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Means Of Transport:

Means Of Transport Sub: E.V.S.

Types of Transport:

Types of Transport Road Transport Rail Transport Water Transport Air Transport Animal Transport

Road Transport:

Road Transport Transports, which run on the road, are Road Transports.

Rail Transport:

Rail Transport Transports, which run on railway tracks, are called Rail Transport.

Water Transport:

Water Transport Transports, which sail in water, are called Water Transport.

Air Transport:

Air Transport Transports, which fly in air, are called Air Transport.

Animal Transports:

Animal Transports Riding on animals Animal driven carts

Riding on Animals:

Riding on Animals Horse Camel Elephant

Horse Riding:

Horse Riding

Animal driven carts:

Animal driven carts Horse driven carriage Bullock cart

Bullock Cart:

Bullock Cart

Give Answers:

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