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The traveler’s gift : 

The traveler’s gift By Andy Andrew

Why it is worthy reading : 

Why it is worthy reading After completing The Traveler’s Gift, readers will: Be encouraged to bravely and successfully begin and finish the journey. Take unstoppable action in every area of their lives toward what they want. Embrace each day happily and joyously. Learn how to become more effective leaders.

Some Extract : 

Some Extract Many people, when faced with a life or death crisis, talk of seeing their past scroll before their eyes. They experience childhood, adolescence, and many years of living all in one split second. In that moment, one person might feel remorse while another gains an acceptance of the inevitable and receives a peaceful calm. David Ponder, on the other hand, had only questions in his heart as his car caromed helplessly toward a giant oak tree. With his remaining conscious thought, David removed his hands from the steering wheel and raised them as fists to the sky. “Please, God!” he cried. “Why me?”

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Introduction(what I have read ) : 

Introduction(what I have read ) David Ponder is at a major crossroad in his personal and family life. He has been selected to travel the ages gathering wisdom for future generations. He is given the chance to visit seven familiar historical personalities, who will be at that moment experiencing a personal crisis.

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David will have the opportunity to question them and observe their methods of dealing with life’s challenges. Each of the seven people will have prepared a written page for their visitor detailing a particular Fundamental for Success. As David finishes reading one, he will immediately travel to the next destination.

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Immediately after his seven historical visits, David travels to his future, where he gets a glimpse of the success he has achieved and the changes brought about in the world because he shared the gift of The Seven Fundamentals for Success.

The Seven Fundamentals for Success : 

The Seven Fundamentals for Success 1. Harry Truman(杜鲁门):THE BUCK STOPS HERE. 2. King Solomon(所罗门王):I WILL SEEK WISDOM. 3. Chamberlain(张伯伦):I AM A PERSON OF ACTION. 4. Columbus (哥伦布):I HAVE A DECIDED HEART. 5. Anne Frank (安妮): TODAY, I WILL CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY. 6. Abraham Lincoln(林肯): I POSSESS A FORGIVING SPIRIT. 7. Archangel Gabriel(天使长):I WILL PERSIST WITHOUT EXCEPTION.

Writing Skill : 

Writing Skill Its language is Clear and vivid . It is a simple but profound spiritual philosophy about how to succeed in the world—easy to understand and to take to heart.

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Thank you! 当我们放眼整个人生时,对未来的看法将发生巨变。

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