/9/2015


Fowl any of several birds like chickens and ducks 12/9/2015


Ball A round body used in games 12/9/2015


Bawl to cry loudly 12/9/2015


read to understand the meaning of something written 12/9/2015


reed the straight stalk of any of various grasses growing in marshy places 12/9/2015


rain water that falls in drops from the sky 12/9/2015


rein a leather strap fastened to the end of a bridle 12/9/2015


bough a branch of a tree 12/9/2015


bow to bend the body or head, as in salutation 12/9/2015


Homophones Different meanings Spelled differently Sound alike 12/9/2015


See/Sea 12/9/2015


Hair/Hare 12/9/2015


Knight/Night 12/9/2015


Exercise 12/9/2015

Can you find eight or nine mistakes in these sentences?:

Can you find eight or nine mistakes in these sentences? I will chews to take the advice. Please weight for me. The son is very bright today. What is the mane idea? I knead a knew pear of shoes. Make a list of the incorrectly spelled words on a sheet of paper. Write them correctly. 12/9/2015


eight mistakes choose wait sun main need new pair You’re a homophone expert! 12/9/2015


The man wanted to _____ when he lost his favorite _____. bawl ball I held the ____ tightly in the pouring ___. rein rain 3. Megan will ____ a story about a ___ that grows on the riverbank. read reed 4. Take a ____ under the _____ of the Christmas tree. bow bough 12/9/2015


I don’t ____ my class on the playground. The breeze from the ____ feels nice and cool. She picked berries and nuts to give to her pet _____. Jamie got her _____ permed and dyed for the prom. The _____ saved the princess from the big ugly dragon. We take long relaxing walks late at ______. Homophones Fill in the blanks with the correct homophone. 12/9/2015

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