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UNIT – I ORGANISATIONAL BEHAVIOUR Dr.J.Aruna .,MBA .,M.Phil .,Ph.D ., (Assistant Professor) PG Department of Management Studies Dr.SNS Rajalakshmi college of arts and science (Autonomous)

Nature of Organization:

Nature of Organization Organization is defined as “ A system of consciously co-ordinated activity as forces of two or more persons” Features of Organization: Identifiable Aggregation of human beings Deliberate and conscious Creation Purposive Creation Co-ordination of activities Structure Rationality

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Organisational Behaviour: “OB is a branch of the social sciences that seeks to build theories that can be applied to predicting, Understanding and Controlling behaviours in work organization”. Nature: A field of study and not a discipline Interdisciplinary Approach An applied science Normative and value centered Humanistic and optimistic Oriented towards organisational objective A total system approach

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Disciplines Contributing to OB: Psychology – Psyche means Soul or Spirit Sociology – Social groups, Society, Customs Anthropology – Anthropo means Man and logy means science Human Behaviour Approach: Motivating and leading of employees Group Dynamics Conflict Management Introduction of organisational change

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OB models: Autocratic model: Managerial Orientation is towards power. Custodial model: Use of money to pay for employee benefits. Supportive model: Support employees in their achievement of results. Collegial model: Refers to a body of people having common purpose.

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