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All that you want to know about Blister Packaging Blister packaging is encompassed of PVC polyvinyl chloride or PET polyethylene terephtalate plastic packaging. The rough material used for blister packs makes them perfect for an extensive range of applications for example electronic equipment pharmaceuticals or toy products. Blister packs get rid of the need for additional cartons thus lessening the cost of packaging. Blister packs are closed by triggering the heat seal layer sealing the seams with heat and pressure. Blister machines can be designed for cold and hot forming processes for the processing of conventional films for example PVDC PVC Alu/ Alu PP and Aclar. Uses Blister packs are used to package products for instance medication hardware toys etc. Many blister packaging machines use pressure and heat using a die to form the pocket or cavity from a roll or sheet of plastic. Of late improvements in cold forming mainly enabling steeper depth/angles during forming which reduces the amount of material used for each cavity has helped this technology augment. The primary benefits of the blister pack are its extra dense size compared to other options and its clearness to notice the product.

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Benefits  It is a cost-effective way of displaying a product. Due to the nature of the design and material it makes it more lucrative than other types of packages that are in the market. There are several diverse types of blister packaging such as Trap Face Seal Mock Interactive and Slide.  This packaging assists shopper see the product further helping in their purchase decision.  Blister packaging enables either the retailer or manufacturer to include promotional materials or advertisements to assist build a brand and augment customer trustworthiness. Navnit Blister Packs Pvt Ltd is one of the leading blister packaging manufacturers which has more than a decade of experience in this

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field. It is also one of the top clamshell packaging manufacturers as well as plastic packaging trays manufacturers in the country.

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