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FUTURE SHOCK By: Alvin Toffler


Changes Comes in negative and positive ways Gives us reality from what the new era may brings. Be aware of it; never lost touch to the trend. Try your best to adapt in a good way.


Technology Affects our culture and tradition big deal. Use it in a way it was made for. Do not linger too much to the new techs. Observe also our culture before.


Time The changes varied with it. People are overwhelmed by the changes’ span of it. Effects the culture due to rapid change. The rapidness of it affects the coping mechanism. People create inventions in such small time. to kill boredom to be succesful to be renowned


Reflection The book wants us to change in a subtle yet significant way. For reason that will become clear in our every decision that we made, successfull coping with rapid change will require most of us to adopt a new stance towars the future, a sensitive awareness of the role it plays in the present. And this want to help us to increase the future conciousness. It also wants us to have the will to somewhat preserve our culture and minimize the occuring of the rapid changes. Furtheremore, it gives us the hint to be a cause for something better in the future.

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