Christmas in Sweden

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Christmas in Sweden:

Christmas in Sweden Continent The continent that Sweden is in is Europe. By: Nick, Logan, Aron

Winter Holiday Date:

Winter Holiday Date December, 13 is St. Lucia’s Day December, 26 is St. Stephen’s Day It usually lasts 2 months


Origins Their Santa Claus is a person named Jultomten Santa Claus was made from the Dutch figure that they call Sinterklaas who was said to bring presents to good kids


Traditions On December 13 the eldest daughter in a family wears a white robe and a head wreath with candles, and serve their family St. Lucia buns and coffee in bed. They feast and celebrate on December 13 with St. Lucia Day. All children at 3 o’clock on Christmas eve must stop and watch the Disney movie “From All of Us to All of You”.


Foods They eat Kottbuller- meatballs They eat Julskinka – ham They eat Pickled Herring They eat Prinskorv – small hot dog sausage They eat Revbensspjall –spare ribs

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