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The Presentation is a valuable lesson in life styles about the Urban and Rural people


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what does it mean ‘’being poor’’ click for next– sound on

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A rich father wanted that his son learns what does it mean being poor. He took him to spend some time with a peasant family.

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The son spent three days and nights there.

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Back in the car, the father asks him about his experience . The son says Good.

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The father ask: did you learn anything?

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1 – we have one dog they have 4.

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2 – We have a pool with treated water. They have a river nearby with clear water and fish of all sorts.

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3- We have an electric installation in our garden and they have all stars and moon lighting.

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4 – Our garden finishes with the wall; they have an open garden with no limits

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5 – We buy our food, they cook it.

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6 – we listen to music from CDs. They listen to music from the garden.

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...in addition to some songs from a nearby farmer ....

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7 – we use microwave ovens to cook they cook tasty food with wood fire.

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8 – to be protected we use alarms and gates, they are protected by their friends and neighbors.

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9 – We are connected to our laptops, cell phones, TVs, .... They are connected to life, horizon, skies, greenery, animals, and family.

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The father was impressed by his son’s depth of reasoning. Finally the son concludes.

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Thank you for letting me learn how poor we are !

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Each day we become poorer by not seeing the nature God created.

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We look to possess and possess every day more by being pre-occupied to ‘’become’’.

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Have a nice day. If you like what you read please pass it around to friends and loved ones. 09/11/2011

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