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An overview of past music gadgets of importance.


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compiled a list of the top ten innovations in music tech over the last 50 years . The 10 most important musical innovations of the last 50 years FROM THE WORLD OF MUSIC


Friedrich Nietzsche once said: Life without music would be a mistake.


10.) Panasonic Technics DJ deck In 1969 Panasonic produced direct-drive turntables, like the SP-10 was the first in a long line of decks that have sold over 3 million around the world. Based on their classic design, they haveremained unchanged to this day. 9.) Sonos Multi-Room Music System The king of room-to-room streaming, it is easy to set up and provide ample audio richness, and it has its own remote control. Music everywhere in the house: domestic bliss. The 10 most important musical innovations of the last 50 years


8.) Ghetto Blaster – Boombox In 1976, Marantz invented the Boombox, and changed the face of outdoor music, the 80s, hip hop and urban culture. Heavy and chunky, the included a tape deck and AM/FM tuner, with good sound quality and plent of connections for hooking up to bigger set ups. 7.) DAB radio Digital Audio Broadcasting has been in development since 1981, sending radio signals digitally found to UK homes in 1999. The sound clarity, and the ability to record and pause live radio makes DAB seem a million miles from old AM/FM radio sets.


6.) Dolby Dolby introduced Multi-channel sound with the Star Wars film, and since then has become the benchmark name for cinema quality audio. Dolby has invented many technologies like noise reduction in the mid 1960s, used in tape and cassette recorders. 5.) Napster The most famous illegal file-sharing P2P service opened 1999. Since then it has become legit. Some say that that Napster paved the way for legal services such as the iTunes. But the music industry still has unsolved problems.


4.) CD Compared to the audio cassettes, CDs were cheap to make, provided excellent sound quality, could fit more songs, and allowed for track skipping, programming,etc. And they could be played on a computer too. Which meant easy to make your own compilations CDs, like you did with cassettes, only, much better quality. A total success story. There is no reason why CDs should be discontinued, ever!


3.) Apple iPod 1st Generation In 2001, Apple introduces the original 5GB iPod .It was easy to use, simple in design, very sexy, pocketable-small and it worked flawlessly. Coupled with the iTunes music storage and download program, iPod took over the world in a similar way to the original Sony Walkman. The iPod Touch continued the legend.


2. The mp3 format Full name: Moving Picture Experts Group-1 Audio Layer 3. MP3 compresses music data into a small digital file (up to 10%) without losing too much of the sound quality. The format went public in 1994, and coincided with the boom in online file sharing. It's now the standard on the internet and for portable devices like Digital Audio Players even adopting the general name of "MP3 Players".


1.) Sony Walkman Released in the UK as the Stowaway, the personal cassette player market boomed throughout the 80s. Every tech company produced a rival to Sony's baby, but the general formula remained largely. It changed the way we access music, how often we could do so and and changed a generation. It also paved the way to future develpments in portable audio players and generated the concept of the personal juke-boxcompilation.


THE FULL LIST 1. GPS Technology 2. The Sony Walkman 3. The Bar code 4. TV Dinners 5. PlayStation 6. Social Networking 7. Text messages 8. Electronic Money 9. Microwaves 10. Trainers A different Story Top 10 'inventions' that changed the world Scientists, from the British Science Association, have drawn up a list of the top 10 things that have changed the world. And you know what: The Sony Walkman come in second place. 2. The Sony Walkman In 1979 Sony spawned the era of wearable technology with its iconic personal stereo. It enabled music fans to listen to their music while on the move without inflicting their choices on those around them. It provided the soundtrack to millions of morning commutes. The Walkman quickly changed listening habits and became hugely popular as jogging culture took the 1980s by storm – here was something that allowed you to listen to your music while you worked out.


Without a shadow of a doubt, Sony’s portable music box altered the way we think about and enjoy music forever, and such an achievement has got us thinking about all the other innovations in music that should be celebrated and revered with just as much gusto.


Rewind to the 1980s as the cassette tape makes a comeback Audio cassettes, which were cast aside in the digital revolution by the arrival of Compact Discs and internet downloads, are making a comeback. Original blank cassettes from the late 1980s and early 1990s are now fetching up to £22.50 each on internet auction sites

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