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Introduction to EDEN Roadmapping software with application in Innovation


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EDEN™ A Service Innovation Management Tool employing the Roadmap Approach:

EDEN™ A Service Innovation Management Tool employing the Roadmap Approach Presented at the Service Science Innovation Lab, FIR, RWTH Aachen

What is EDEN™?:

What is EDEN™? Collaboration Platform and Knowledge Management Tool Employed for Programme Management and Project Management Web-based, accessible from all over the world

What is Roadmapping?:

What is Roadmapping? Graphical method of depicting the structure of a process (programme or project) Roadmaps consist out several Roadmap Steps EDEN ™ enables the attachment of information to every Step that guides towards completion. This could be documents or Best Practices.

Today‘s goals in Service Innovation:

Today‘s goals in Service Innovation Improve the output of service quality Reduce the time-2-market of service innovations

How does EDEN™ save time?:

How does EDEN ™ save time? Guiding structure of Roadmaps enables strong focus on main goals Information attached to Steps shows each stakeholder‘s responsibilities Concurrent Execution is enabled Having all documents in one single repository Latest version and audit trails of documents available at all times Project history is consistently captured and can be reviewed

How can EDEN™ increase quality?:

How can EDEN ™ increase quality? Direct access to Best Practices and past experiences as they are attached whereever relevant Use of Roadmap Templates ensures uniformity of projects High visibility of whole project to all stakeholders by displaying maximum transparency Specific management panel that allows executives to observe projects conveniently Email notifications upon changes Limit accessibility individually

Benefits of EDEN™:

Benefits of EDEN ™ Quality Improvement of up to 50% Reduction of delivery time by up to 40%

How does EDEN™ work?:

How does EDEN ™ work? Next, an operating video of EDEN‘s basic strucure and functionalities will be shown EDEN Indutech‘s First Innovation Lifecycle

Thank you for your attention:

Thank you for your attention

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