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Train the lay to a simulated patient


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What is a script:

What is a script A detailed description of a role play with background information and instructions for all actors involved

Needs of different actors :

Needs of different actors Simulated patient: Easy to understand and learn Enabling realistic behavior Student nurse/CO: Relevant content Support learning of professional behavior Simulation of real patient encounters

SP needs:

SP needs Easy to understand/learn Written in ‘you’ form Structured No jargon, lay-man’s words Social setting familiar to SP Enabling realistic behavior Sufficient socio-personal details to fit the SP Clear guidance on how to behave (complaints & feelings)

Student needs:

Student needs Relevant content guided by the curriculum Specific tasks – history taking, counselling etc Support learning of professional behavior Specified learning objectives Clear instructions on role play for student and SP Simulation of real patient encounters Diversity of scripts SPs perform as realistic as possible

Core content of a script:

Core content of a script Learning objectives Role description Personal details (name, age, civil state, profession) Social and personal background Medical history Reasons for encounter Further information Instructions for student nurse/CO SP instruction in annex

Social and personal background:

Social and personal background Create a social environment familiar to student. Be specific. For example: You are a single parent with 3 babies aged ….. Live with your parents in a rural home The family belongs to a denomination that does not believe in medical services

Medical history:

Medical history Major diagnosis and treatments Hospitalizations Minor diagnosis and treatments if relevant for current complaint Reason(s) for Encounter Description of the Problem and why she/he has come to you. Focus on how simulated patient has to present the clinical manifestation of the condition being simulated.

Further information :

Further information Other pieces of information that are necessary in diagnosis and management of the patient for example: Other family members with similar symptoms. Clients thoughts, worries Treatment tried

Instructions for the student:

Instructions for the student Describe the scenario of encounter, the position of student, for example: You are a midwife in a rural health center and a mother brings a baby to you. Instruction on what the student is supposed to do, for example: Do post test counseling Share health message on……..

Instructions for the SP (annex):

Instructions for the SP (annex) Instructions on how/when to give/hold information Possible reactions of the SP: Express the feelings aroused by what is happening for example: You are anxious about the heath status of your child. You are afraid of what the neighbours think about you. You want clarification.

How to learn the script:

How to learn the script Form a group and distribute roles: SP’s Interviewers (with medical knowledge & Com skills) Facilitator (knows the script and has the medical knowledge and needed com Skills) Read through the script with the group and discuss the content and difficult words Start from personal experiences of the SP on the theme of the script e.g. pregnancy. Start exercising small parts of the role play before practicing the full session

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