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GREEN COMPUTING 13-Feb-13 Presented By:- Neha Pahwa Navdeep Kaur MCA 1 ST

Green Computing:

Green Computing Green computing is the environmentally responsible and eco-friendly use of computers and their resources. Reduce the power consumption and thus reduce the global warming. 13-Feb-13

Approaches to green computing:

Approaches to green computing Green Use : Minimizing the electricity consumption of computers and their peripheral devices and using them in an eco-friendly manner. Green Disposal: Re-making an existing computer or appropriately disposing of or recycling, unwanted electronic equipment. Green Design : Designing energy-efficient computers, servers, printers, projectors and other digital devices. Green Manufacturing : Minimizing waste during the manufacturing of computers and other subsystems to reduce the environmental impact of these activities 13-Feb-13

Need of green computing:

Need of green computing Why????? Computer energy is often wasteful Leaving the computer on when not in use Printing is often wasteful How many of you print out your emails or meeting agendas Pollution Due to manufacturing, packaging, disposal techniques Toxicity Due to toxic chemicals involved in the manufacturing. 13-Feb-13

Green Computing Strategies:

Green Computing Strategies Power-down the CPU and all peripherals during extended periods of inactivity. Try to do computer-related tasks during contiguous, intensive blocks of time, leaving hardware off at other times. Power-up and power-down energy-intensive peripherals such as laser printers according to need. Use the power-management features to turn off hard drives and displays after several minutes of inactivity. Minimize the use of paper and properly recycle waste paper. 13-Feb-13

Reducing the energy consumption:

Reducing the energy consumption Use LCDs instead of CRTs as they are more power efficient. Use hardware/software with the Energy Star label. Use power saver mode. 13-Feb-13

Green Products:

Green Products 13-Feb-13

How to save energy while working on the internet ?:

How to save energy while working on the internet ? Blackle is a website powered by Google Custom Search and created by Heap Media, which aims to save energy by displaying a black background and using grayish-white font color for search results. Blackle saves energy . White it consumes 74W & when Black it consumes only 59W. Set Blackle as your homepage 13-Feb-13



Advantages of Green Computing:

Advantages of Green Computing Energy saving Environmentally Friendly Save more money per year 13-Feb-13

Disadvantages of Green Computing:

Disadvantages of Green Computing High start up cost Not readily available Still in experimental stages Sacrifice performance for battery life 13-Feb-13

PowerPoint Presentation:

Thank you 13-Feb-13

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