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Work of the Rescue and Revival Mission of the Baba Nanak Educational Society


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2014 UPDATE:

2014 UPDATE Work of the Rescue and Revival Mission of the Baba Nanak Educational Society

Area of work:

Area of work Rescue and Revival Mission looks after families in 107 villages of Sub-Divisions Andana , Lehragaga , Sunam , Dirba and Budhlada . Suicide affected districts of Punjab

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Rescue & Revival Mission villages LEHRA BLOCK, DISTT SANGRUR ANDANA BLOCK, DISTT SANGRUR Alampur Harigarh Andana Hotipur Alisher Jhalur Badalgarh Kadail Arkwas Kalbanjara Bahmniwala Kalai Bheni Bakhora Kalan Kalia Banarsi Karoda Bakhora Khurd Khai Bangan Khanauri Kalan Balran Khandebad Baopur Khanauri Khurd Bhai Ke Pishore Khokhar Kalan Bhulan Kudni Bhatuan Khokhar Khurd Bhunderbheni Mahansinghwala Bhutal Kalan Kotra Lehal Bhutna Makorar Sahib Bhutal Khurd Ladaal Bishanpura Khokhar Mandvi Changali Wala Lehal Kalan Bushehra Maniana Chottian Lehal Khurd Chandu Moonak Chural Kalan Lehra / Lehragaga Chattha Gobindpura Navagaon Chural Kuhrd Nangla Dhamtan Sahib Phoolad Daska Phuleda Dudian Rajalheri Dehla Raidhirana Fatehgarh Ramgarh Gujran Dhindsa Ramgarh Sandhuan Ganauta Rampura Gujran Gaga Rampura Jawaharwala Ghamur Ghat Salemgarh Ghorenab Rattakhera Gulhari Shahpur TherI Gidriani Rorewala Hamirgarh Shergarh / Sinhasinghwala Gobindgarh Jaijian Sangatpura Handa Surjan Bhaini Gobindpura Papra Sangtiwala Harigarh Gehlan Gobindpura Jawaharwala Sekhuwas BUDHLADA BLOCK, DISTT MANSA Gurney Kalan Shadihari Akbarpur Khudal Kahangarh Gurney Khurd Thaska Bahadurpur (Bareta) Khudal Khalan HARYANA MANSA BLOCK, DISTT MANSA Bakshiwala Khudal Shekhupura Chandpura Sirsiwala Dharampura Kishangarh Dhamtan Sahib Mander Dyalpura Kulrian

Rural suicide death tolls: statewise comparison:

Rural suicide death tolls: statewise comparison Punjab and Five Suicide-affected States State Farmer Suicides Rural pop ( cr ) 2000-2008 Farmer suicides per lakh pop Maharashtra 34,659 5.58 62 Andhra Pradesh 18,396 5.54 33 Karnataka 20,592 3.49 59 Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh 25,137 6.10 41 Punjab 24,732 1.61 154 Note: i ) Farm suicide figures for Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh are from P. Sainath: Farm Suicides: A 12 Year Saga , The Hindu, January 25, 2010 ii) Punjab figures are from PAU study (April, 2009) Farmers’ & Agricultural Labourer’s Suicides Due to Indebtedness in the Punjab State: Pilot Study in Bathinda and Sangrur Districts, Department of Economics and Sociology, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, 2009. Neither the state government nor the Central Government want to acknowledge rural suicides in Punjab – once India’s most prosperous state. They are an ‘embarrassment’ and point to the rapid decline of Punjab.


Objectives IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE : The aim of Rescue & Revival is to keep children whose parent(s) have committed suicide in school by providing their families monthly financial assistance.

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FACILITATION: We help victim families to get state welfare pensions to which they are entitled.

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DOCUMENTATION: R&RM investigates and fully records cases of rural suicide, taking affidavits from village panchayats as verification.

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ADVOCACY : R&RM pressurises state and central governments to rehabilitate families of suicide victims and remove the causes of rural distress that drive people to take their own lives.


Coverage In 2014 R&RM supported 450 families with a monthly assistance of Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 (depending on family size) on the condition that children remain in school. As on 01, October 2014 Total No of Villages 107 Total No of Beneficiaries 450 Total No of suicides (from 1990 to 2014 (Nov) 2220 No of Panchayat Affidavits 1936

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In addition to providing monthly financial assistance to families of suicide victims, Rescue & Revival also distributes quilts and clothing.


JSJ COLLEGE Set up by BNES at Gurney Kalan ( Sangrur ), in 2004, it was the only college in the Sub- Divns of Lehra and Andana . The project was initiated by Aman Sidhu and a Rs 60 lakh donation from S. Jasmer Singh Jaijee accelerated its growth. Harman Kaur Sharda is the college chairperson. It offers BA, MA, MSc , BCA and MCA and vocational courses as well as English coaching.

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Students participate in a wide variety of activities. More than1200 students are enrolled as of 2014. Fees are waived for children of suicide victims. Some donors are directly providing scholarships for nursing training in nearby colleges.


PARTNERSHIPS BUILDING BRIDGES INDIA: BNES works with Building Bridges India. BBI’s activities follow the success of documentary, Harvest of Grief , produced By Rasil Basu , retired Director of UN Human Rights Division, and directed by Anwar Jamal, a well known film-maker.

BBI has launched five vocational training centres for women in five villages of Sangrur district. The centres teach tailoring and embroidery. Building Bridges India works under the aegis of Kabliji Memorial Trust, New Delhi. This trust was founded by the late S. Patwant Singh, eminent political analyst and critic.:

BBI has launched five vocational training centres for women in five villages of Sangrur district. The centres teach tailoring and embroidery. Building Bridges India works under the aegis of Kabliji Memorial Trust, New Delhi. This trust was founded by the late S. Patwant Singh, eminent political analyst and critic.

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Facilitated by Rescue and Revival Mission, BBI conducts regular medical check-up camps. One such camp provided cataract surgery and follow-up treatment to 100 persons.

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Networking NAVDANYA In collaboration with Navdanya , vegetable seeds for kitchen gardens are given to families. Navdanya , started by Dr Vandana Shiva, works for sustain- able agriculture and healthy environment.

About Baba Nanak Education Society & Rescue & Revival Mission:

About Baba Nanak Education Society & Rescue & Revival Mission The Rescue & Revival Mission is a branch of the Baba Nanak Education Society. BNES was set up in 2004 under the Punjab Registration of Societies Act. It submits audited accounts to the Registrar annually and its books are open to inspection. Donors adopt specific families and are given the contract addresses so that they may personally visit or write to the families if they wish. A bank account is made for every recipient family and monthly assistance is routed through the bank. RRM field workers remain in contact with the families and monitor children’s progress. See our website MEMBERS OF THE SOCIETY Justice Ajit Singh Bains Baljit Kaur Harman Kaur Sharda Inderjit Singh Jaijee Gur Partap Singh IRS Gursharan Singh Jaijee , IPS Kamaljit Kaur Harbhajan Singh Col Amarjit Singh Grewal Simrat Kaur Tirlochan Singh, IAS Dona Suri Advisors: Lt Gen Kartar Singh Gill , M.S. Vohra

You can be a part of the activities of BNES:

You can be a part of the activities of BNES Aid to the Rescue & Revival Mission means adopting a widowed mother and her children. To ensure continuity, we ask you to commit assistance for one full year. This comes to a donation of Rs 14,400. This sum pays for the children's education and provides sustenance to the family. Of this, Rs 200 go for administrative costs. Donations may be sent by crossed cheque /bank draft/electronic transfer in favour of Baba Nanak Educational Society: For Foreign Exchange : STATE BANK OF INDIA, Sector 17 Branch, Chandigarh (Branch Code 0628) IFSC Code: SBIN0000628 Saving Bank Account No.11304008448 For Electronic Transfer: instruct your Bank as under: For Foreign Exchange: SWIFT Code No. SBININBB141 (Branch: SME , STATE BANK OF INDIA, Bank Square, Sector 17-B, 3rd Floor, SCO:43-48, Chandigarh 160017 For Local Donors: STATE BANK OF INDIA, J akhal Branch, Haryana (Code 02365) Saving Bank Account No.30300348884, IFSC Code: SBIN0002365. Donations are eligible for Tax Relief u/s 80G(5)(vi) of the Income Tax Act.

2014 Highlights:

2014 Highlights Shivinderpal Kaur Jaijee of Patiala, Punjab, adopted 40 families for ten years Munshi Bishan Singh Kochhar Trust of New York, adopted 30 families Volunteers of Sanjh (USA) adopted 60 families Harpreet Kaur and Manmeet Singh and friends of Washington DC, adopted 50 families J.S. Uppal of Fitzroy North, VIC, Australia, adopted 20 families United Sikhs, an international charity, adopted 50 families with a promise to adopt 100 more for 2015 And many more people came forward to adopt individual families. GOD BLESS THEM ALL !

Learn more about Punjab’s rural suicide problem:

Learn more about Punjab’s rural suicide problem These documentary films tell the story Harvest of Grief Directed by Anwar Jamal Produced by Ekatra A Little Revolution Directed by Harpreet Kaur & Manmeet Singh Produced by Sach Productions Plight of Indian Farmers (Insights, special edition) Directed by Tamul Mukherjee for Channel News Asia (Singapore) Special Report: Situation of Farmers in Punjab Anchored by Sham Sundar Rajya Sabha Television

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Aap ka Haq series Anchored by Shekhar Suman Produced by Candles in the Wind Directed by Kavita Bahl & Nandan Saxena Produced by Pedestrian Pictures Government vs Suicides in Punjab: (Talking Punjab) Anchored by Surinder Singh Day & Night News

… in depth analysis:

Debt & Death in Rural India, the Punjab Story , by Aman Siddhu and Inderjit Singh Jaijee ; 2012, Sage Publications, New Delhi. … in depth analysis

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