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Rosneft is an integrated oil company majority owned by the Government of Russia. Rosneft is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Mr. Igor Sechin (CEO) Products: Petroleum Natural gas Motor fuels Petrochemicals Rosneft was established in 1993 . 69% Stake of Russian govt. & 19.5 % stake of British Petroliam. ABOUT ROSNEFT




WHAT IS HEDGE FUND? Hedge funds are alternative investments using pooled funds that may use a number of different strategies in order to earn active return, or alpha, for their investors. Hedge funds may be aggressively managed or make use of derivatives and leverage in both domestic and international markets with the goal of generating high return


Registration Registration fees $25 for Bronza Chlen ( 1750 Rs). 10 Days free lookup period to withdraw your money.

You Can Start With Confidence And Earn Guaranteed By Our Realistic And Practical Plan.:

You Can Start With Confidence And Earn Guaranteed By Our Realistic And Practical Plan. Accounts Name Minimum - Maximum Amount Indian Currency Hedge For Weeks 1 Serebryanyy Chlen $125 - $1250 Rs 8750- Rs 87500 8% 2 Zoloto Chlen $1251 - $5000 Rs 87501- Rs 350000 11% 3 Brilliant Chlen $5001 - $50000 Rs 3500 01- Rs 3500000 14% 4 Platina Chlen $50001 to Above Rs 3500001 to Above 17%

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Weekly Hedge devided in 2 part – A) 60% in Pricipal Account, B)  40% in Profit Account

Example : Investment= 1 lakh:

Example : Investment= 1 lakh Week Principal Hedge (11%) 60% Principal Hedge 40% Profit Hedge 1 100000 11000 6600 4400 2 106600 11726 7035.6 4690.4 3 113635.6 12499.92 7499.95 4999.966 4 121135.5 13324.91 7994.946 5329.964 5 129130.5 14204.35 8522.613 5681.742 6 137653.1 15141.84 9085.105 6056.737 7 ---- ---- ---- ---- 8 ---- ---- ---- ----

How much you can earn ?:

How much you can earn ? By this calculation your invested money will double by the end of 7 th month (Maximum Duration) If you are ACTIVE member of “ ROSNEFT HEDGE FUND ” , By the same calculation you can earn 8 times, 11 times, 14 times or 17 times of invested money in 50 weeks. (Depends on your plan)



1. Referal Account Hedge :

1. Referal Account Hedge Get 8%,11%,14%,17% Referral Account Hedge , according to your Accounts Name Direct Referral 8%,11%,14% or 17%

2. Fast Activation Hedge :

2. Fast Activation Hedge Refer 2 direct with same capital within 25 days from your DOC to get 5% Hedge monthly for 10 month Fast Activation 5% Monthly

3.Matching Account Hedge:

3.Matching Account Hedge Get 8%,11%,14%,17% Matching of Capital Account, according to your Accounts Name Maximum Matching Hedge : Double of Capital Account

4.Upline Account Hedge :

4.Upline Account Hedge Upline Account Hedge : 20% of Matching Capital Hedge divided into all front line referal account 20% of your matching income Distribution to the Direct Sponsor 20% of your income No. of Direct Sponsor

5. Front Line Account Hedge :

5. Front Line Account Hedge Get 10% Hedge of your front line account( Matching Capital Account) 10% of Direct Sponsor’s income to your account 10% 10%

6. Royalty Club :

6. Royalty Club Qualification : Minimum 1 Lac matching require to enter in royalty club Hedge : All Seize accounts Weekly Hedge dividend to all achievers

Seize Account ::

Seize Account : When Profit Hedge become doubled of Principal, your account will be seized. Seize Account : If you failed to refer minimum 1 front account with same your capital account till your capital get double, Else your account Seize automatically. If you promote this business model to others with same amount you invested than your account will be active for 50 weeks .

Terms ::

Terms : $25 Fix deduction on Withdrawal Account transfer : 1% charge applicable of your power leg capital amount with gift sending form (GSF) Re- Activate your account with same or above to your current capital amount after 50 Weeks Seize Account : If you failed to refer minimum 1 front account with same your capital account till your capital get double, Else your account Seize automatically. If company found any type of wrong activity, your account Seize without any prior notice.

Money Withdrawal Option:

Money Withdrawal Option Bitcoin Address: 16rYX99v6xLZnxShYogi9iz64B626y1xtj Payeer Account P36241371 Perfect Money U11244591 Cash Through Franchisee

Process to Join:

Process to Join Open your account with Registration fees $25 for Bronza Chlen ( 1750 Rs) Top up your ID with any of four option Serebryanyy Chlen Zoloto Chlen Brilliant Chlen Platina Chlen Your account number will be of 12 digits. After login in website you will see your account’s dashboard.

Press Release:

Press Release


Contact Address: Rosneft Hedge Fund 33 1 st tverskaya yamskaya moscow 125047 RUSSIAN FEDERATION Email: URL:

Thank You!:

Thank You! For more info please contact +91- 7080562122

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