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Micro Controller Based Heart Rate Monitor:

Micro Controller Based Heart Rate Monitor Submitted By: Navita Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technology Submitted To: Mr. K.R.Prajapat Mr. Sachin Chauhan

PowerPoint Presentation:

CONTENT Introduction List of component Block diagram Circuit diagram Working principle Construction Advantages Applications Future scope


Introduction The project implements an Digital Heart Rate counter. It amplifies the desired weak signal and suppress noise from other muscles and electrical sources Heart monitor involves low cost amplifier and filter components coupled with sophisticated microcontroller and LCD screen

Component list:

Component list Sr. No Component 1 IR Diode 2 Photo Diode 3 Programmable IC 16F628A 4 Battery 9v 5 IC1,IC2 =MCP602 6 Resistors 7 Capacitors 8 PCB 9 3 Digit Display 10 Micro Switch

Introduction/Background :

Introduction/Background The heart is one of the most vital organs within the human body It acts as a pump that circulates blood around the body When the body is exerted the rate at which the heart beats will vary proportional to the amount of effort being exerted. Its rate can be easily observed and used for a number of health purposes

Block Diagram:

Block Diagram

Circuit Diagram:

Circuit Diagram IR sensors and signal conditioning circuit

PowerPoint Presentation:

The control and display part

Working Principle:

Working Principle Optical sensors used to measure the alteration in blood volume at fingertip with each heart beat. The sensor unit consists of an infrared light-emitting-diode (IR LED) and a photodiode Each heart beat slightly alters the amount of reflected infrared light that can be detected by the photodiode.

PowerPoint Presentation:

The signal conditioning of two identical active low pass filters with a cut-off frequency of about 2.5 Hz. Amplification of Desired Signal and noise suppression Conditioning of signal from photo sensor unit and convert it into a pulse The output from the signal conditioner goes to the input of PIC16F628A.


The number of pulses arriving at the input is counted by Microcontroller. Microcontroller runs at 4.0 MHz using an external crystal The Output is shown on LCD Display.


Advantages The device is most useful if it is portable A display of the heart rate on LCD A précised count of heart pulses are shown Easy to carry Low power Consumption


Application Heart Beat Monitoring in hospitals In fitness centers Personal HBM

Future Scope:

Future Scope

Conclusion :

Conclusion This implementation of a heart monitor involves low cost amplifier and filter components coupled with a sophisticated microcontroller and LCD screen. The device is most useful if it is portable it was designed with use of one 9V battery. This project successfully implemented Digital Heart Rate counter.



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