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Improving Your Communication Skills:

Improving Your Communication Skills By Tani O. Ifediora May 20, 2010

Communication :

“The people of the world are islands shouting at each other across a sea of misunderstanding” George Eliot “Communication is about emotions, not words” John Harvey-Jones Communication

Communication Cycle:

Communication Cycle NOISE

Communication Barriers:

Defence mechanism (perceived threat) Questionable source (integrity compromised) Withheld information Organizational complexity (hierarchical levels) Alteration and addition (elements of loss) Competing physical devices (or systems) Semantics & interpretation Individual capability to comprehend Jumping to conclusion as a result of premature evaluation Making inferences as facts Communication Barriers

Exploring 6 Listening Barrier Causes:

Exploring 6 Listening Barrier Causes

Ratio Indicator :

To communicate we have: 2 eyes to look 2 ears to listen 1 mouth to speak So we should use these communication tools in proportion: 2: 2: 1: & not act as though we are Blind in one eye Deaf in both ears & Unable to shut up Ratio Indicator

Communicating Objectively:

How to give constructive criticism How to give constructive praise How to use both praise & criticism to motivate Receive criticism with professionalism Communicating Objectively

Separating Behaviour & Interpretation:

Behaviour is what a person says or does Interpretation is a personal reading or explanation of a concealed motive behind the apparent behaviour. Interpretative feedback often causes a defensive reaction with the person on the receiving end putting a lot of energy into counter-attacks and excuses. It is best to simply focus on behaviour Separating Behaviour & Interpretation

Communication Approaches:

Communication Approaches Voice tonality, tempo. Volume etc. The choice & selection of words Appearance & presentation

In Conclusion, Practice Makes Perfect! Keep keeping on.:

In Conclusion, Practice Makes Perfect! Keep keeping on. Ladies & Gentlemen, I thank you for your attention & participation.

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