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Korea A glance at… SRI LANKA A land like no other !... Presenter: Umasuthan. N

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The No. 1 place… to visit in the world !!!! Ranked by, (2010)

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Sri Lankan “Hello”… Ayubowan … Vanakkam …

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Geography, Population, Ethnics & Religions of Sri Lanka

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Geographical Location … “Pearl of Indian ocean”

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Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka Area : 66,000 sq km Languages Sinhala Tamil English Religious groups : Buddhist 69%, Hindu 15%, Muslim 8%, Christian 8% Ethnic groups Sinhalese -74% Tamils -18% Moor -7% Population : 20 million

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The local war of three decades between two ethnics ….. Terminated in 2009…. Establishment of PEACE!!! PEACE ….

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Now…. One Nation with PEACE!

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Sri Lankan National flag Sri Lankan State emblem Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka

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Mild stone cities in Sri Lanka

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Colombo – The Capital of Sri Lanka World Trade Centre

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“Anuradhapura” Ancient city with traditional Buddhism ruins….

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Traces of Buddhism in “Anuradhapura”… Sacred Bo tree [The oldest tree recorded in the world ( more than 2500 yrs)]

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Ancient city of “Polonnaruwa” Historical kingdom with ruins….

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1000 years of historical remaining…

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Ancient city of “Sigiriya” Amazing cave art!... A treasure of art … In a mountain cave…

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Frescos in “Sigiriya” Mysterious cave arts surviving for several 100 years….

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“Jaffna” – The city in the top! South Asia's large library!…. “Nallur” Murugan Hindu Temple!

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Sacred city of “Kandy” “Dalada Maligava”(Temple complex where the tooth of Buddha is housed)

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Natural Treasures & Wealth of Sri Lanka

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Water falls Laughing water falls ‘Ramboda’ fall… ‘Devon’ fall…

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Baker’s falls… Mountainous scenery with numerous water falls Bopath Ella fall… Rawana Ella fall…

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“Golden beaches” - surround the island…

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Natural Beauty ! Bluish Scenery, where land and sea kiss..

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A place… with abundant “biodiversity”… Excellent tropical habitat of innumerous flora and fauna…

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Sri Lankan elephants @ Yala heritage park @ Pinnawala orphanage

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‘Sinharaja’ Forest Reserve UNESCO World Heritage

Slide 28: 

Sri Lankan Leopard One of the most endangered species of the world….

Slide 29: 

‘Yala’ & ‘Wilpattu’ National Parks Preserve numerous endangered species in their habitats…. & Provide excellent wild life experiences….

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An ultimate tour destination…. Sri Lanka

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Tourism – back bone industry of Lanka A “portable heaven” in Earth! No.1 place to be visited in the world……

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Distinctive hospitality blended with tradition….

Slide 33: 

Attractive tourist destinations….

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Hospitality with the glance of nature!......

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“Ayurvedha” - a medicinal healing approach… Herbal bath… Herbal massage…

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The industries which provide uniqueness to Sri Lanka

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“Ceylon Tea” – Pride of Sri Lanka Mid part of Sri Lanka is full of Tea plantations and Estates….

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100 years of history – Sri Lankan coffee In 1800s… Sri Lanka served the coffee across the world !!!

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World’s 6th largest Rubber exporter Well-known natural rubber Exporter !!!

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Hidden treasures of a rich soil Sri Lankan precious GEMS

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Coconut cultivation …. An important industry in Sri Lanka is… Coconut cultivation…

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Sri Lankan Agriculture Scenic paddy fields Rice cultivation

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Tastiest tropical fruits

Slide 44: 

Numerous tropical Vegetables…

Slide 45: 

World best producer of spices!.... Cinnamon – SL native !!!

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Tastes of Sri Lanka… Traditional Lankan Cuisine

Slide 47: 

Kotthu & Idiyaappam… Foods of Sri Lanka…

Slide 48: 

Hot and Spicy ….

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Traditional and Cultural Values of Sri Lanka

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A land… Where the unique cultural and traditional customs and systems survives for hundreds years…. Tradition and culture of Sri Lanka…

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New Year Festival… Sinhala and Tamil New Year festival…

Slide 52: 

“Thai Pongal” Festival… Farmer’s festival: Showing gratitude to ‘Sun’, the God granting the power for cultivation…

Slide 53: 

“Vesak” Festival… marks the birth, enlightenment and Nirvana of the Buddha

Slide 54: 

“Kaarthikai theebam” and “Diwali” festivals Festivals of light that enlighten the lives…

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Culture that has survived a thousand years Kandy procession… “Perahera”…

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Cultural shows with traditional Kandyan dancers

Slide 57: 

Unique Traditional Art of Dance Kandyan tradition Bharatham

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Sri Lankan Handicrafts…..

Slide 59: 

Sri Lankan Sports… Sri Lanka is well known for CRICKET !

Slide 60: 

Janaka Umasuthan Prasad Sri Lankans in Jeju…. Your Sri Lankan Colleagues in JNU

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Hope you enjoyed… A short glance @ Portable paradise of World, Sri Lanka !... Finally….

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