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INPUT Ingredients:  Amla – 1 kg  Sugar – 150 gm  Water – 550 ml OUTPUT  Amla Preserve in Sugar Syrup – 900 gm  Sugar Syrup – 700 gm

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• Take 1 kg Amla Buy Chakaiya or Banarasi variety. • Wash it with potable water. • Take water in a steel vessel and put Amla in vessel. Make sure Amla fruit is completely immersed in water.

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 Boil Amla in a Steel Vessel for about 10- 15 min till it becomes soft enough to break into pieces by hand.  Let Amla fruit cool down. Discard water and then break Amla into pieces by hand.

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 Take 550 ml water in a steel vessel and add 150 gm Sugar and stir it till entire sugar dissolves. Add this syrup into vessel where Amla pieces are kept. Cover the vessel.  Your Amla Preserve is ready

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 You can store Amla Preserve for long period by adding preservative such as KMS- Potassium Meta bisulphite or Sodium Benzoate and storing in a airtight container.  You can make Amla Preserve in the season when Amla is available and make Amla Candy throughout year fresh Amla Candy everytime In Next Session we will learn how to make Amla Candy from Amla Preserve.

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